Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely

I promised lesilly to use this title for my blog post. hahaha.

Having Fun with my webcam. haha.
This is the clown. Mr. Lesilly Chong

HunterThe Siamese twin

I wanna shoot u shoot u

Someone is shy. hahaha


Picture of the day: MASATOSHI
''imagine... my head is Nema, my hands are theca"

Read Ley Ying's Blog and chat with Evonne last night.

My Girls... I LOVE!

Few days ago, me and my housemate.... STRESSED because of PALEONTOLOGY.
Then he suddenly tell me....
''HuiFen, eh, we install ICQ.."
hahaha. i was like... what the fuck? hahaha. icq?
Then he really go and download...
SURPRISINGLY! ICQ's graphic is better than MSN! hahaha. go and install. LoL.

''i cant hear u.. i cant hear u''

"Like Duhhh... Like... ewkkk"
Kiss Kiss.

And lastly, this is how i communicate with my housemate...

Bah. off. sleep and 108.

1 comment:

~leYing~ said...

SIm!!! Misss you sooo sooo much!!!
How are you? I should plan some time to go to meet you when I'm back in M'sia. Yeah, maybe is a must for me to do that, if not, we wont see each other after a
Anyway, goo dluck with your studies!