Monday, August 30, 2010

Important Part 5

HuiFeNn says: too busy lazy to update my blog.

I hate batu api. Batu api, fuck off. wtf.
But it's okay, since you're batu api, i'll be batu api too. let others hate u as well.
LaLaLa. i know i am bad. whatever. who cares.

My Top Ten Favourite List Top 10
Number 5
Definitely goes to Tiny and Dangerous LiLy
p/s: i will not separate LiLy Lum and her Hon, C.H.M.
So, okay lor. give u lor. Number 5 goes go LiLy Lum and C.H.M

LiLy Lum.
Amoi, i kenal u more than satu tahun sudah! and u belum lagi grow tinggi-er!
wtf. wasted my 2 tahun birthday wish :(
And this amoi oh... she kata ohhhh... she mahu guna this photo... to join ms. curtin. LoL. Jk. jangan marah ba
update: she said that she looks like chen qiao en. LoL.

If oh.... dia hilang dari curtin oh..
my life will be soooo empty. hahaha.
who will accompany me to fool classmates during april fool? wtf.
who will help me to reload my bullet when i am ''out of bullets''?

wtf. evil! evil lily. but.... P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S
Don't act innocent liao la.
Bitchy lily.
This bitch is scary.....
she likes to plant flowers.
LoL...! and her flowers telah disunat dan dipotong by her bf. lol.

And this evil bitchy LiLy Lum's Bf, Mr. Chung How Min
He is so $%^&*(*&%$# zzz

He always says that he has a big _____ (fill in the blank)
and even TUDUH i like to SEE his ______ (fill in the blank)
wtf. why do i need to see ur _______ (Fill in the blank)
ur _____ (fill in the blank) big or it is just ur B_sh (fill in the blank)
And, yeah, the evil couple. wtf
Their Daughther,
and their son
The L's Family

And this LANSI friend of mine...
not only TUDUH that i see his ______ (fill in the blank)
But he always scold me that i like to walk between LiLy and Him.
wtf. u walk at the left side cannot meh.
ish. lol.
I am pretty sure that he went to melacca before.
or just came back from melaka.

Fill in the blank.

By the way, Mr. Chung is my kawan of SUPP! LoL.

Important part 4

HuiFeNn says: Happy Tuition Free Week! I am gonna in love with phase diagram. soon.
and, i don't hate you, but i miss you

HuiFeNn Says: someone thought that i am my housemate's elder sister. WTF!

Okay. My Top Ten Favourite List #4.
Who else if not WENDY KEE!?
she's freaking HOT!

For this girl, i am so speechless about her.
she has the ability, to make u... fall in love with her.
guess she had rejected N number of guys.
She is cute ever since she is born.
and she likes to act cute.
she likes to multiply the words by two.
For example, wendy is cute cute...
yea, this is wad i mean.

My love for her...
is more than how much i love my country, Malaysia
because she is a merdeka baby, 31/8 baby.
Yea, her birthday coming soon.

She is my another laopo.
I love her. like how i love hwee.
She is a really soft-hearted girl.
in short, she cries easily.
I get shocked when she cried for a comedy movie, in cinema.
I get shocked when she cried in karaoke, when we were singing laopo.
she said the song represent us, and she gave us her tears.
Hugz and loves.
And baby, i miss u. and u know that you're so important to me.
I love u more than what i can say.
see you.
Happy Birthday, Baby

Sunday, August 29, 2010

the shitty feelings.

HuiFeNn Says: Feel so sinful. feel like going to church.

it's 1.32am. i feel so depressing.
I hate this feeling. like seriously.
i feel so dumb. i feel so stupid. i feel so useless. and i feel worthless.
yes. worthless.
i don't deserve anything. from you especially. worthless. yea.
this will be a super emo and random post.I gotta admit, one of the most torturing feeling in the earth is...
you're standing in front of me, i have thousands of bullets to shoot u, but i cant shoot.
got what i mean?

Another feeling is...
the feeling of stupidness, dumbness, and worthless.
how do you feel IF gang of friends are talking about things you should know, but you don't know infront of you? not much different from the above point. just one is to shoot, another one is to be shoot.

how if there are N number of things that u doesn't know about someone you care.
and there are N numbers of things that the someone don't even want you to know?
and u feel like HPCOL (Hugging Pappi Cry Out Loud) when u know about those things that you never knw.

and what u can do is...
just close your eyes...
take out your invisible eraser, and try to erase this person permanently from your mind.

do you ever received N numbers of messages from someone?
and u feel so f-ing annoying?
u wish that the sender can just disappear forver?
Then, can u please think about the sender feels?
he/she just simply want you to reply, to make sure that you're safe...
just fuck off and tell the sender that u don't f-ing want to receive any message from him/her if you don't like.
And if you like the sender, why would you let him/her feel like talking to her, is like wasting your time?

another point... a friend of mine told me that, girls are hard to please...
i don't deny. few days ago, i was so fucked up with my friend...
he came and apologize to me for something different,
i almost explode that time, because he don't even know why the fuck i am angry.
so i complain to my another friend. he said, girls are hard to please. and sometimes, guys are dumb. they don't even know what they have done.
i was like... okay?
but this problem was solved. XD

Thats all. By3

Monday, August 23, 2010

sensitive issue

HuiFeNn says: For some reason, everything gone in few secs....

My point today will be... A girl's name.
I remember, last year or last semester, a male friend of mine say that my female friend is cheap or like to kena touch or something.
Frankly, i was like... wtf.
Last semester break, my high school friend told me that my another female friend, always kena pegang la. this and that.
I wtf again

For me, this is a very sensitive issue. is about a girl's name and her dignity.
Today, a very good friend of mine...
shoot me with this point.
i really WTF to the max!!

thats all for today.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How do I categorized my friends. The Brain.

HuiFeNn Says: Busy with studies. factsheets are killing me.will continue with my important. part 4. soon.

Life's Tough. Life's Hard.

My point today will be.....
A GOOD FRIEND of mine asked me this question few days ago.
i was like =.='''
??? WTF??? =.=''' HAR??? how do i categorize my friend???!
I NEVER CATEGORIZE my friends. i thought the friendship is like....

Erm. so, i think again. Like rock classification.
we can use folk's classification, field classification, and dunham classification, pettijohn classification any lalala classification.
SO, Let me classify my friend based of few categories.
There are several steps u need to go through to be my best friend.
  1. A BRAIN!

  2. I mean a good BRAIN! I don't deny. i love smart ass, intelligent ass, knowledgeable ass, good result ass. Someone ever told me, i make friend based on their knowledge. I am not sure. i take his point here. but who don't love smart ass right? So, i will first categorized them based on their brain! i will respect u more if u are smarter than me.
    BUT WHO DON'T!? i have this obvious example.
    As u guys know, my housemate is a smart ass. So, u can see the difference how this SOMEONE treat him compared to us. Such a hypocrite annoying PIG! Fucking Ass hole.Is like, me, or other friends, with MODERATE result saw him in cafeteria, u smile with him, he will just ignore u. u will like. WTF. then he will automatically come to talk with my housemate! WTF! just because my housemate is smarter than all of us.
    This is exactly how he looks like

    Or the way he talk to us is like, ordering u. or something. like so fucking rude until u want to buy a horse to fuck him, and when he talk to my housemate, with his fake smile, u will feel like, u want to dig a bag of nose dung nose shit or wadever shit then just insert all the shit into his mouth! WTF

Leslie Lesilly
This handsome boy who just got his new hair style.

The one who tell me that i choose my friends based on their knowledge. this HURT me. I don't purposely find smart ass to be my friends.
U thought i like to be the dumbest ass in the gang ? No, i don't. But, i love them, for who they are. not what brain they got. HaHa. Maybe sometimes yes? Like, when i have a question, i will skip everyone, and ask my housemate?
But who don't right? Even Leslie himself also like that. We observed him for some time. LoL. Even the one who complain about me did the same thing, like, when he has a question, and the lecturer is not there, he will ignore all of us, and proceed to Lychee directly. No one is blaming him. because everyone does the same thing. so, stop complain me about knowledge stuff :)
:) Yes, Knowledge is power, it gives the the ability to attract more friends.

I'll continue with the next step tomorrow. HaHa.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Important. Part 3

HuiFeNn says: Humans are so unpredictable. i am in love with a new mineral, TiTanite!
Yea, Titanite! Not TITANIC!

My Top 10 Favourite List #3.
Miss Chan Sze Hwee
She is intelligent. She is FREAKING smart.
She can shoot u without any weapons except her mouth. AND her bullets are INVISIBLE! If u don't think twice, u will never know that she is shooting you!
sometimes, it may sounds like she is praising u, but in fact, she is shooting u indirectly!
She is the most explosive and dangerous Bomb that i've ever met. haha.
But No worries. i love her for who she is.

She is not only my bestfriend, or sister, but she is one of my LaoPos.
Yeap, THey are my Laopos.
No word can describe how much i love them.
I love them more than what i can say.

Back to HWEE!
Similar to WCY, she has a poisonous mouth.
And yea, i love her poisonous mouth. FOR NO REASON!

Unlike to normal girl, she has HIGH imagination.

We always imagine things that... probably won't happen...
like donut, ocean or horse stories.
Although these stories are just our imagination, but i will never forget about them...
and these stories, bought lots and loads of laughter for us. haha.

She is more attractive that wad i can say.
Both physically and mentally.
I love u. Baby

Friday, August 13, 2010

Important. Part 2.

HuiFeNn Says: Lack of updates. Busy with school stuff... Tones of Lecture notes and factsheets are waiting for me.

My Top Ten Favourite List #2, Mr. Wong C.Y.
I don't think i need to mention how i met him and all those stuff. as i ever mentioned before...
LoL.I don't need to describe his physically look.
From the photo above. u know. Good Looking! Handsome!
I Like him because.

  1. He is Handsome.
  2. He is Honest!
    I mean seriously HONEST. I don't think he ever lie to me or anything. HaHa. Like... seriously honest! TO ME ONLY MAYBE??! hahahaha. That's Why i think i know everything about him. close to everything. i think. haha. If I want. LoL! Sometime, even me myself also cannot believe. I knw SOOO much about this GUY! hahaha.

  3. He is Cute.Yea, He can be cute like a baby, or cool like ice.
  4. He know girls well.He is not womanizer. He can communicates well with female, thats why most of his good friends are female. But he is sucks in flirting. i guess. thats why he is still S and A. hahaha. he can even carry ur gucci bag for u if u want.

    And this is the MAIN reason why I LOVE him sooo much. HAHAH! Not going to mention how keji this mouth can be. LoL!

  6. He is Approachable and Nice.
    When u need him. U just need to. Sign in msn. Nudge Him. and he will be there for u. LOL! He knows know to comfort u when u are sad. how to make u happy when you are angry. Gives u suggestion and advices when u have problem

  7. Friend
    I love him just simply he is a very good friend or brother of mine. There is no point to list out the reasons why i like this friend so much because, both of us know that we need each other. HaHa. Seriously, he is a REALLY NICE FRIEND when u get close with him. trust me.