Thursday, October 15, 2009

If i Were a Boy....

You make me Sleepy.
hahahaha. know what... my paleontology lecture slides are with me for more than 2 hours.
Dont misunderstood.
i am not reading them. Butt... they accompany me to sleep.

I am out of control!
Once i read....
Start. Porifera - sponges, chinaria- corals and jellyfish, bryozoa-moss animals.....
my eyes are getting smaller and smaller..... and lastly Zzzzz....

I accidentally TERsleep at around 10.20pm.
then, i enjoy my sleeping. suddenly, my housemate came into my room with his funzels...
I thought its already 8am (need to go to class).
I asked him lah,what is the time now.
He said ''12.30am''
I was like... why 12.30am?
Then he continue. No lah... 10.30pm only.
which mean i only sleep for less than 20minutes. and i thought its already morning.

I chase after my housemate and hit him. damn him...
1. Kacau me to sleep
2. Tipu me the time.
Then i tell him. Jom, go tapau burger.
He said, ''u finish ur lecture slides first lah, 12am we go''

Then i continue read my lecture slides.
till 12.30am. zzz.
i went to my housemate room. he already sleep.
zzz. Paleontology's fault.

AND I FOUND THESE SHIRTS ONLINE! hahahaha. really nice.
I'm ready for my Geology Test, Certified Master baiter,
NICE and FUNNY. hahaha.

In Prasanna's Lab today...
Prasanna : Hey Sim.. Why are you so serious today? Working hard?
Prasanna : Why are you acting abnormally?
How min : Gonna snow soon....
Lily : LOLX....
(Lily, 09)

Nightmare. err.

Bah, chaoz. Need to play with paleontology again

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