Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy chinese new year

HuifeNn says: happy chinese new year

Dear friends, sorry for the turtle update. Lack of motivation and inspiration to blog.... Plus, i am kind of busy.

For your information, me and HM went to kl last month for an interview. Our first interview in life and thank god, we get the job. We are now a member of a not so bad company with a not so bad position. I hope i can learn a lot of things from this new company.

Switching to a new chapter of life isn't that easy for me. I miss my university life so damn much... Especially my super awesome friends and lecturers!!
Kinda miss my lectures, and the moment when all of us were stressed for our final year project... Stay awake to read tectonics... Friends camping in my room to study and listen ilectures together.......

I met several new friends here in my new place... From melacca, kl, kelantan... Hope we can mix well with them XD