Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 4

the pain is still there... tears dropped... but i knw... she's in better place...
i will be going to kk tmr.. (i sud say.. this morning)...
yea... hope that after i come back.. i wont be that sad anymore.
To my beloved wang wang..... I love u....
but i do not want to miss u too much... cz i knw you're around me... and you're now in a better place... watching over us...
thanks for being my bestfriend. i love you...

Btw... i missed my data quiz (second attemp). shit. haiz. its okay lar. wad to do. sigh.

and i dream of Chik Yoong last night. hahaha... i knw.. bored.. but i kinda miss him. haha.

wong chik yoong.. thank you for supporting me when i am really down... dun worry... you'll always my bestfriend (that no one can replace). haha. just like.. chan sze hwee? haha.
and i wont 'kacang lupakan kulit'. hahaha...

good luck for ur precious 1099words. i am going to work for my precious 1700words. all the best. and god bless. i am going to look for u again after my holidays in KK. haha.

Day 3..

I still remember remember you nip my hand
And then give me the ball in your mouth
Want me to play with you
You liked it when I touched your little ear
Rest at my side, no worries
Roaming through the dream
Good doggie good doggie
Thank you for staying with mummy so long
You most certainly have not left me
Just moving to heaven to live
Wang wang you need to remember me
Don’t get lost
Hurry find your angel
In heaven give us your protection
Wang wang
Do not forget me
And all your dear aunties, uncles and your friends
You will forever in our memories

Day 3 already... u gone for 3days already...
but our misses to you... will never fade...
cz you're my champion dog...
our whole family is missing you...
you must be happy...
no more suffering in heaven...
one day.. when i meet you again...
you'll jumping around,
and tell me that you miss me...
I believe... we'll meet again one day...
i miss you, my dear wang wang..
rest in peace.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Second Day

Mood : Still very sad... crying....

i miss her... very much... IF... she is still alive...
whenever we open the door... she'll be there... with her smelly mouth... asking for sayang...
But now.... its so silence and dark when u open the door...
IF... she is still here....
when i come back from campus.... or sis they all cm back from working...
she'll waving her tail walking around at the gate and wanted to go out with ball ball...
IF... she x go away...
when u cm back from holidays.... she x see u for more than a week..
she'll jumping at u like crazy to show that she truly miss u...
She's my champion dog..
IF... she's still here...
Ball Ball can play with her... Ball Ball looks very sad now.
just sitting there... day and night.
IF shes alive...
She's willing to let pappi lick her...

i really miss her.... sobs

Thursday, August 21, 2008

For you, my wang wang

Ella - 蔷蔷(想念版)

歌词吾爱 放飞心情


(just change the 蔷蔷 to 旺旺)

Rest in Peace my beloved Wang Wang

Y m I so careless.... i didnt noticed that my wang wang was ill... if i bring her to the vet earlier she wont go like this...y am i so careless? sobs....

she is still very okay last night when i feed her with milk.... y she suddenly gone...? i cannot accept it..

Lord jesus.... i know its ur will to take her from me... i know you don't want to see her suffering anymore... but y dun u give me some notices before she passed away?

last night, before i slp... i think about, how if she diee.... but i didnt know that she'll leave me so soon... i havent prepare anything... shes a very active doggy.. i will be very very lonely without her....

maybe its our fault to buy pappi? so, we take less care of her??? if can... i rather i never buy pappi... i wan my wang wang....i just want her.... she is my best companion... she is my bestfriend...

you'll never know... how smart she is.... when my sis and law fight with my brother... my sis in law walk alone the the airport... this dog.. wang wang... walk along with her... my sis in law asked her to go home.. but she dont... wang2 knows that my sis in law is sad and wan to accompany her.

she's with me since Feb'2006... shes still young...

Wang Wang... i'll never forget you... thanks for bring joys and memories to me... thanks for giving me ball ball... thanks for playing with me when i am bored. thanks for be a good daughther of mine...thanks for watching the cats over our homeee, thanks for being a fatty dog thanks for leaving in very peace... i love you... i really do...

sorry for scolding you... sorry for didnt notice that you're sick...
I miss you, wang wang... rest in peace... 22082008

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Why do human likes to take pictures? Camwhoring? SS? I remember my accounting class in ICPU. We called ourselves SS group. We love taking pictures, including our lala lecturer, Miss Esther. Haha.
Had you ever think why? Why do we need to take pictures? Or photos? We’ll feel uneasy if we forgot to bring camera? Haha. Why do we willing to spend thousand of ringgit to own a digital camera? Do you ever think why?

1. To keep as memories…
This is my sweetest memories in icpu. So, why don’t I take some pictures and keep it as my memories. Like now, when I look back at the picture, I can still remember what happened that day. Haha. In physics lab with Jacky. Then we wait for Eng Guan at garden.

2. to proof something
Very Obviuos and don't need any caption. haha

3. to show that you're handsome/pretty/cute
Still.... Cute.. haha

And Handsome...

4. to show others that u have a ‘nice’ partner
I dunno whether they are partner or not. just that their picture are sweet. haha.

5. to let friends and family know how you doing when you're not around

Haha.. see.. now i knw this is x berkulat in tasmania. he is still doing fine.

But Oh.... he is damn SEXY now. gogogo... gogo wong chik yoong. hahaha

6. to use your thousand ringgit technology

A quote from my math lecturer actually. Haha. but true right. Why don't you use since u already bought it. haha. tak kannya u want it to berkulat then only u use?

7. to remember how u looks like that time

Haha. see. Chik Yoong without his pax.... haha,. that time he is still... so... erm.. 'chuan'... haha...

8. to NOT forget someone

9. to let other people THOUGHT that you’re pretty/handsome

Y u spent so much time in editing ur pictures? this is not real. i mean... you'll feel geli right. when you're not good looking, but u thought you'll so attractive or wadever. not saying u, ERIC LIM...just an example.

10. to do some crazy things.

But I still don't get the point. HaHaHa
Remember to bring camera with u all the time. use ur thousand ringgit technology. hahaha...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fish + Ball = Fishball

Fish + Ball = FishBall
Ham + Burger = HamBurger
Pine + Apple = PineApple
Cock + Tail = CockTail
Chicken +Burger = Chicken Burger
Fish + Potatochips = Fish 'n' Chips
Fish + Microchip = Cyborgchip
Lap + Top = LapTop
Star + Bucks = Starbucks

Okay.. now we go to Sot 1...
Sim + Zhe = Zheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sim + Hui + Fen = Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

Y? let me explain...
Sim Zhe/Sim Hui Fen
cancel out the SIM.
then ignore my Hui
then the 'e' in Zh'e' and F'e'n sot already
that's y...

ok. this one nevermine. hahaha. another one more sweat...

Peng + San (mountain) = pengsan.
So, if u peng the mountain, you'll 'pengsan'
sweat =.='''
(Idea from Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeen and Zheeeeeeeeeeee )
Happy Weekend. i dun have class till tuesday. yeahhhh....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Donut King

Yeah. i decided to choose DONUT KING for my management individual assignment. haha.

no reason. just that i love donut.

yeah. i've the confident that i will work hard for this assignment... cz... it's DONUT KING. and i miss my mr.donut. boo...

Tada.... Donut KING

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lim Kee Shen

Lim Kee Shen
he is a small boy. hahaha.

not a man yet. hahaha. didididi... you're soo cute.... hahaha.
but then he is smart. haha. try u imagine. 17years old in degree first sem. haha.
geng leh... i am proud of u lim kee shen. hahaha.

"saya suruh kamu beritahu dia,
kamu tidak beritahu dia,
dia datang cari saya kata kamu tidak beritahu dia,
sekarang saya mahu kamu beritahu dia,
supaya dia tidak datang beritahu saya,
kamu tidak beritahu dia."

hahahaha. he is smart right. hahaha. sweat? we have this BERITAHU
in hakka version, mandarin version, hokkien version, vietnam version, english version, canto version... hahaha. its all thanks to Mr.Lim Kee Shen. hahaha.
small boy boy.... i respect respect you de lor. hahaha.
you're cute cute de lor. haha.
always want to sayang sayang you de lor.

he is REALLY a good friend la.
hahaha. our PD FAMILY will never be complete without him.
hahaha. wei keeshen... dun double ur words always la. hahaha.

paiseh paiseh de lor
hahaha. oh ya. and oh.. this guy a... hahaha.
he has a lot of 'weird' and 'funny' idea(s)...
hahaha. such as...

'xuet cha yit' (which means... iced tea hot)
or... 'roti canai tak mau roti'
or nasi goreng tak mau nasi
or even mee goreng tak mau goreng? hahaha.

you're never be bored when he is by ur side. haha.
true right wei ling? hahaha.
anyway... hahaha

Lim Kee Shen… you rocksssssssss


Hello. i am not basi yet. haha. just.... erm.. very busy. haha. okay. not to mention y i am busy. hahaha. or else i'll angry again. hahaha. okay...

i suddenky feel so curious..... to know... what will happen in the future.. and do u think that u spent money in studying (wadever course) is worth it? okay. maybe its true for u.

but then.. i keep on thinking. i felt like... i am studying.... just to get a degree. hahaha. how to say. okay. if not mistaken. A fresh graduate geology in Malaysia can only earn RM2500-RM3000. do you think this is enough? i dun think so. WAD IF... you want to buy a house? or a car? okay.. well... let tuition fee is RM10800 a sem. so, its around RM64800 to complete this course. okay. i knw. it is considered as CHEAP if u compared with those who go to overseas. but then... RM64800... how many months do i need to work to get back this amount? 2years? or 3 years?

okay... now... i tk an example, my sister in law's sister. same age with me. she is currently working with the government. and her salary is more than RM2000? if not mistaken. i dunno. haha. but then she is able to buy her own laptop, her own car, her own small business. wad about me. i am 20years old also. but then i am still spending my parents money. hahaha.

i will graduate in 3years time... (if nothing goes wrong)... haha... okay. let say her salary is RM2000... (and it will increase again right?)... in 3years time.. she can earn at least RM72000. the moment when she is earning money... i am busy spending money to study... (or i shud say wasting time to study?). haha. okay. then... let say. three years later.. she has the experience already. and i guess her salary..... will be more than that (RM2000). then... i am a fresh graduate that time. with a salary of RM2500. can i buy a car? can i buy a house? i guess NO. hahaha.

you see... she dun need to put MUCH afford... still... she can earning money. haha. i need to spend money and time to study... dunno can earn how much. haha. apa lagi i dun even know whether i can find a job after i graduate? do u knw wad is geologist? sigh. no confident.

but then... if u ask me.. NOT TO study... i will rather die. haha. okay. u can say i kiasu or wadever, i knw.. i need a degree badly. i dun care how much salary will i get in the future. the only thing that i knw is, without a degree i will feel... shame... okay. ya. i am kiasu. so wad. hahaha...


okay. y i am busy.... for the whole week... please. dun say i racist.... i am good with azhar... azlan... i like amir too... but then this gal (bitch) really pissed me off.

so what u have a diploma in civil engineering? you're not RESPONSIBLE at all..... just fuck off la. and dun let me see u anymore.... Shit. Bitch.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Belated Friendship Day and Happy Belated Birthday....

To my Dearest (not friend ar) Best Friend, Wong Chik Yoong....
Happy Belated Birthday. i knw.. i am too late. haha., but then.... erm.. i guess i am the last one to wish u birthday right?
hahaha... so.. remember me. hahaha. (i gt this idea from Ball Ball). hahaha.
Lol. i dunno what to wish u. cz you're doing everything good now. hahaha.
wish u gt a Excellent result in ur studies? no need. cz u gt a lot of High Distinction already.
wish u become more handsome? no need. cz you're handsome enuf already. ehem. haha.
wish u happy always? no need. cz you're happy enough already.
wish u healthy always? no need. cz you're very healthy now. haha.

i knw.. i knw wad to wish u. hahaha.

I wish u.... Earn a lot of $$$$$$$... i knw.. i knw.. cz u and me lovvveeee money... hahaha.
I wish u... surrounded by a lot of leng luiS.... i knw i knw. i understand.... HaaHa..
I wish u... Losssss weight...hahaha..... come back be another Chik Yoong. hahaha. I wish u... ENJOY UR LIFE IS TASMANIA.

weird right my bday wishes... haha. but then... erm.. hope you'll like it. hahaha. hey... like wad i told u in friendster. i am not going to wish u happy belated Friendship Day. Cz you're not my Friend. hahaha. you're my SUPER FRIEND? Best Friend? Brother? Teacher? Just that i knw you're very important to me. cant wait for the reunion. hahahaha. count down. hahaha.... 4 months to go... GOGOGO.... hahaha.

And to all my friends... HAPPY BELATED FRIENDSHIP DAY... hahaha.

(Happy belated Birthday, Thiha)