Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am back

"i miss them"
my blog is almost dead. haha. and luckily i am still alive to cure it. busy even after exam haha. my second, first sem finish already. 3more years to go.... lol. Ling, my darling. we have another 3 years to go. i love u. haha. .... actually i am busy with the kindergarten kids, and also my dogs. hahaha. know what, i have 3dogs at home.... hahahaha....
My uncle gave me another basset hound last night, haha... lol.... MICKEY...
"bu yong mafan le, bu yong mafan le..." (niu zai hen mang)
a male basset hound... Pappi finally have a friend boyfriend, husband? .
and she is happy like spongebob!!
hahaha. and there are happy. Mickey, not as cute as Pappi, cz he is skinny, but still, he is a basset hound... basset has funny face... so... hahaha. u knw wad i mean. hahahaha. and somemore... bassets are damn noisy... the 2bassets woke me up this morning because they are having a mini concert. and ball ball, my country dog looks like =.=''' <- this exactly. hahaha. okay. i am going to share the 2 bassets story here. not for children under 18... 18sx. hahahaha... i am 21 already. hahaha.
yesterday, once Mickey reached my home.... pappi saw him... Pappi do not wan to layan him. Cz she is shy. hahaha. and know wad. after 10 minutes. hahahahahaha. they play like... erm... then hoh. me and my sis bath them. we put both of them on the table. want to take picture... BUT, mickey ar... damn gete, means miang. hahaha. he keep on licking Pappi's ehem ehem.... okay. then he looks like wan to rogol my cute innocent pappi. pity pappi. she is still underage.
DSC01311 a
pappi looks like this when she 'tot' she almost kena rogol...
then, i look for my lawyer, ball ball... to sue mickey for raping pappi. and once again, ball ball looks like this --> >.<'''
his BAY SONG face
okay. i am crazy bout the dogs at my home..... i love bassets..... haha. i love ball ball... i miss Wang Wang, and Arnold......
okay... the ONLY reason, why u need dog at home is because...
yoong 2
GOLDEN YOONG YOONG retriver hahahahha. agree? cute? haha

Sunday, November 9, 2008


too busy to update. lol. exam period. lol. i promise to update afteer my exam okay.

  1. Annoying pendrive. (idea from siaw hui and me)
  2. reasons why u need DOG at home

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


lol... i read my previous blog. then now only i remember. i ever posted a blogentry about THE FIRST TESTI that my friends sent to me thru Friendster. hahaha. share with u ppl. hahaha.

Testi that i like the most. from BRYAN ONG YU-QIAN
To understand newton's 2nd law,F = ma, this girl go beyond the boundaries to experience it herself. Very interesting eh ? haha...this girl at 1st thought that she's very quiet, but to my surprise she's quite talkative and very hyper active. But more interestingly, i wonder when she going to try newton's 1st law ? and maybe 3rd law ? good luck ...hahahahhahahhahahahahha

hahaha... sweat ? actually right. he saw i fell down from taylor's staircase. then he sent me this testi. BRYAN ONG, I HATE YOU. hahaha. lol. okay la. i admit la. i am talkative and hyper. hahaha.

testi from darling, hwee.

hei hei always write testi 4 me ya ...very hapi la ...n feel touch n want 2 cry liao....hmmmm....erm...tis ppl? a stupid guy...hehe just kidding la me n u is d same person in the world la....erm....wat 2 tell u ar?very hapi can meet u la ....coz u just same wif me ..hehe u know wat same mah?just like siao po lo

hahaha. lol. this proves that i love her more than she loves me. hahaha. cz i always sent testi for her. hahahahaha. lol. dun ask me theory apa. hahahaha... lol. same person. i agree dear. hahaha...

my first testi from my adik kura kura, lebah, ah bee.

walau so cool le u put ur statues u edy marriage....sujinsuhahha

hahaha. lol. cool leh me... my status - married. hahahaha. lol.... actually is jujitsu... not sujinsu la bee. haha. if got chance to see u again, we fight. haha

FIRST TESTI FROM BABY DY heart oso bcom weak weak...until wanna go to see doctorzz..damn cham noh....haha!!!nvm lal..tis oso good ma...can see tat guyzz..n know him ...better dono rite??wahaha..okie lal..take care ya,gul....muackzz...-dy-

lol... knw y her heart become weak? actually... sigh... i dunno how to say... its about a GUY that we admire. stop asking me who is the guy. hahahaha.... malu. lol

aiyo so kelian le!!!!y tat day u dun call me go o?who is the person so..... de?tell me i help u to kill him. k!!now wher r u?i send some roti to u eat!!later went i free just go genting to fetch u two eat and bring u back. k!!!!!

actually JUDY stands for JU(PIG) DI(BROTHER). haha. actually is... hwee and me went to genting. then we said we poor sampai dun even have roti to eat. we called ivan. hahahahaha..... mangadu to him. lol. he is caring wad. haha.

hey hey,,surprise?!!her m i to drop u some sincere words from d bottom of my heart...know u for bout 4 months d ya..never sent u anythin..feel a bit tak senang hati..haha..tat's d reason i m here..To:my first fren in college.God brings us together..we met on the 1st day n become close fren in such a short period..shen hui fen-kind-trustworthy-helpful-crazy-humorous-someti mes gila-gila a bit-caring-loving---like to wear black shirt--ban skirts n girlish stuffs--(quite similar with me)--so generous..give me all her sister's cooking stuffs..for me to cook delicious n nice dishes..(but haven started )haha. etc.not going to include all the good moral values.waste time only.hehe.jus wan to say thanks for everythin..thank god for tis frenship..i shall treasure it with care n love..(but definitely not tat kind of 'love')..keke..lastly..enjoy ur holiday..happy deepavali n hari raya...holidays full of joy n happiness..God bless soon//with care,sjing

haha. my first friend in taylors. hahaha. yea. God brings us together. i miss u, gal. lol. we ban skirts and girlish stuff. i dun like pink. but i dunno y my jacket and bag are pink. =.='''


Yo....tis fren caring, funny, n kind !!!she a....everytime scold me since she knows tat i dropped my chemistry. i noe u scold me for the good..thx ya !!she is a good good luck for ur exam hard !!! hehe-----alex-----

hahaha. lol. the reason for him to sent this testi actually is to mention that i like to scold him. lol.

from SIS
This little girl is a careless girl...making everyone in the family so worried about her, especially mom! Grow up out for everything surrounding you!!!! and most importantly... STUDY HARD. take care of yourself always and we love you :-)

speechless. i am spechless. i am always the careless girl i dunno y i make everyone worried. =.=''' maybe this is one of the reason y i am now in curtin, not monash, not taylors, not inti =.='''

haha..u want thanks to me?cos i help u in the presentation in the ib?haha....i really wants thanks to u la...u help me done the prower point wo...n help me a lot in the study....

hahaha... lol. undeniable. i help him a lot.... hahaha...... sampai ppl says that i like him =.=''' hahaha. thank me? lol. i guess now ppl ask u who is HUIFEN? u'll say... siapa tu?? hahahaha...

so happy can meet her la ^^she like 2 eat donat la acuttaly is sell .. she tak sempat hati 2 eat it ~just like 2 show it 2 ppl how proud she hv tat donat ~acuatlly i also dono wat i say ~she a clever gal ~hehe but a bit qi xin ..n siao siao let me cant discribe her,,, haha...

hahaha. i am blessed, cz she is my friend. hahaha. lol. she knows that i have special feeling to donut. hahahaha... lol... qixin, siao siao... one meaning... crazy? hhaha... am i really that sot?? hahahaha....

hi... really bad la if yeye didn't even send u a testimonial hehehe.. 1st of all hui fern is a nice girl. always smile. yes always smile. i like her cs she smile always. eventhough how hard or bad situation she faces she still show her smile hehehe... she always has the brightest smile in TAYLOR COLLEGE. yes. only she the 1. hope u smile always. hehehe... dun worry i will smile always with u hehehe... take care..

LoL.... i am like..... keesiao. keep on smiling? reminds me of SMILING FISH SARDINE.... =.='''
hahaha. i am not that optimistic as he tot actually. i miss u yeye... i dun have any yeye now. take care in AUS okay. see ya soon.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Final Exam Alert

I am quite emo in my previous post. but i am okay already now.

Finals coming very soon.... in few days.. i am not ready for the exam. especially Statistical Data Analysis. haha. Siaw Hui (mgt group member) and I created some interesting stories to memorize the terms in our management. haha. lol... wanna share with u ppl. haha. if you're taking management... i hope this helps. hahaha. lol....

10managerial roles.

Fair (figure head)
Lady ( Leader)
Like (Liason)

Me (monitor)
Do (Disseminator)
Steady (Spoke person)

Enter (Entrepreneur)
D (disturbance handler)
Rescue (resource allocator)
Najib (negotiator)

so, the story is talking bout, FairLady Like Me do Steady Enter D room to Rescue Najib. hahahahahahha.. nice?

to be continue....

okay. got to off now. to study

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I miss THEM!!!

know what. i cried this morning. i miss them. i'll definitely give up my EVERYTHING to see them ONCE again. sobs

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chun Fong, Happy Birthday

LoL.... another friend bday.... chan chun fong... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUN FONG....
Photobucketsorry lor... cannot celebrate ur bday wish u... erm... if u want... just open the power point that i do for u... damn sweet lar. hahahaha... look back look back... hahaha. all the memories are there... hahaha. flash back. lol.

erm... i wish u.... all the best la.. and good luck in everything. hahaha. the friend that have same fate as me. you're the only one that can really understand wad i felt.... kawan kawan...
i hope that we will say farewell to 5words virus lar. hahahaha. trauma. hahaha.

Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!
Parabens pelo seu aniversario! or Parabenspara voce! or Parabens e muitas felicidades!
Chuc Mung Sinh Nhat!
Selamat Hari Jadi!
Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


i wanna share with u guys... something I my nephew found.... very interesting and funny...
Huang Hun


Qian Li Zhi Wai

must go okay.... prepare ur tissue.... cz u might sweat. =.='''

Happy Birthday

Special Post.... LoL... birthday dedication to 2 of my beloved friends, STEFFI LEONG, & LEE CHIN VUI


Glitter Graphics

Winnie The Pooh Glitters

Steffi Leong!!! I MISS YOU...
Glitter Graphics

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

Sorry that i cannot celebrate your birthday with you....
but.... i wont forget ur birthday... trust me. hahaha...
'you're always on my mind'
Click special song that i dedicate for u... if you're not steffi, please do not click. hahaha
steffi leong... i wish u... all the best in everything... hahaha. and always happy.... haha
i miss ur voice lar. hahaha. the girl who can accompany me to laugh like what.. sigh. haha.
Okay, i wish u always hangfuk with my brother, Judy. hahaha.
i believe he will sayang sayang u a lot. hahaha.
erm... most importantly, i wish u... wan wad got wad. hahahha..

Glitter Graphics

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

Sorry la licin, no present for u.... i gv u an award... LEE CHIN VUI, you're Sim's 5stars friend
Glitter Graphics

Glitter Star Graphics

Selamat Hari Jadi,
Selamat Hari Jadi,
Selamat Hari Jadi,
Selamat Hari Jadi.

imagine lar, i am singing now. haha

Licin, i wish u.... everything as smooth as ur name. hahaha. everything licin. hahaha. tiada kasar ya. hahahaha... LoL....
okay la. i hope that, u will be surrounded by lots of leng luis. hahaha. like franktan???
Hahaha.... and always happy lar. praise lord. see u soon.... haha

Saturday, October 18, 2008

MaNaGeMeNt 100

I am busy with.... listening to Time Machine, reading BLOG and watching VLOG .... LoL...

Since my DAI KA CEH. Siaw Hui, updated her BLOG about our group, i am going to do something as well... honestly.... this is the greatest group that i ever had.... hahahah.. Germain Angel... erm.. still a bit kalah to this group lar. hahahaha....

We enjoyed ourselves in doing tutorial questions, group assignment, chit chatting, and drawing posters. Undeniable, I can say that my group is the BEST in my class... seriously... no joke.. we are the best. hahahaa...

So, now i am going to roughly introduce my group members to you all.... hahaha.. lol.... basically,there are only 3 active members hahaha....

1. Hii Jing Nor, Gino, Dai Lou, Boss, Taichoo, Captain, Leader
credits to Miss Siaw Hui
This guy, he is the smartest among 5 of us... hahaha... seriously... he is like the... question analyzer... our tutorial questions sometimes very confusing one.... sometimes its like... u really do not know what the hell the question is asking about.... So, this is why we need this boy here. hahaha... he explains the question to us.... hahaha. so that we will need wad to do... then hoh... he is also the answer suggestor... hahahahha.. seriously... most of the time, he provides us with relevent answers that make us proud hahaha... normally, my group will be having meeting either on monday or friday.... but if this boy bz or wadever, the meeting will be cancelled.... hahaha. then u knw la wad i mean. hahaha...
like wad siaw hui mentioned in her blog... me and siaw hui always bully him... yea... inilah hakitatnya....
Because Gino.... he is the youngest.... ZHA DAO!!! haha

Abongwe, she is very small size... hahaha.. very very small size.... means cute lor... she actually looks like wad siaw hui drw in the portrait... hahaha. the hair... everything... is quite similar. hahaha... she's very quiet... but then... she can write 4lines of words in a sentence..
She actually good group mate... i then, i feel so sorry to her... cz we always communicate in chinese... she cannot understand. SORRY ABONGWE know what...our group assignment right... she did 25% of the assignment... hahahah... very geng. the whole hostede part, she did it alone, although Gino and me spent quite alot of time to understand and edit but, still, she do her part right.... hahaha... Siaw Hui awarded her as the Sergent for this group.

3. Samuel Liew, Samliew, Inspectorcredits to Siaw Hui
Samuel Liew... actually... i do not really know bout this guy... hahaha. he is a friend of the projectile boy Erm... He is the guy that always MIA... missing in action... damn hard to contact him... know why? cz he is the inspector, thats why he is busy... no time to answer our call... wakakaka... hahaha... his english is the best among 5 of us. hahaha. cz we all... sigh... no need to mention. hahaha... well.... then... he has the potential to be a colourER.... hahahaha. cz he can colour very well... but too bad.. he always MIA, thats y he rarely use his bakat in our posters. so sad. hahaha.

4. Lee Siaw Hui, General Lee, The Artist, Lame Joker, Pinky, D-Gray Girl
credits:d-gray girl
General Lee, U supposed to be in the list... or i sud say... you must in the list...
i know what the hell you're doing here.... hahahaha... how come u dunno wad the hell you're doing here? without you, who is going to help us to draw our poster? without you, who is going to tell me stories bout manga? without you, who is going to bully Gino with me? without you, who is going to tell chit chat with me in the meeting??? SEEEE...... you're so important. hahahahaha....
okay lar... she's really a lame joker... haha. dun believe, go to her blog. got secret headquater somemore.... really zha dao. hahaha....then oh... this girl.. she is very desperate one... hahaha. hahaha. see... she drw the portrait... means.. she loves this group. wakaka...
i love you to darling. hahahaha.

5. Sim Hui Hung, Commander Simcredits: siaw hui
its meeeeeee.... (me lar. not noodle...)... i am not smart.... i am not cute... but i am active.... hahahaha... seriously la.. i am not smart la.... i also cannot do the tutorial question... my brain still stuck in group assignment... lol.. joking... hahaha... i am not cute at all... hahaha. may be yes... 可爱,可怜没人爱。 hahaha.... lol... i am active...

Bryan Ong, My pre-u friend said... he tot that i am very quiet one... at the first physics class... i am like... ' what is you name... wad subjects are u taking blah3"... like.. very polite lar.. then who knows hor... after few months he said "sim? sigh.. hyperactive..." =.='''

I knw... wad i contribute to this group... my colour pencils... wakaka... and my NICE handwriting.... handwriting is the best in this group, but the worst among my friends.. sigh

Neways.... my group rocks right??? hahaha...
1.45am now... sleeping time... lol


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time Machine

Jay Chou... LoL... i am currently addicted to his new album... Capricorn... hahaha... especially TIME MACHINE... hahahaha.. maybe i love DORAEMON? thats why i love this song very much? hahaha. and wtf...? the mv of this song is really cool and cute... cool + cute?? weird... hahaha... CLICK WTF??? Nobita???? hahahahha. really cute lar...

P/s: Wendy and Hwee... i love jay i love jay i love jay... hahahah. remember? our story? hahahaha.... love ur leehom and show lar. hahahah

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Wang Qing

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to Wang Qing,
Happy Birthday to you....

Hey, Mr. Wang Qing, its your birthday... Happy Birthday.... here i wish u....

  1. Healthy always (like ur email, healthy...@hotmail...)
  2. All the best in your studies... finals coming... haha. u can spend one of ur bday wish for the final exam result (yer, i envy you lar)
  3. Happy Always (Happy kan? cz jay new album released already. hahaha. i am damn happy)
  4. Be a Good Driver ( i just got ur sms... u said that you're happy today cz u x mati engine, driving a manual car today) wang qing, for ur info, mati engine means DIE ENGINE... hahaha. 'si huo' in chinese
  5. i wish u... grow taller...
  6. Lastly, may all the above 5wishes will come true... hahaha. this is my wishes... i wish ur all bday wishes will come true. hahaha. best wishes. LoL... myspace graphic comments
    Myspace Happy Birthday Comments & Graphics

    AND, YOU'RE OLD NOW!!! WAKAkA... joking only lar


Sunday, October 12, 2008

management 100 (updates)


New Poster
My management group really funny lar. and, its rocks. hahaha. CLICK...threats of rivalry alert...

Siaw Hui : Eh... we have to do properly... threats of rivalry...
Hui Hung: Huh? wad threats of rivalry?
Gino : Ya, wad do u mean?
Siaw Hui : My friend, they want to do poster like us...

Hahaha. so, we have competitors already. hahaha. okay... from a 'dun care' group, we turns to a KIASU group. seriously... we freaking KIASU...

LoL...Siaw Hui and Gino... ,



Saturday, October 11, 2008

Diamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond Text

Friday, October 10, 2008


Pappi: she's so blur.... always ter-skip my meal =.='''Yeah.. tmr will be my bathing day... i am happy.... =)
I am very blur nowadays... i dunno why... WONG CHIK YOONG, if you're Mr.Blur, then i am Miss Blur... sigh...
i mentioned my my previous entry... says that i accidentally skipped my physics lecture right? hahaha... today... sigh... more charm. haiz...

i live near airport.... curtin is like... erm... 35+ kilometers from my home...Hahaha. its like... beginning of miri to end of miri? =.=''' hahaha... click on the map

i woke up early in the morning....
cz today got physics tutorial... i havent update my physics file...
which means i havent do my tutorial question yet..
so i want to go to campus earlier to print the tutorial questions and do...
reached campus... on the computer....
click on Physics 114 -> tutorial...
WEIRD!!! No tutorial 5???

Sim: How come the lecturer didnt upload tutorial 5?

on the way to library, i TERJUMPA my physics 2 classmates...

Sim: Hi, today no tutorial ar???
Classmates : No..
Sim: HAR!?? T.T

SOBsssssssssssss..... why why why?????? i am now in curtin library.... sigh.... sobs...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Malaysia is so Malaysia

Pappi : Hello everyone, i am pappi... welcome to my mummy's blog... Hahaha... lol.. she's weird? or cute? hahaha.

today is a weird day. very hot too... i cant be able to survive without aircond
i went to JPJ with my sister in law. she wants to renew her driving license....
okay... then i follow her... we queued for around 30minutes.

Here's the conversation
Carol : Saya mahu renew license saya. (giving him the p-license, ic and form)
The Man: Kamu perlu photostate license lama kamu. Kamu boleh pergi ke morsjaya photocopy.
(for ur information, from JPJ to morsjaya is like... erm.. 10minutes driving... near.. but u need to u-turn blah3...)
Me : lepas itu, kita kena ambil number baris lagi satu kali ka? (cz i very tired of waiting... 30minutes buang like that...)
The man : Perlu.
Me : Okay... speechless

So, my sister in law and me went to morsjaya to photocopy... farewell petrol. wakaka okay... nvm la. we go photocopy. back to JPJ again. luckily no need to queue panjang panjang...

Carol : Saya nak renew driving license saya (gv her all the docs)
The girl : Ok, berapa tahun?
Carol : 3 tahun cukup
The girl : tapi kamu tidak boleh renew 3 tahun
Carol : Kenapa?
The girl : Sebab license kamu belum lagi luput. boleh renew 1 tahun sahaja
Carol : Hui, macam mana?
Me : =.=''' (speechless and wordless)
Carol: Monday kami datang la. u dun have class kan?
Me : T___________________T
okay. then reached home... around 12pm....
very excited la konon... wan to study physics....
boom... tapuk in my room... i really study... doing the practice questions...
read lecture notes and text book...
I suppose to have class on 3.30pm....
then hoh.. i feel tired d...
so, i on the laptop... i look at the time... its 3.20pm already...
=.=''' sweat............
accidentally skippp my physics lecture again... sigh....
Dad's room become soooo messy because of me... hahaha... lol. i like to online here... haha... look.. pity table.. hahaha...My room... better than his room right. at least not that messy. wakaka.. butttt.....The bed... =.='''My forty ringgit technology. i love u baby. hahaha...
Without you, i cant be able to do this question, so, i love u my forty ringgit technology. haha
I am going to off now... hahaha. for spss maybe... hahaha...

btw... u people want me to update chern's post? leave me a comment or message in my chat box if u want me to update bout chern. hahaha. cz everytime i talk bout chern is like... syok sendiri... hahaha. i scared i am now syok sendiri again. hahaha.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Where got dog sleep like this one???

Monday, October 6, 2008

Management 100 updates

Ok.. 2 more posters. wakaka. group 6, my group rocks. muahaha... dun say anything. i knw u want to say that my posters are nice and creative... haha

Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy post

quite busy lately... bz with....
  • Management 100 Group Business Report
  • SPSS test (Data Analysis Test)
  • Physics module 5 test....
I miss u girls. towards 2016?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chern (Part 2)

Jokes: Why do dinosaur extinct?
Cz ultraman killed them. (from teacher rainul)

Story 5: The Clubbing Story
''i dun want to go clubbing anymore'. chern said this to qihan and me. hahaha. then hoh...
i asked y lar... he said... he feel so pity to his mom... he said that his mummy very kerlian, everyday stay at home alone.. he dun wan to go clubbing anymore, he wants to accompany his mummy... erm... good boy.... guilty already.... hahaha.
he is such a nice son. few days later hor.... i found a picture in friendster. hahahaha.
chinchern's clubbing friendster... sweat...

Story 6: MSN Funny Pictures
HaHa.... seriously, chinchern is quite handsome de... for me at least hahaha. but he never put his own picture in msn. hahaha. maybe too handsome already, he dun dare to show it
His MSN display pictures damn funny lar. hahaha. picture of a tower written 'i am not a towel'.
or a funny cat picture... or a editted chern's face pic. or a pic that looks like mr.bean. hahahahaaha.. very sweat...

Story 7:Handshaking
Group discussion. Qihan, me and chern. we went to Asia Cafe for breakfast. haha. Chern ordered a coffee. then... i 'discovered' something. something very weird. he use the teaspoon to drink his coffee. okay. this one still okay. normal. but his hand shake like........ shaker.. hahahaha... i knw i shouldn't laugh. but chern is really funny. cz a when a full teaspoon of coffee reached his mouth, it become a spoon without coffee. hahaha. very cute right. hahaha. he said dunno wad hormone too high lar. cannot be cureeee... hahaha....