Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fuck You, Bitch

To a Bitch,
that i fucking hate,
and i can curse u,
to death.
fuck you, i know u dun even understand what the fuck i am writing here.
low class bitch.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The same damn feeling

i had the same feeling. again. and
again. like.. 4.5 years ago.
but this time, the sadness doubled.
we've gone through too much memories together.
i cannot imagine,
the days without them.
holy sh*t.

i am going to miss this Topaz girl.
a lot.

i am going to miss the leader of topaz.
although he is noob, he is arrogant...
but he is still.... ehm..

another guy, the driver of topaz. LOL!
a guy that can spent hours washing a towel in hotel. hehe. u rocks.


Also my third year group, APATITE.

my super aggressive leader/
that always scold me. for wadever reasons. haha.

our super mapper,
that never complain, and do all the map works for us.
we <3 u! LOL!

also also, a guy that taught me 'the indian way of doing things'
super like! LIKE A BOSS!
Opps, not this, but... someone greater than this, for me, at least.
this one. the guy who never stop complain in fieldtrips,
and the best sample collector.

also, the always funny member,
who always say something funny to entertain us, when we feel damn tired. hehe.

and the potential paleontologist,
and also the best researcher!

last but not least,
multi language guy, really SATU MALAYSIA!
haha. he is damn steady i tell u!

also also....
i will miss the leader of gypsum, the cute little but strong girl... a lot.
.the manja manja girl <3<3

and and and... the leader of Talc.
HE ROCKS! omg, i am going to miss him like sh*t after he balik kampung

he is our class representative.
and like our papa in class.

and and and... the leader of orthoclase. LOL!

who help us to collect oil. hehe

Sunday, November 6, 2011

the critical sixty seven

dear lord,
thanks for everything u gave to me,
dear lord,
i am not greedy,
i need only sixty seven.
dear lord,
i love you,
please guide me,
to a person that u want me to be....

Friday, November 4, 2011

I am jobless

i am no longer a student now.
and i am jobless now.

Life after exam = BEST!
no stress,

Thursday, November 3, 2011


To My Dearest Girlfriend/Baby in Curtin.
I Love U.
I love u more than what i can say.

Thank you for accepting my weirdness.
thank you for forgiving me.
thank you for loving me...

i hope its not too late to say,
Happy Belated Birthday.

i know, i believe, i am sure,
this is not the last birthday celebration...

we will still be together,
no matter where we work,
how long we separated apart,

i still love u.
awww. mushy mushy...

Bah, bless u, and i hope u love ur dildo.