Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aww. Tuition Free Week....

Pappi says: Mummy is really emo, because she's old now.
HuiFen says: Yea, i am finally over-legal. i am 22 years old. it feel sucks when people around you are younger. damn.
I am in hostel now.
I entered the house.
open the door of this room.
haha. i kind of miss him....
although he like to throw things like... toilet rolls, my pencil case, and my water bottle to me when i am sleeping...
i seriously doesn't know when this picture was taken.
damn. kacau liao still wan to left some evidence.

And yeah. i had a great bday celebration.
aww. celebrating that i am older than u people. SIGH!
Structural Geology lab assessment before my bday celebration.
Its okay. we have laikee.
so i think. erm. can do kua.. haha.
went to siamese secret after bath.

Don't ask me why.
I Love siamese secret. haha.
the place where LiLy, Man Huan and I celebrating our bday.
the food...
Aww. Nice....
This is Bitchy LiLy!
Erm, don't hate me. because i am not the one who draw this.
Kill LK!
Sphene of the night.
Miss Mr. Vincent Chin Hua Lung
My Fav Boy,
Kho Kee Hui
The serious boy,
Leslie chong
The cute couple...
Miss Bitchy LiLy, and Mr. Lansi How Min
My smart housemate,
Mr. Yeap Lai Kee.
Went to Bintang to watch HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON after dinner.
rate: 5/5 haha

Pool before the movie start.
Bitchy lily act pro.
Lessily act pro.
how min observe..
And now. he think that he can play liao.
Mana tau, kena marah leslie pulak.
My bday present. Yeah.
I love...
and kiwi, leslie, wendy, man huan, shu ling, liwen, sing ping, lily...
and a 19seconds porn from LaiKee.
Not porn lah. haha. its actually a bday song. he played it using his guitar. touched.
thanks all.

AND! friends called me!
to wish me happy bday. touched.
WendyKee. Thanks. i miss u.
Chan Sze Hwee. she called me from uk. and we talk crap. i really miss u.
Chun Fong. i didnt manage to answer ur call because i am on call.
ENG GUAN! really touched!
AH BEE! from uk too. :'(

and lots of sms and facebook message from friends.

I hate but love u guys so much.
i miss u ppl sooooooo freaking much.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Every Moment when u kiss me goodbye....

HuiFeNn Says: Hey! I Miss You! Mr. Kangaroo! Where are you lah? Haiz!

Picture of the day: YES! IT'S ME! HUIFENN!
someone drew this during lecture. HaHa. and u see how much he loves me. haha.
With a spider. zzz.
Awwwww... mineralogy, sedimentology, structural geology, and all the LOGY LOGY things F-ed my life.

This is mineralogy.
Because of Mineralogy, My Days become BLACK AND WHITE
Luckily i got bunch of GREAT friends,
SO, my days transform to...
errr. brown?
AND! Counting to my TUITION FREE WEEK,

went to cook and chilli last friday.
Housemate ordered this burger.
''roasted chicken burger''
Burger with bones anyone?

Yea, i mean THIS chicken.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

HoLiDaY MoDe~!

I am in Holiday MooD already

and know what... my housemate brought me to disneyland, great wall of china, white house, karambunai, mount everest, mount fuji, paris, mars and moon ... by using.... GOOGLE EARTH! hahahahahahahaaha.......... i know. lame. but i like. hahaha

What my housemate do when he is stress.

This is my housemate, Lychee's art. (not bitchy LiLy)
we're having group chat.
Damn. Puzzle. HaHa.

And a new way to say i love you.
but too bad. i really dunno how to draw that freaking heart. haha.
(idea from Yeapy)
AND bitchy LiLy, u still want structural geology answer?
ahhaha. rotate it. but we dont need liao. hahaha.

And... i miss my daughter... my first daughter...
my little angel.
mummy miss u.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stress Lah

HuiFeNn says: I'm turning 22 soon. and i am now 21.978 years old. Noo. i feel old. NOOO!

Stress lah....
Structural Geology.
can u read it?
''stress is important for geologist''.
I HOPE I can be a geologist in future.
BUT... stressssss.
Bah, i just finished dating with my new baby, structural geology lecture slides.
i tell u. the price of this microscope is about the price of a peroduo myvi.
or...25 ipads,
Or 12 500 large cheezy wedges (Sim Zhe, 2010).

Honestly, i dont really like mineralogy. But...
Don't you think that we really need to respect the one who invent the microscope?
from a tiny little thin section, i can see....


plagioclase, quartz, biotite.
chloride (the green one)

I asked Lychee.
"how much do i need to pay to buy u?"
he said.
"you cannot afford"
And i said...
"can i use RM7.95 to buy you?"


You're cheap.

and yeah. i love my girls.
sing ping and my darLING@!

Bah, off. masatoshi lab @ 9am tmr.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy? or Sad?

HuiFeNn Says: Watch the video if u can. i spent 30 minutes to upload it. T____T

Don't jealous!
I've got the COOLEST LECTURER in the world!
Dr. Masatoshi.
Yea, he is a japanese. So, don't be shock if u heard anata (anata), quizu (quiz), ehem ehem.
He is freaking Fucking COOL!

I smsed him, (i am not sure whether we need to do the reference for the articles that he uploaded in the assignment or not).

HuiFeNn's sms: Sir, do we need to do the reference for Bogg and Friedman?

And guess, how he reply?

Dr. Masatoshi's sms: Hw is ur Masatoshi? Belum lari dari huihung ke?
*for ur information, Masatoshi that he meant is actually Chou Chou's son.
So, my reaction was...... @#$%^&*^%$# ???
i showed the sms to Lychee. He asked me to reply Dr. Masa something not relevant.

HuiFeNn's Sms: Lily is going to Thai Bar tonight. Are u going?
and this is wad he replied.

Dr. Masatoshi's sms: U can go. i have to prepare your next assignment tonight. This masatoshi is busy tonight.

HuiFeNn's Sms: wow. the other Masatoshi is now raping a bitch.

Dr. Masatoshi's sms: I hope you won't fuck him. you must include any citation u make.

Had dinner with lychee, edwin and Dr. Masa last week. I laughed more than i MAKAN!

we talked about sissy. and i asked him... "sir, do you know vincent?"

Laikee: yea, edwin was his room mate last time. they eat together, sleep together.
Dr. Masa: Ohhh....?? Really?
Edwin: eh...
Dr. Masa: everyone have their own secret.

and we hahahah to the max.

Edwin: Sir, both of them also eat tgr, stay tgr,walk tgr... (pointing at me and lychee)
Dr. masa: They are normal. male and female. They can do wadever they wan.
Lychee and HuiFeNn: HAHAHAHAHAH to the max. hahaha.

izzit true that japanese are more horny

so, today, lychee, me and the gang went to his office.
and Bitchy LiLy found a magazine or something with pretty gal as cover page. wakaka.

Giving him the pendrive and say"hey sir, do you want porn? we have it inside. u want japanese or english? hahahah.

Oh ya...

Do you know Wong Hei? the HK celebrity? yeah, my lecturer looks like him. SERIOUSLY! hahaha
Compare. 80% alike?

WADEVER! He is really cool!!
what do u think?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

BaBy i CaN FeeL your HaLo!

I KNOW! i am supposed to do my assignment now.
But I am lazy. haha.
i need a break? 20 minutes break maybe? haha.
BTW! Life's GOOD!
i am enjoying my life now with bunch of friends.
and i love them very much.

Lychee and Me are playing this game for more than 3 months already... Cafe World.
Yeap, he is the one who design my cafe for me.... and i like it too.

And we have really SHARP mouth.
every evening... when we discuss about where to eat...
Lychee: Lake cafe...
HuiFen: Don't want oh... DPS?
Lychee: yeee. dont want oh... Vegetarian?
HuiFeN: dont want. SUSHI KING?
Lychee: JOM! or siamese secret?

DAMN! i think in two weeks time, we went to sushi king 3 times, siamese secret 2 times, pizza hut, macdonald, kfc. HELL! i am lack of money now. i need money for my future IPAD! DAMN!
Cook this for me again. please?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I need ReDBuLL~!

HuiFen Says: Holy Shit when u received a bill from LAKU (Water) with an amount of RM70 a month for water. H2O~ FML! and yeah, Geology Fucked my Life too!

Hello everyone! This is Masatoshi.
He is really cute. anyone interested to adopt him?

Geology! Geology! WHY GEOLOGY!
counselor told me that GEOLOGY is not hard!
But its freaking Hard now!

I hate dealing with thin sections under microscope when I can't even sketch out the minerals.
If im not mistaken, this is biotite under microscope.
Pretty and beautiful,
But i Hate DRAWING!
Although Geology makes my life miserable... i still love....

My beautiful campus, kononnya

with lake, and mr. crocodile aka siaw hui's friend.
My Hottie friend, Natalie Ha.
and my innocent look beautiful gal, angel.

The annoying but nice cute ducky edwin
The Jim Carey
The mango pudding Boy, Sim Zhe
The Horny Guy, Vincent Chin, (Datin)
This emo boy,
Lessily Chong
My Fav Boy, Kho Kee Hui
The Lansi Dog, Chung How Min
And his Girlfriend, aka the bitch,
Lily Lum

Oh ya... and also My Fav Lecturer...
Dr. Prasanna.
You need to highlight to read this part...
Dr. Prasanna: Hey, u did something to ur eyes?
HuiFen: I am wearing contact lens now.
Dr. Prasanna: Can U see me?
HuiFeN: No. too dark. i cant see u.
Laikee and Prasanna: HAHAHAHAHA

The ehem ehem paleontologist, Dr. Masatoshi.

Dr. Masa: When i was doing my PHD, i visited malaysia. cari Batu, cari pompuan!
And Yeah! Also My Housemate, LyChee!
The Ipad desperado.

HELL! I am not going to love u!
Alien, Thin Section!
You Sucks!

Bah, off. either going to sleep or read my factsheets FuckShit