Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy post

quite busy lately... bz with....
  • Management 100 Group Business Report
  • SPSS test (Data Analysis Test)
  • Physics module 5 test....
I miss u girls. towards 2016?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chern (Part 2)

Jokes: Why do dinosaur extinct?
Cz ultraman killed them. (from teacher rainul)

Story 5: The Clubbing Story
''i dun want to go clubbing anymore'. chern said this to qihan and me. hahaha. then hoh...
i asked y lar... he said... he feel so pity to his mom... he said that his mummy very kerlian, everyday stay at home alone.. he dun wan to go clubbing anymore, he wants to accompany his mummy... erm... good boy.... guilty already.... hahaha.
he is such a nice son. few days later hor.... i found a picture in friendster. hahahaha.
chinchern's clubbing friendster... sweat...

Story 6: MSN Funny Pictures
HaHa.... seriously, chinchern is quite handsome de... for me at least hahaha. but he never put his own picture in msn. hahaha. maybe too handsome already, he dun dare to show it
His MSN display pictures damn funny lar. hahaha. picture of a tower written 'i am not a towel'.
or a funny cat picture... or a editted chern's face pic. or a pic that looks like mr.bean. hahahahaaha.. very sweat...

Story 7:Handshaking
Group discussion. Qihan, me and chern. we went to Asia Cafe for breakfast. haha. Chern ordered a coffee. then... i 'discovered' something. something very weird. he use the teaspoon to drink his coffee. okay. this one still okay. normal. but his hand shake like........ shaker.. hahahaha... i knw i shouldn't laugh. but chern is really funny. cz a when a full teaspoon of coffee reached his mouth, it become a spoon without coffee. hahaha. very cute right. hahaha. he said dunno wad hormone too high lar. cannot be cureeee... hahaha....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


LoL.. i am going to share some real, but funny stories of a friend of mine, Lee Chin Chern. hahahaha.
This guy, he looks very blur.... and he is very blur haha.

Story 1 : Picanto Versus Merz
Chinchern, he has a Picanto. Haha. His picanto looks very nice. seriously. with skirting, this and that. but day hoh... he terlanggar tiang or wad lar... this is actually curtin's tiang la. dunno which driver so geng. hahaha. but i am sure not me and shu ling, although our skill very 'geng'. hahahaha...
then he send his car to workshop lar... Then, he ask his friend to help him... he drv his dad's merz with his friend to the workshop, then he drv the merz, and his friend drv the picanto... then on the way....... suddenly..... he heard "PONG'!!!!!!!!!!!!!....... His picanto langgar the merz... hahahaha. so, both car u-turn back to the workshop. =.='''

Story 2:Chinese versus France
We're in the same class (Calculus). then hoh, he actually st beside Jacky and i sit beside yeye adrian. then adrian and jacky... both ponteng... then i go and sit with chern la. we keep on talking... in chinese.... blah3... Miss Annie, our canadian tutor, very tak syok already.. cz she dun understand wad we're talking about. haha. so she go to chern's place... hahaha. then start teaching chern using weird language, we suspect that is france. hahaha. then hoh.. chin chern 'aa... oo...' to her somemore.haha. really LMAO... hahaha.

Story 3:The Breakfast
Then, me, qihan and chinchern, in the web... 3.30pm that time... then chinchern said he is very hungry... normal la that... then he said he only skip his lunch.. then he tell us la.. only breakfast tahan till now... hahaha.. the said "i only drank a cup of Milo, then 2eggs... AND A CIGARETTE!'
Then qihan like... duh.. no need to mention the ciga lar... sweat...

Story 4:Ciga versus pet
Qihan and me noticed that, chern is trying to quitting smoking. hahaha. his msn pm :quitting, Day One, Day two, Day Three.... Then till day 10, if not mistaken, No more counting know.. Then after class, i teman him to pass the community service form to Miss Annie... then i ask him lar.. whether he smoking again ka.. then he's like.. har?? the smell very strong ka this and that.. then i ask him y stop quitting la.. he said he is stress... cz his parents not went to dunno where to travel... he gt a lot of things to do at home. then i ma tell him.. no need to cook, go out eat, no need to wash his clothes... bring to dobby la.. knw wad he answered me? dun sweat... prepare ur tissue.. He said...
"I am stress cz i need to bring my dog to poo everyday"
....... then i am like... wad the..........

Coming soon:
story 5:clubbing story
story6:MSN funny pictures
story8:bird shit dinner
story 9:jacky versus qihan
Story 10:the web and the porn
Story 11: Community Service 10hours and Calculus Text Book
Story 11: Presentation limitation and 'walao'

Monday, September 22, 2008


Wang Wang... i miss you...
Rest in Peace 22082008


8 years of friendship. 4years cold war. it started with a story, namely 'myvi story'. hahahaha.... 8 years ago, we chat to each other through the green flower ICQ... hahaha....
till now i still can remember ur user name... serious... hahhaaha... buzzwcy
when charlotte and me asked u where u korek the name, u said your brother yang dig for u.
hahaha. remember ka? hahaha.
then that time, we like to kacau u, cz you're handsome me
always call u... hahahahahaha. funny lar. lol...
7 years ago... we're like... ENEMY...
seriously... i DONT LIKE YOU..... hahaha. cz you very LCLY lar that time.
dunno how to say... hahahaha... very arrogant? hahaha.
or maybe??? because of the girl that like you?
hahaha. maybe maybe.. who knows...
we never talk to each other after that. hahahah. dun even chat or blah3... hahahah.
3 years ago, (Aug) i gave u a packet of sweets, FRIENDSHIP DAY + YOUR BDAY...
maybe that time i want to stop the war already.. haha
3 Years ago, (Dec 7?), 5 makmur organized a party,
u went there earlier... so do i. hahaha.
No one to chat with, so i sms you. hahaha.
then u tell me about the MYVI STORY. haha
and FRANK is the victim. haha. i said, 'i can korek his secret for u'
hahaha. not enough time to chat, we said, you'll set me as your fnf.
hahaha. 2days later, u sms me. hahaha. and i set u as my fnf too. hahaha...
Second reunion, we met MALAY CHICKEN (the real malay chicken... remember ka u?)
Hahaha.... Non-stop sms since Dec 10 2005 i think.
till... erm.... my second sem in taylors, maybe... june 2007?
hahahah. very geng lar. we dun use sms. cz we have msn? hahahhaa.
ok. well.. remember? i am the manager of ur friendster last time?
hahaha. and i am the 'founder' of ur friendster? hahahahahaha
then... from miss C to miss R, miss R to miss K, miss K to miss E... hahaha.
ohya. dun forget.. small but branded... hahahah...
memories... erm... memories...
then.... nov 07?
Theory?haha. remember?
see... our friendship timeline.. i hope that you'll be my friendz forever.
Hahha... Okay... while we're chatting last night...u tell me.. how you feel this and that... u suddenly send me a msg..
"sim... sim.... you're like my diary la... i happy, nt happy, all u knw"
lol.. FLY TO HEAVEN... hahahaha. happy.. very happy actually. hahahahah
LoL... nah.. this 2 song i dedicate for u de... LoL... My Dear Friend and Friends Forever
I knw old song. but the lyrics is like.. wad i wan to tell u... hahaha...
LoL... i am going to promote u to all my friends that my blog.. cz you're great....
Hahahahaha. LoL.... wei... anyway... i hope u happy always k.. and healthy always.
take care. hahahaha....
p/s:if i suddenly go suicide one day... look for this boy to find out the reason why i wan to die. hahahahahahaaha.....

A month since she left...

A Month since she gone. she's now an angel... looking around us... but, i miss her.... All the sweet memories that she gave me… appears on my mind once again. She’s my sweetest darling doggy… She’s mine since 25January2006… Mom and I found her near GK supermarket. She followed mom. And we decided to keep her as pet. She’s a very active dog… she sleep in the room for the first week… during Chinese New Year. we dye her tail with purple. and she’s so freaking cute.
Small and fat… her favourite place to pee was my sister’s mattress… She’s very naughty lar… but we really love her. she’s definitely one of my family members. Yeah… Look… she is in my family photo. cz she’s our family member…

She is really cute lar that time… look… feel like hugging her now… she is so cute… can lawan with pappi…. cz she is as cute as my basset hound… no… maybe she is cuter… yea… I love her… no matter she’s a cute little Puppy or a big fat dog.. she’s still my best princess…
I went to KL on July 2006… I am not willing to say goodbye to her that time. and I took damn a lot of her pictures… but someone stole my phone away. and I lost all the pictures….

One day, while I am watching ‘the magician of love’ at Justina’s place, brother called me, He asked me to prepared… cause I’ll be grandma soon…
He told me that Wang Wang was pregnant… Thank you darling, for giving me… another Ball Ball…

He is not as cute as wang wang… as pretty as wang wang… as good as wang wang… but, still, he is a good boy… Thank you darling for giving me ball ball… he is the best present that you gave to us. it is enough for us to missing you by looking at him… Wang Wang… I miss you… and I really do…. Wang Wang… I really miss you…. Please come back… even to my dream… and I’ll be satisfied… I really miss you… how can u leave me without giving me any notice? you’re the annoying everytime when we are back from holidays… you’ll jump us like no body business… I hate you, especially when I wear whiteee…. but everything changed now… and I guess I will hate the feeling when I reach home… but I guess… one day, when we meet again in heaven, you’ll jump at me again right? I won’t scold you, even if I wear white. Baby, you’ll wait for me right?
She is a dog that you can say… ‘kurang kasih sayang’… she loves everyone… she will ask for u to sayang her all the time… know what.. I always thought that she’s very healthy… I rarely sayang her already… everytime I sayang ball ball… she’ll be around and asking for sayang… I always ask her to go away. cz I tot that she’ll live longer. I never thought that she’ll leave me so soon. if I knw earlier… I will gv all my lovee to her.. I really miss her…

I dream of her that day… in my dream… she’s very clean… and I keep on sayanging her… I knw… she’s now an angel dog… But still… I miss her very much…
no jokes… I really miss her…

R.I.P 22082008

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Can anyone survive without any friends? I mean don’t even have ONE friend. I guess NO… I am blessed. God gave me a bunch of BESTFRIENDS… THANKS GOD… haha. erm… well… honestly, I cannot live without them. haha. I mean I will be very bored without them. haha. Makmurianz friends, Subang friends, and even curtin friends. hahaha. I love them

A Friend is For us to HUG

Haha. yeah. when you're happy, sad, moody, or happy, if u have good friend to hug, the feeling is.... yeah... damn good. hahaha. i miss hugging wendy kee and HWEE.. hahaha.... i cant wait to hug u girls...

A Friend is for us to KISS

HaHa…KISS.. I never kiss my friends la… but then hoh… pretending that I am kissing her got lar. hahahahahaha.. Look at the picture. hahaha. She’s the one that I like to kiss the most. hahaha. yea. Kissing pictures gives u the best shot. hahaha. haha. to kononnya show your other friends how good your relationship with this friend. hahaha. don’t ask me. I dunno wad am I saying. hahaha. but then kissing picture with friends is good. hahaha

A Friend is for us to MISS

Yes…. a friend is for us to MISS… frankly… I miss all of my friends… especially FRANK.. lol.. jk lar. hahaha. I mean I miss frank also la. But not the MOST lar. hahaha… I miss all of my friends lar… HWEE… WENDY… I dun dare to listen to LAOPO…I really miss you people. And I miss wong chik young toofaster come back la. hahaha… YEA…. MISSING ur friend can be a NEW hobby lor. hahaha… my hobby is MISS MY FRIENDS..? hahaha…
And i miss those days when we crazy together.... Nite Night? haha

A Friend is for us to imagine something possible

Not impossible oh… its possible. yeah… me, hwee and wendy.. we have a TOP secret that no one knows.. really… no one knows. hahaha…. and I dun wan anyone to know… hahaha… we always imagine something that seems like impossible. but nothing is impossible right. haha. they will be OURS soon . hahaha.

A Friend is for us to LEARN CHINESE
hahaha. curtin friends.. u guys know… where I can learn my Chinese. hahahaha. WANG QING… hahaha. I know… hard to communicate with him. but then we still can communicate by playing guessing games. hahaha. look at the picture… then you’ll understand. hahaha…

A friend is for us to CRY together when you feel like crying… find someone that can truly understand you, and cry together with her/him.. haha. then you’ll feel better. hahah. Remember June 07 ICPU graduation? hahaha.. hug together cry together. hahaha. with Justina. hahaha. the feeling is really good lar. I miss Justina too. haha. and Hwee. hahah… we can cry together through SKYPE… or DIGI. hahaha. I miss you people lar. haha…And wendy kee more geng. haha. cinema, neway, u can see her crying. i love u gals.

A Friend is for us to 38
hahahah… this definitely goes to LENNY NG…. hahaha. shes the most 38 friend that I ever had. hahahaha…. she’ll tell me any new news….. hahaha… like.. who and who couple lar… who and who this and that. hahaha…. dun angry lenny ng… haha. hwee… wendy… peiwen…and steffi... No need to mention. hahaha….

A friend is for us to HIT and SLAP Slap… hahaha. becks my ayahanda… is the one that I like to slap the most. hahaha. I never slap him. but I really want to slap him la. hahaha. I always says that I wan to slap him until his parents cannot recognize him. hahaha. but then I never do that. hahaha. Becks, my king… hahaha. please let me slap if I go to KL. hahaha. I really want to feel the feeling of slapping you. hahaha….. So, I believe that a friend is for us to slap cause becks is not only my ayahanda, but my friend. hahahahah… I dunno wad am I speaking. hahaha….Another victim, is Sim Zhe. haha. i am so violence? hahaha. lol.

A friend is for us to Laugh together

HaHaHa… HaHaHa… true right. Laughing alone.. no point right. hahaha. if you’ve someone to laugh together with… shares ur joys… then you’ll be a lot better right. cz laughing alone is WEIRD… like… SOT? hahaha….yea.. example… my CURTIN sottest girl… Miss KONG SHU LING…. haaha.. yea… she’s the one that can understand all my jokes. haha. and I understand wad she is laughingat. hahahaha. our negative infinity laughing point. hahahahahaha…

A friend is for us to sayang
True know..a friend is for us to sayang. see.. we sayang ding foo foo. cz he is cute. haha. very cute. so we sayang him... bully him or sayang him?
Not only foo foo la. but we all saling sayang menyayangi. remember pendidikan moral? hahaha. nilai murni. hahaha. i sayang my friends... hahaha. thank you cikgu norain. haha

A Friend is for muscles exercise...

Okay Okay… I guess you don’t understand wad I mean by muscle exercise…. haha… actually hoh… muscle exercise means… SMS… hahaha… know what… after this handsome boyWong Chik Yoong went/FLY to TASMANIA… my skills in typing SMS ar… teruk know… hahaha… TERUK until me myself cannot believe. haha… WONG… faster come back… I need to practice more… hahaha.. BEE… my sms skills very teruk already lar… no more LCLY liao lar… SO… a friend is for muscle exercise. see… without fingers muscle exercise, I cannot LCLY typing damn fast… hahha…

A Friend is for us to learn new thing

hahaha. I learned a lot of new things from this dog my TEACHER CHIKYOONG… hahaha. ah young ar… we play learn and grow together??? Agree? hahahahah… you’re my friend for EIGHT YEARS already… 8YEARS friendship…4years COLD WAR… hahaha. geng lar… hahahahahaha…. anyway.. I am so blessed… you’re my friend again after the beach party. hahahahaha… lol. thank you for teaching me so many things. hahaha. Now I am knowledgeable? hahaha. You know wad I mean. hahaha…
Last, but not least, the most important point,

Love ur friends....

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Generous and kindness is you,
Admirer you, nothing to regret,
Ra!!! Ra!!! Ra!!! that’s what I used to call you,
Yes, its you Gary.

Willing to give up everything for you,
Once in a life time, I met you,
No one can compare with you,
Gary, because you’re Gary.

Killer,Killer!! you killed my heart,
Inability to defend, cause the killer is,
Admirable and loveable.

Seeing and peeping you are my hobbies,
Isn’t stupid? but I am happy, cause you’ve
Angel’s face and devil’s body??? J (konon la)
No matter where on Earth you’re now,
Gary, I just want you to be healthy. (NO SMOKING, K?)

stupid and silly thing that i did... when i was 15... form 3... hahaha. lol.. sweat... i admit... and i knw... very geli... bt... i just found this last month when i back to kk... hahaha. Yeee.... GELI lar.... how i do this thing last time??? oh my gosh... hahaha.... and know what... wendy, hwee and me, we have our own donut, ocean, and horse version. hahahahahhaha. sweat... sweat... =.='''
someone. please save me. hahahaha. okay. going to offline now. hahaha. nitez.

I hope that i can post 10reasons why we need a friend... hahahahaha... cya.

Soya Bean Milk and Fresh Soya Bean

Hey people... haha. i update my blog everyday. sweat. like very desperate huh?
haha. but i am not the only one la...
Btw, i have to congratz my darling, Shu Ling,
for the one week achievement. haha.
guys, i am here to promote my friend, my darling, mrs.low->to be,
Kong Shu Ling. Click HERE to her livejournal.
Ling, u have to pay me. haha

Okay, my introduction done. hahaha.
I am going to ask u people a stupid question,
'what is the colour of soya bean milk or fresh soya bean?'
Simple question. hahaha.
Obviously... like wad u can see at the picture below. haha. (i download from internet)
This is the colour of NORMAL soya bean milk...
But in Curtin... the colour of the soya bean milk fresh soya bean is different...
totally different... haha. guess... wad colour is that....
Orange? NO! Pearl? NO! Yellow? NO! Cream? NO!
Soooo??? what is the colour wor???

This is a picture that i capture myself. not from internet. NO PHOTOSHOP okay. hahahaha.
this is the fresh soya bean in Curtin University of Technology, Sarang Sarawak Mosquit oMalaysia Campus. Hahaha....
BLACK? or GREEN? hahaha... i dunno..

Okay, then maybe you'll say...that is herbal tea. hahahaha.
then i will ans u... hahaha. the new name for herbal tea is FRESH SOYA BEAN.
hahaha. lol.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Perverts in Curtin Toilet (Part 2)

Male Version

This time, the guys in the FEMALE TOILET. hahaha. lol.
Another 2 perverts in Curtin, sigh
Look at the picture, the 'FEMALE TOILET' written there, is hundred percent original from curtin toilet. haha.
maybe you can say Curtin is poor?
Haha... okay... stupid conversation between me and zhe yesterday afternoon.
after tambah salt and vinegar
Somewhere near the female toilet...

Zhe : eh, HuiFen, this Female toilet very dirty lar...
Fen: (Look at zhe) har? how u know???
Zhe: Oh my god, this is a thing that a guy should not know.
Fen: Why?
Zhe: How can i know that female toilet is dirty?
Fen: Oh? u entered before?? Eee... u pervert.... HaHa
Zhe: Noooooo....
Fen: Oh.... then i know lor...
Zhe: Huh?
Fen: You like to peep at Female Toilet.
Zhe: =.='''

So, guys, never ever tell ur female friend that the female toilet is dirty. hahaha.

Lol. the conversation above is just a stupid (playing) conversation between me and Sim Zhe lar. haahah... no need to be serious. haha. Okay, he is not a pervert. i scared that he will kill me

Haha. okay... maybe, maybe, another guy in the picture, Low Man Huan, is the pervert. hahahahahaha... girls, becareful. hahaha

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

RM40 Technology

Haha. My RM40 technology.
With this RM40 technology,
u can calculate ur mean, median, sd and blah blah blah...
Doesnt mean that you'll hundred percent pass the math/physics/chemistry/mechanic/wadever exam...
Without this RM40 technology, i am sure that you are going to fail the exam.
so... appreciate ur RM40 technology


I love this girl... and i really love her...
Ah Ling ar....
i love you,
te amo
aku cinta padamu
wo ai ni....
kimi ga suki desu

Lantern Day

5 sakais went to Curtin University of Technology Malaysia, Sarawak Malaysia Campus
Also known as SARANG MOSQUITO campus....
to celebrate the mooncake festival or to feed the mosquitoes?
buffet night for the undergraduate mosquitoes (i'll share with u guys bout this joke later)

Funny... non stop laughing...
because of shu ling, she is now a big girl already. hahaha
Low man Huan, remember y we laugh like mad in this picture?
hahaha. because of...??? hahahahahaha

And this sakai boy, (he said he is not a man yet) very kerlian. hahaha.
he is the cameraman? Nope, Miss Beene will say you're sexist... u have to say... photographer... hahahahaha.

4 sakais berposing

they are very tak syok... waiting for curtin bus, hahahaha.
look at sim zhe's head. haha. patah already
look at Man Huan's face lansi

Oh yeah... curtin bus datang already. hahaha....

Family Portrait

And.... Friendship forever kawan. hahaha
i finally have another friendship star... hahaha.
okay... i love u ppl.
and also sing ping, yixiu.hahaha

Wang Qing : 慧芬,你们这里的蚊子很好笑。我们那里的蚊子, 如果你要打它, 它会飞。 可是。 这里的蚊子,你打它,它就傻傻在那里给你打。哈哈哈。

(i knw my chinese sucks... but at least i tried okay... hahahha)
My english sucks too. but i will try to translate.

Wang Qing, he is my friend from china. HaHa. then that time, we work together to build a bridge... in canteen. haha. then oh.. a lot of mosquitoes. and when u hit urself the mosquito, the mosquito just stay there. and dun move. mati katak right. then my this wang qing said the mosquitoes in curtin very funny. cz normally the mosquitoes will fly away ba.

then i tell this story to Sim Zhe, Ling and Man Huan. Haha.. i said, Curtin Sarawak should change their name to Curtin University of Technology, Sarang Sarawak Mosquito Malaysia Campus. hahaha.

then oh..try u guess what we he said.... hahaha... he said... the mosquitoes outside curtin are graduated. thats y when u hit, it will fly away. to protect itself. HaHa. Okay, and Mosquitoes in curtin hoh, they are still 'studying' nt pro or educated yet... so when you hit the mosquito (in curtin) it will stay they... wont fly. hahahahahaha.... SWEAT =.='''