Tuesday, November 3, 2009

you ask me if i love you, and i choke on my reply

For a Bitchy Friend.
HAHA. Not going to call u bitch anymore. hahaha.
But then i just like to call u bitch. hahahaha.
you know... no matter how bz am i... hw headache am i... i will still do this for u.
Cz you're my special one. hahaha.
i am not How Min
A simple birthday with in my blog. Not to expose how old are u in my blog. hahaa.
haha. let them guess. haha.
Erm. I wish u...
All the best in everything.
Stop bitching around.
Love me more.
instead of saying youself cute... try to change it to pretty. hahaha.
And i hope that you'll like ur birthday present.
And have the chance to use it. (before the expiry date)
haha. you know its not easy for us to go in the shop.
Appreciate ok. hahahaha.

All the best in EVERYTHING!

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