Monday, October 29, 2012


I hate working. But the funny thing is I really love money and I love money more than I hate working. So, I will still choose..... Erm, working..

I am really bored. I lost interested with this shit. I seriously don't know why so we need to check the sample when we can get every shit in the logging data. Even though you see this shit but the gamma data says it should be this, we have to change to the shit that gamma told us. So what's the point of catching those samples, and describing them? Maybe just for the mud loggers, data engineers, and sample catchers to get something to do, so that they won't list their jobs? Holy shit.
Let's see how long I can survive.

I am tired, emo and whatsoever. All I want to do now is to hug the bf and lye on his shoulder all night long and never let go,
Been two years since we are officially together. I miss you.

Friday, June 22, 2012

My forth hitch

Ok, I am officially a mud logger.
My first hitch as mud logger.
To be honest, I am still blur
No confident, and still learning.

I still remember my first hitch...
I was so excited. And I feel
Proud of myself.
I am working offshore.

As time flies, only short 4 hitches.. I am tired. I feel like losing interest.
Yea, working offshore it's cool.
I cannot imagine. How if I have to work offshore for 10 years,

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Far away from home

HuiFeNn says: I miss my little princess

Hey friends, I am now at a location I don't even know where am I. I can only give u my coordinate. Hahaha.

Well, today is my 13th day in the rig. My third hitch in life. Everything here is nice. I met new friends here :)

The operation, hmm. Lol, I cannot talk more about it. Working offshore is not NOT SUITABLE for female!! Why not!?
And it is not as risky as u thought....
I feel safe here. And the big blue ocean gonna be my second home soon?
Or now already my second home? I am not sure. The place where I can Earn money without using even one cent.

I survived working night shift. WHO THE TELL SAY FEMALE CANNOT DO NIGHT SHIFT??
Me and lily survived. And the geologists survived too. Maybe only those who are not tough enough cannot survive?
Of course, we may feel sleepy for the first few days. But hello, for the sake of money. I will do everything they asked me to.

I love this job so much even the pay is quite low.

For those who say I will be jobless after graduate because geology is just too cool... Fuck you! Fuck off!
I am not jobless and I got my job even before my graduation.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Deep driller 3

After 3 weeks off, I NEED to work again... Going to Sabah water this time, deep driller 3.

It's a very clean rig. But but but I am gonna miss this little bitch of mine. Stop. I am sad now

Thursday, March 1, 2012

28 days @ Middle east

HuiFeNn says: Coming Home, i'm coming home, tell the world i am coming home.....

Dear Friends and Readers,
I've abandoned my bloggie for years. LOL!
a small update, from me, from a place, far away from my hometown,
United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi.
for training purpose.

As mentioned in previous post,
I've got a job.
I work as a trainee mud logger, in an oil service company,
It is a Schlumberger company, and due to their dunno-what-policy,
the 9 trainees from malaysia, were sent to Schlumberger Middle East and Asia Training Center for one month.

In this month,
we 'evolved' from strangers to good friends,
from analyzing beautiful rock from outcrop, to ugly cuttings from well.
seen the tallest tower, the biggest fountain, rode the fastest roller coaster,
went to (the outside) of the world most luxury hotel....

Will update again soon about my experience here.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Super senior

Hey, who said that junior must respect senior. I have a fucking asshole senior that don't fucking deserves my respect. She is just too stupid... An asshole that can't even get into petronas and talk like shit. Well just asshole with low iq and eq

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy chinese new year

HuifeNn says: happy chinese new year

Dear friends, sorry for the turtle update. Lack of motivation and inspiration to blog.... Plus, i am kind of busy.

For your information, me and HM went to kl last month for an interview. Our first interview in life and thank god, we get the job. We are now a member of a not so bad company with a not so bad position. I hope i can learn a lot of things from this new company.

Switching to a new chapter of life isn't that easy for me. I miss my university life so damn much... Especially my super awesome friends and lecturers!!
Kinda miss my lectures, and the moment when all of us were stressed for our final year project... Stay awake to read tectonics... Friends camping in my room to study and listen ilectures together.......

I met several new friends here in my new place... From melacca, kl, kelantan... Hope we can mix well with them XD