Monday, January 31, 2011


HuiFeNn says: i got myself a pair of Nike after being Adidas fans for 5 years. Hello Nike.

Sigh, someone looking for hot chicks at segama while i am busy shopping for Chinese New Year stuff with my Parents. Hmpphhh! Not Fair.

Password to my heart XD

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I think i got the cutest dog in the world. haha.
the most stupid dog. =.='''

Saturday, January 29, 2011


HuiFeNn Says: my valentine.
i kinda miss these two hiao poh. =.='''

Thursday, January 27, 2011


HuiFeNn says: I feel great!

I finally got this little thing that I envied for years. LoL. HaHa.
I am not going to tell you what it is. Haha. But I am really happy. LoL.
Hint: A thing that you can't even get it with money. LoL.

I feel amazing to blog through Microsoft Words. LoL. I know I am sakai. LoL
But I never knew that Microsoft Words got this function. LoL. Pretty cool.

I want to watch Green Hornet. But too bad, I can't watch it in KK.
Mr. Brandon Sim, u better accompany watch it in Miri.
L I want to watch in 3D. L
sad sad sad.

I got no inspiration to blog L
I don't want to abandon my blog

I watched few more movies. LoL.

  1. Homecoming
  2. Great Day
  3. Faster
  4. Fair Game
  5. ShaoLin
  6. The way back

And I finally ended my 6 weeks internship at Kumpulan Ikram.
And I got my recommendation letter. LoL.

Celebrate at Manhattan Fish Market.
I ordered Fish and Chips (Dory Fish),
He ordered Fish and Chips (dunno-what-fish),
We ate fried mushroom, fried shrimp, fried squid.
We watched Homecoming.

We ate New York Giant Burger last week. Super sinful and super big for two.
He paid for it. Thanks.

I read a book, written by Rebecca Skloot, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.
I am biology noobies. I don't even know who she is, until yesterday.
Yeah, YESTERDAY only I know the existence of HELA cells.
and the story behind Hela Cells.

Very heartbreaking story, Google Henrietta Lacks for more information.
<s> you can get the ebook easily </s>
I'll blog about her soon.

I left only few more days at Kota Kinabalu.
I will definitely miss my friends here, Wong Chik Yoong, Chennie, Lenny, Laikee.

p/s: Happy Belated Birthday, Azlan. I hope u will like the gift. Heheh. You're sweet. LoL.

I like to blog about the things in my mind. But I got no inspiration of what to blog.
Ok, then I will blog about CURANG since I like to use this word recently.

What is Curang? Hahaha. I don't know how to define curang. LoL.
Something like, u already attached and then u find another partner? Hahaha.

In my opinion, there are several types of CURANG(s). Haha.
For example, the husband CURANG to find prostitute, or the wife curang find another guy, or the boyfriend curang find his ex, or the girlfriend curang date with two guys at the same time.
ermm, this is unacceptable. LoL. What about mentally Curang? LoL. How to say ah... like... ok. You're already attached. Then ur 'mentally' still thinking of another guy. LoL. You get what I mean? LoL. Errr. Let's say, (IF-just IF ah), I am no longer single, which mean, I already have a boyfriend, but, I am still thinking of another guy, like dreaming ka... BUT, in the real life, you know that you love your boyfriend very much. Is this what we called CURANG? Hahaha. Not right? Hahaha.

Let's see another situation, for the guys. This guy having body contact, I mean very intimate with another girl, but then he knows that he don't love this girl, and he still loves the lady that waiting for him at the house. So, this is physically curang? Is this considered as curang?

I don't know. Or curang means, you love two girls/guys at the same time? LoL.
I am not sure. Hahahah.


Bah, bye.



Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Long post

HuifeNn says: Oh My God. I ‘curang’ in my dream last night. Hahahahaha. But it was a nice and sweet dream. LoL. I want more. LoL. See u tonight. Hahahahaha.

6 more days (excluding weekends) and I will be totally FREE! Haha. I want to yamcha with Wong Chik Yoong and Lenny Ng. I don’t have time for them during my internship period. I don’t know why… I just sit at the office for EIGHT hours, doing nothing. But once I reached home, I felt like I am a dead meat. I mean so freaking tired. Do nothing but feel so tired. Weird huh…
I’ve watched lots of movies. LoL. Here I list them down.

1. Megamind
2. Narnia
3. Lelio Popo
4. My Soul to take
5. Due Date
6. Paranormal Activity 2
7. Season of the Witch
8. Bloody School Camp
9. Just Call me Nobody
10. Tron
11. Tourist
12. Gulliver's travel

And few more. But I forgot. Need to ask Mr. Yeap. LoL.
Know what! I got my first cheque! Not from Nuffnang, it’s from IKRAM! Hahahahaha. Not going to tell you how much we got. Haha… I think quite high pay for interns. LoL.
I am going to REMEMBER back what happened on my 2010. Haha. I know a little bit late to do post like this now. Hahah. It’s okay bah… haha. busy ba. Haha. now only I am free. LoL.
a) Received my first salary for working at DVD shop. Approximately 0.9k for 3 weeks. LoL. And lots of DVDs.
b) Bought a pair of nice Adidas. But then wore only once. Haha. pain. Lol. And thank you Mrs. Chong for donating her Silver Adidas to me. Haha.
c) Field Trip to Lambir. Haha. Don’t ask me how dark I am that time. And I lost my ears epidermis because of the sunburn. Went to Cemetery for field work. LoL.
d) Discovered Coffee Bean is a Super Nice place to study. Haha.
e) Me and Laikee study at Miri City Fan. GARDEN!
f) Passed my structural geology. =.=’’’
g) My sister married! And she is now no longer Miss Sim, but Mrs. Chong. HaHa.
h) Hwee Hwee called me from UK and Wendy called me too… to wish me Happy Birthday. Appreciated!
i) Received birthday present from Wendy and Hwee Hwee post the paleontology toy for me. Touched.
j) And Miri friends treat me movie, How to Train Your Dragon and Miri Café. And their present. Thanks.
k) Leslie and Laikee shake hand shake hands. Lol.
l) July Semester Break at KK. Lenny Doctor stories. Hahaha. Like like like.
m) Passed Igneous Petrology.
n) Geophysics presentations. Kiwi group Leader. Got 9/10 for salt introduction. Proud!
o) 7 days field trip at Kundasang. Lost my camera charger 
p) Nuffnang hit >RM50, which mean I can CASH OUT!
q) Like to watched DVD at home.
r) Pappi spayed!
s) Fought with Laikee several times.
t) Received Big Letter.
u) Watched 2 karma incidents with my OWN EYES!
v) Went to Bungai Beach with Leslie and Laikee.
w) Got more malay friends 
x) In love with Jay superman.
y) ??? with the friendship stuff. Who backstabbed who… who gossip who. Lalala.
z) Internship

Nah, that’s my A to Z of 2010. Memories Memories Memories. I miss ICPU so much. Haha.. Haha. Sometimes I felt like… some friends are seriously weird. Like-you-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-you-did and they suddenly anti you and says that you’re eww, so disgusting. Or some even more weird… this moment, the sincerely apologized to you, next second, they will tell the whole world, how innocent they are, and you’re like a super bad evil bullying them. Lalala. I don’t know what I am saying. Blabbing Blabbing Blabbing. I rather you-just-ignore-me-and-go-fuck-yourself, than fake yourself to me. Don’t like. Don’t like. Then some friends, they-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-they-are-talking-about. Like me. LoL. They can simply pop out some words that not supposed to mention. Haha. Some friends are very-lack-of-love-and-lack-of-attention. HaHa. They will do something weird to get your attention. Hahahaha.
Lalala. Hate me for who I am than love me for whom I am not. Again, never fake yourself. LoL.

There are a few friends that I will never-delete-them in my entire life. Haha. I hope. Lol.
a) Lenny Ng
b) Wong Chik Yoong
c) Chan Sze Hwee
d) Wendy Kee
e) Chan Chun Fong
f) Leslie Chong
g) Yeap Lai Ke

LoL. Not bad ma. I got 2-3 VERY-SUPER-DUPER-BESTFRIEND from each and every school that I study. Haha. They are my ‘Grade A’ friends. Hahahaha. And I SUPER DUPER F*CKING LOVE THEM!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


HuiFeNn says: Lido satay very nice. LoL
Happy Birthday Chennie Sheila Wong.

Long Long Journey.
my 3.5 years....
journey to get a Bsc.

Not easy to be a geologist.

that's all. bye