Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thank you friends....

thank you... for all of u.. for the birthday wishes. haha. special thank you to ah bee for the wonderful show. hahaha. funny... hahaha. and to be continue NEXT year... lol. have to wait for another year. hahaha. thank you for the group chat.. wei ling, sylvester, kee shen, ah bee... hahaha. lol.. its fun and funny to see ah bee keep on bombing sylvester. hahaha. dunno wad shemale and mountain. haha. i dun understand actually. hahaha. this is the conversation. sot right. haha. bout cute la. leng chai la. sexual la... adui.. sylvester and ah bee is just likeeee....

This picture... lol.... funny right. hahaha. but actually.. they are bombing each other,. hhaha

Thank you guys... for giving me a wonderful group chat. i really love u all. hahaha... sweet memories. hahaha...

Thank you Wendy, for being the first and sharpest too. hahaha... and thanks for all the picx. haha. i really love them alot. hahaha.

Chan Sze Hwee. i also wanna thank you for being my best friend and part of my life. haha. u shine me up. haha... thanks for calling me to just wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. i remember. last year... flour and cake with adrian, bryan, siang meng, edwin and also adrian ong.

(will be update soon)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wendy Kee

Krista Kids

Krista Krista Krista
My school, my pride, my joy,
Here's a new beginning for every girl and boy... K1 and PH2 - Terence, Vega, Kai Lin, Aqidah, Ariff
He is Jefferey Ling... he is very very very cute

Dont try to disturb him... or else, he will angry haha

Noel Liew - he is the youngest boy... 2++ years old

I like this kid damn a lot. he is cute. Marcelinus Berryl Yap

He is Adli...

Anselm Ting, from singapre
Terence Ting, Anselm's brother. One of the smartest boy in K1

Meeza, her handwritting is NICE

Aqidah. she is cute actually... haha
Davevians, no more crying la. haha

K1 class - orientation

My Basset Hound, Pappi

Me and my sis bought a new puppy, basset hound.... we named her pappi... cz she is hush puppies. lol i love her so much... she is just too cute...

Pappi... look here....

she play on my blanket... dun pee please... dun pee... haha

The first day, 2nd march 2008

Sis and pappi

Pappi: Hi BiBi, do you wan to friend me?
Bibi : no you long ears dog.. i dun wan
Pappi: nvm.. i will go....

Pappi:sobs.. i just want to be alone, no one friend me.



pappi: please let me out...

HuiFen: pappi come... ..................

Pappi: no... i dun wan. act cool

Pappi : better look for mammi to sayang me

Her innocent looks

She is scary

Pappi : i have a pair of longggg ears

The first day

We love her... i love pappi my puppy...

Not tot forget... my wang wang and ball ball... (my daughter and grandson?? haha)

My princessMy Prince... haha

Halo Cafe...

Went to Halo Cafe.... Few weeks ago.... hahaha... to see ah beng(kononnya looks like chinchen)
Unfortunately... the konon chinchern is not there. sad. haha

This is my BLUE CORAL... if not mistaken. not tat nice...

This is California lover... if not mistaken, this is the name.

My blueRY and sis MangoRY
And also fong's Tiger


Sad. cz no chinchern. hahaha. jk la. lol
(seems like help halo to promote... lol)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This is where i am currently studying in. Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus.
The big building is the Library, then the 3, smaller, are the general purpose building, 2 more, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering Building behind.
Hahaha... Practical Test on tuesday., at Chemical Engineering Building Room203I need to finish two labs in 3 hours. and i manage to finish it. Proud. ehem ehem this practical test is very important. haha. as u can see from the pic... if u can get 67% in ur lab reports, 1.00 marks(final mark) is in your pocket already. haha. then the practical i think is... 8M. hahaha scary right.Fortunately, i did manage to finish it all. hahaThis is my answer. hahaha. i knw cacat.. but at least i can finish it. hahaha. My Results... quite accurate, hahaha. I dunno how to draw this graph. hahaha. this experiment.... failed. hahahaThe First experiment is to 'play' with this thing. hahaha, i dunno wad is the name of this machine. hahaha.... It has something like this... (looks like bridge huh)...
This is the Beam Apparatus, hahaha... this experiment is fun. haha. the only thing i remember is the lab techniqian play with the 'left right left right and up down up down" hahaha... to balance the beam?

afDecided to take some other machine photo. hahaha... i dunno wad is this.. but it looks like.... hahahahaha...... familiar?? in cartoon??? yea.. i think so.. hahaha

I dunno wad is this. but it looks complicated.

(Oh ya... i think the lab techniqian helping us.. hahaha. he give me the calculation and solution...for one of the question)

Well... this some pictures of Curtin Campus. This is the bricks... red bricks.. that i already bored of it..

Nothing else.. i just think that this is nice, (=

in materials tutorial... nothing to do.. u see Mr.Zeya... hahaha. so short

Lake in campus
The Flags

Ok.. this is my company diary(communication). well... %$*&^$

In lecture hall.

This is not CURTIN... this is TAYLORS... hahaha. english 3u final exam. hahaha, not going to tell u who i actually wan to 'zoom'?

BTw, this is my new adidas shoes. haha. bye bye nike.. say hello to adidas. lol. lame