Monday, October 29, 2012


I hate working. But the funny thing is I really love money and I love money more than I hate working. So, I will still choose..... Erm, working..

I am really bored. I lost interested with this shit. I seriously don't know why so we need to check the sample when we can get every shit in the logging data. Even though you see this shit but the gamma data says it should be this, we have to change to the shit that gamma told us. So what's the point of catching those samples, and describing them? Maybe just for the mud loggers, data engineers, and sample catchers to get something to do, so that they won't list their jobs? Holy shit.
Let's see how long I can survive.

I am tired, emo and whatsoever. All I want to do now is to hug the bf and lye on his shoulder all night long and never let go,
Been two years since we are officially together. I miss you.