Friday, October 23, 2009

Take Take Take it All!

Picture of the Day: Annoying Pluto and Small Pluto.
Sushi King with Double Ls. Laikee and Lily Healthy Good Taste. Hahaha.

Paleontology. Paleontology = hypnosis.
Hahaha. Not Like Physics, Chemistry, Biology...
But all about fossils. Darn.

I tell my friend, i am studying paleontology. Haha.
He said he thought paleo is about dinosaurs. Haha.
But actually Paleo is........

About Fossils. Arrrgh. So Difficult.

My Fossil Hunt.

Looks like... ehem ehem. hahaha.
Masa: Arr. this is too small...

Another Field Trip Alert.
and i am ready!
This time with Dr. Prasanna. Hahah. I like. Charging camera. wanna take his photos.
Chou Chou the bitchy: Durr...i wan to follow u to field trip
Laikee: Wadever~~ Bitchy u.

Geology 102 Field Trip with Dr. Masa.
The potential Geologists sekalian

Geology First Year Mr. Charming, Mr. Ricky Liew

Geology First Year Mr. Ducky
Pre- Field Trip
Burger Making. haha
Delicious. Slurppp
Nice.... haha
Our 'lunch box'

One more week to go.
and lets see our schedule.

Damn. No time to study.
Sayonara First Year.
My 2 thumbs up lecturer =.='''

Dr. Prasanna: Sim, u changed a lot nowadays ar. you become very quiet already.
not good meh. i concentrate in class mah. i noisy u scold me. durr
HuiFen: Haha. Not good ar?
Lily: Sir, u miss her cute voice right????
Dr. Prasanna: Nope. I hope she cannot open her mouth.
HuiFen: zzz
In Dr. Masa Office.
all of us kacau kacau him... hahaha.
Dr. Masa: Out... out... get out... get out u bitch (pointing at lily)
EVERYONE: hahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahaha. Lily kena scold.
but we still kacau kacau in his office.
Dr. Masa: out... out... out u fucker (point at me)
2 thumbs up for this Japanese Lecturer.
(He playing only lah. haha.)
HuiFen: Sir. how to study paleo...????? Dr. Masa: Just memorize lor.
HuiFen: Hard to memorize.
Dr. Masa: Cause u have small and tiny brain. hahaha.
Huifen: =.='''
Dr. Prasanna: Leslie, u listen. we have same size of brain. doesn't mean that ur brain is 90% and her(me) brain is only 10%
HuiFen: HEY!!! OI!!!
Dr. Prasanna: i say everyone same.
HuiFen: Dr. Masa say i have a tiny and small brain. haha
Dr. Prasanna: For me, you dont have brain. hahahaha
Before metamorphic result release.
Dr. Masa: (to me) If u can score better than him(housemate) i will give u extra 10mark
(which is impossible. haha. cz my housemate very smart)....
HuiFen: Durrr. impossible.
Few days later. result released.
I got 0.2 higher than housemate
HuiFeN: Sir Sir Sir... i got a bit higher than him. 10 marks ah. add in my paleo
Masa: Aww? really. well done. Miracle. I think there must be something wrong with the paper. I need to check back ur paper.
HuiFen: OI!!!!!
=.=''' i dunno why my lecturers like to bomb me. sos.
Bah. OFF.

Things to do now: Fossil Fuels. Haha.
and Chemistry

Chaoz. I am very excited for tomorrow field trip. haha.

At the cross I bow my kneeWhere Your blood was shed for meThere's no greater love than this
I love u, Lord Jesus.

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