Friday, May 13, 2011

i am back

Hey, i am back. and i reopen back my blog,
and removed all those emo emo posts
busy with final year project.
Friday the thirteen.
for someone.
i am always the devil.
but i don't care.
and i dun want to think anymore.
but this thing just can't get off my mine.

i learned a lot this semester.
not academically.
but... well... erm...
but it costs me... a lot.
i mean. a lot. a lot. and a lot.

i believed in my 6th sense.
and well.
i believe what i am suspecting is true.

i don't know why.
i hate myself for hating someone.
and i cant stop myself for hating that person,
because i am DEEPLY HURT!
i don't know why.
few months back i even hope.
during my birthday.
that person will come and tell me...
''happy birthday. i am just joking with you. ''
and i think, that will be the bestest birthday gift this year.

but well.
this it never happen.
and it will never happen again.
i am just dreaming.

how can someone that used to be sooooooo close to me....
do all these to me?

and i hate.
i really hate.
i really really hate.

i hate because i care.
the more i don't want to think about it...
the more it came across my mine.

how can someone blame everything on me?
when i am not the only one who wrong?

and i am like.....
so sad.
i just read back our conversation.
conversation about i gave u my email password.
to search something in my email.
someone that i trusted.
so much.
became a stranger to me now.
what a nice friend i had.