Sunday, October 25, 2009

I know you hurt too, but what else can we do?

Picture of the day: Sakai Kho Kee Hui
Hahaha. funny lah. Geology 106 Field Trip - FUN

Actually hor... i was wondering... Bitchy Lily is not tall, but why she likes to hide behind when taking photos? To make her look shorter? haha. Her trademark a?

Mr. Charming and Ducky Edwin, near the place where lessily pee. shhhhh. hahaha

TIDAK NAMPAK TIDAK NAMPAK. aiyuh ayu. cannot see ur pretty and sexy face lah....

The lazy students. under the sea arch.

The couple. with blessed, under sea arch (place where lesilly pee). hahahahaha

Kho Kee Hui. haha. my favourite! lol.


Hahaha. Lesilly.. someone is pointing middle finger to u. hahahaha. (pillar)

Kho Kee Hui: WAH! Leslie, u really wan to go up? u 'so want' ar?

hahahahahahaahahaha. hero of the day?


Different guy different pose. haha.

HuiFeN: Kiwi... i wan to take ur picture....
Kiwi: Hey hey hey.. No nO no . cannot.
HuiFeN: Durrr. wadever. hahahaha.

the couple. How min tired already.

LoL. Ducky Edwin.
i kena scold by him when i try to take this pic.
haha. SunScreen melt and masuk his eye. Pain

Emo and lonely lesilly
Lesilly: Show me the meaning of being lonely.hahaha

After he couple with lily... he also likes to act cute. hahaha.

The couple. haha.

The Excursion leader, Dr. M.V. Prasanna.

Eh. dont look at him. haha. focus on the cave. he is just a scale okay.

Nah. How Min and Lily's love story. durr.

The serious one/

The horny one

The photographer

haha. Curtin LT. haha.

p/s: Kho Kee Hui, thank you very much for ur lunch box. haha. nice okay. hahahaha.
I miss pappi. hahah
3 more days to study week. yeah.
bah off.

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