Sunday, May 20, 2012

Far away from home

HuiFeNn says: I miss my little princess

Hey friends, I am now at a location I don't even know where am I. I can only give u my coordinate. Hahaha.

Well, today is my 13th day in the rig. My third hitch in life. Everything here is nice. I met new friends here :)

The operation, hmm. Lol, I cannot talk more about it. Working offshore is not NOT SUITABLE for female!! Why not!?
And it is not as risky as u thought....
I feel safe here. And the big blue ocean gonna be my second home soon?
Or now already my second home? I am not sure. The place where I can Earn money without using even one cent.

I survived working night shift. WHO THE TELL SAY FEMALE CANNOT DO NIGHT SHIFT??
Me and lily survived. And the geologists survived too. Maybe only those who are not tough enough cannot survive?
Of course, we may feel sleepy for the first few days. But hello, for the sake of money. I will do everything they asked me to.

I love this job so much even the pay is quite low.

For those who say I will be jobless after graduate because geology is just too cool... Fuck you! Fuck off!
I am not jobless and I got my job even before my graduation.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Deep driller 3

After 3 weeks off, I NEED to work again... Going to Sabah water this time, deep driller 3.

It's a very clean rig. But but but I am gonna miss this little bitch of mine. Stop. I am sad now