Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today is a special day.

Special day to my someone special.
yea, my bestie
i cannot believe.
this is the 5th time i wish u happy birthday after form5.
the 10th time after we knw each other?

I can't wait for u to come back.
cz i know u miss me. lol.
and also fook yuen. lol

I'll treat u limejuice if you're in kk now. hahahah.
anyway, Happy bird day birthday, WCY, Baby Y. XD
All the best. please make sure u manage to pass everything.
and please dun take summer course. i wan to see u on november.

Take care a.
~FeNn~ LOL

p/s: Happy friendship day people

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another stupid road sign.

I don't know if you notice or not. but there are two road signs that block my view. LoL. I think this is dangerous for me. no skill driver. LOL. Miri Airport Road. Heheh.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You can even sell ur virginity. WTF!


SAN DIEGO, CA - A San Diego woman who is conducting an online auction to give up her virginity says bidding has reached $5.6 million with more than 10,000 responses.

The 22-year old student is using a fake name, Natalie Dylan, for her "business opportunity," as she calls it.

The top offer comes from a 39-year old Australian businessman.

"A lot of media are saying I'm doing this to pay for school — school is definitely one of the things I'm going to put this money to but I see this as a really good business opportunity," Miss Dylan said.

"I wanted to get my masters degree and will put some of this money toward that but it was not the reason I decided to do it."

Her story got worldwide attention last September following an appearance on the notorious Howard Stern radio show.

"We live in a capitalist society. Why shouldn't I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity?" said Dylan during an interview in September when she said she hoped the bidding would hit $1 million.

The woman, who has earned a bachelor degree in women's studies at Sacramento State University, now wants to start a master's degree in marriage and family therapy.

The online auction site eBay turned her down so the auction is taking place at a Nevada brothel, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, where her sister is working to pay off her college debts.

Dylan said she's not looking for marriage, but "this is a one-night-only offer."

Dylan said her auction is not like eBay and she will get the final say on who wins.

WHUT!? 5.6MIL! OMG! haha.LOL! u can even sell ur virginity now. save ur virginity, and dun simply use it. cz ur virginity might worth few mils sigh, dunia apa ini?!

Poll from the original post,

Do you think "Natalie Dylan" should be arrested for prostitution or allowed to profit from her "business opportunity?"

I'll vote for not sure. LoL.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Me and BaBy W.

CELCOM Broadband Modem for sale.

McD Hello Kitty Wedding Soft toy for sale.
I have complete set.

Portable DVD player for sale.
NEW, used once.

contact me or leave a comment if you're interested.

Miri Maybank SUCKS!

Photo of the day: Wang Wang my dog.

Miri Maybank SERVICE (especially boulevard) SUCKS!
no one at counter.
the counter that we get number from.
wait for 10 minutes.
someone asked the security guard.
''tak ada orang di counter ka?''
then guess wad the pakcik security answer?
''tak nampak jam sekarang pukul berapa ka (12.10pm), mereka pergi makan sudah lah''
i was like...

then another guy at the other counter come and serve us.
i asked him to certify my sister's account statement.
then he said... in a rude tone.
''mana kamu buka account?!''
i said ''emart''
he answered.
''kalau emart, pergi balik emart punya maybank lah!''


went to maybank emart.
3 tables.
and no one there.
my sis ask the secu.
''pergi makan''
makan sekaligus go together meh?!

so we simply take a number and go first floor.

Oh ya. BTW, few years ago, when i was studying in Taylors KL.
i want to open a maybank saving account.
then my application was rejected.
know why?
why the fuck u need my student id?
so, i don't have any maybank account until today!

watch this. this is so random!

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Long and Bored Holiday

Tuition Free Week from 27 July 2010 to 2 August 2010.

i miss class.
i miss my friends.
I miss my lecturers
But i seriously DONT miss those assignments and lecture slides.

Thanks god. i managed to survived last semester
Yeap, i don't get good result, but i am really satisfied with my result. hahahahaha.

Lecturer said. Aim for 8 and get 7. aim for 7 and get 6. aim for 6 to get pass.
LOL! but i aim PASS, which is 5 (FIVE!) for everything.
so, when i check my result,
i feel. WOW! hahahaha.
OK. i got this result.
OKAY! I KNOW! not a good result. But its better than wad i expected XD

I got no confident at all. for this semester.
And i bought my ticket to KK before the final.
I considered about supplementary exam.
So, i book my ticket from KK to Miri on 19July.
Lesson learnt: Believe urself =.='''

And i am now in MIRI!
I got nothing to do EVERYDAY!
I finished 2 (25eps) tvb series in two days!
wtf again.
Btw, remember my cool Japanese Lecturer??

This Random GUY!
REMEMBER? he is no longer in curtin.
I don't deny, sometimes he is annoying.
But. all the 3 units that he taught.....
Geo 102, Field Mapping, and sedimentology
i got distinction
Gonna miss him lots.
And i am going to blog about him again soon.

I know. this is a random post.
i got nothing to blog about.
i blog because i am bored.

I miss 3ps with them!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

weird toilet sign

I went to brunei for dinner last night.
And i saw this.
Don't say i am sakai.
cz i think this is the weirdest sign that i've ever seen so far.

I was like.
omgwtflolbbq (Jim, 2010).

i pee pee and poo poo wipe liao cannot throw in toilet bowl,


Thursday, July 22, 2010

creative way to say I LOVE YOU

Instead of using


a VERY creative friend of mine,

to say I HEART U!

hahahahaha. i think this is one of the most creative way to say I LOVE U! haha

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I miss my secondary school friends

Wuhooo. i am now at ODB!
Nice. internet = fast.
mr. ducky is here! LoL..
In love with a&w float.... booo....
LILY LUM i know you're jealous

Joseph Chang Xiao Quan!
I like.

I kinda miss...

Yes. them. my secondary school classmates.
they're just too great...
Especially... Her.

At least.... i don't feel like i am talking to air when i am talking or chatting with them...

I just don't understand. why... why the heck some guys are so...
errr. dunno how to say. like...
u feel like... you're syok sendiri or talking to air when talking to them.
they don't even bother what you're saying or how u feel.
especially when that person is someone that meant a lot to you.
so, whatever.

who cares....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

chinese from china that POTONG my queue. wtf

I am not racist. especially to my own race.
But... sigh... okay.....
Yes, i am now in Miri.
i met a ?????? chinese from china today.
I was on my queue to the immigration counter.
then a 40+ years old uncle from china as well, standing infront me.
when it comes to his turns, logically, i will be the next one right.
but hell. no.
he asked his son. to stand BESIDE me.
queue HORIZONTALLY with me.
i was like. ??? what the fuck do you want???

then ok... his dad done, he ran to the counter before me. i just stand there and watch.
apalah orang ini. potong potong barisan. kurang ajar.

I HAPPY to the max when the custom asked him to queue to the next counter.
actually the counter there written
''pemegang mycard''
ah cai, u don't have my card, i tata first. lalala.

i am bored in miri.
and pappi is just too cute.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My nail can do this. can u?

My nails are soft.
So i can flip then without any problem.
Like this.
and like this.
No pain at all.
and lastly,
it cracks.
this is how i torture my useless nail.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cute Kenyal Jesus Christ

I found this picture from a borneo book or sarawak book or something.
very cute. heheh.
kenyal jesus christ. NICE.
amen. god bless.

Monday, July 12, 2010


nice or not?!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LiFe after SPM

LoL. my life after SPM = rocky road.
I love chemistry kononnya when i was young
and i tell my mum that i want to be a pharmacist.

I was emo everyday after SPM result was released.
I've no idea where should i study. what do i want. and stuff.
''Di mana ada education fair, di situ ada saya''
I applied for matrix. but failed.

But i got stpm science stream offer.
I was thinking.... to accept or not.
Dilemma... and i was taking my driving licence in Sarawak that time.
My offer was in KK.
So, i decided to give up STPM.
Then i ever think of taking Cambridge A level in Miri.
During an education fair...
i know about this program... called International Canadian Pre-U (ICPU)
This is what the counselor told me.
''ICPU is very EASY. 70% on course work, 30% final exam.. as long as u do your assignments and homeworks, then even u don't attend ur final exam, u can manage to pass''
and i was cheated
Who dont love right? FINAL ExAM only 30%. sounds so EASY!

And i tell my parents that i want to enroll for this program.
Surprisingly they agreed.
Tuition fees in Taylors College is NOT CHEAP honestly.

and i started my life as a pre-u student in taylors.
My first semester in Taylors = SUCKS.
Photo taken from ICPU Lecturer's blog
I took physics, chemistry, calculus, malaysian studies + moral Studies + English 4C
I am just a below average student.
But no.... i pity my poor english.
Reading my physics text book. i need to flip my dictionary for 'n-times'
And the most KASIHAN thing is... i don't even know what is SLOPE that time.

And the coursework is not coursework.
coursework = weekly test, unit test, presentation, labs, ISU
ISU = Independent Study Unit.
U Imagine. Organic Chemistry. The Lecturer x teach in Class. But u NEED to study yourself.
And i did not survive in my first semester.
I failed my Calculus. And Physics and chemistry in border line.


Second semester.I took Biology, Calculus, International Business and Accounting.
I manage to survive a better result.
manage to get 70+ for each.
and know what, we need to pass ENGLISH 4C and either Ontario Secondary Literacy Test (OSSLT) or OLC4O to graduate. with 6 subjects.

They will throw all those who get A for ENGLISH in SPM to ENG4C.
and pass OSSLT, then graduate.
Yea, i got A for english in spm.
FML! means that i cannot graduate.
I need to take OLC4O!
and i spent another semester in taylors.
1.5 years in taylors, i manage to graduate with an average of 70+.

AGAIN! I Don't know where to continue.... I wanted to take BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE, or BIOTECHNOLOGY, or PSYCHOLOGY since i gave up Pharmacy. LoL.
But my parents don't allowed me to study in KL anymore.
no choice. i applied CURTIN SARAWAK for Chemical Engineering.
IMAGINE! my math and physics sucks. i failed my calculus, and i get only 50+ in physics during ICPU. how to survive? and i really hate those calculation stuff.

and yea. 4 units. engineering mathematics, engineering mechanics, engineering materials and engineering foundation: principle and communication.
Thanks god. I manage to failed 2 units.

i decided to withdraw. and wanted to change to business stream. or psychology.
when i went to campus, ''feeling of withdrawing''.... i met a friend.
same case with me... he told me about GEOLOGY.
and asked me to look for counselor.

So, i met curtin counselor. I tell her my case.
according to her, GEOLOGY IS NOT HARD.
no more calculation. simple science.
AGAIN! i was cheated. LOL.
I tell my sis about geology. she said can earn a lot...
in 2 days time. i decided to enrolled GEOLOGY! T_T
i am madly in love with my uni campus now.
i've completed 4 semester for this course.
all i can say is... NOT EASY... but u will madly in love with it.
u will feel proud to tell others that you're a geology student.

u feel so ehem when u watch 2012.
dealing with rocks is FUN.

dealing with PETROLOGY microscope is FUN!
U will feel proud when other course microscope cannot rotate but urs can rotate. hahahah.

dealing with outcrops = sucks.

dealing with minerals = nice. cz they are pretty and beautiful!
dealing with fossils = expensive! hahaha.

coursemates are great! lecturers are nice and friendly.
fieldtrips are fun. although my sunburn not completely recover yet.

and i will not U-turn anymore. I don't wanna change course anymore.
Bless me. GEOLOGY = interesting!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Christian Heroes: Robert Jermain Thomas

I went to church this morning.
Actually, my plan is to blog about how i am not satisfied with the praising this morning.
Cz the woman who lead the praising was annoying.
for example.... i love you u u u u u u u u u u... and she is yelling.
damn annoying.
but i am not complain more about that.

i was impressed by this guy.
The Christian Hero.

Robert Jermain Thomas

So, this is the original article.

Robert Jermain Thomas was born in 1839 in Wales. His father was an Independent minister. Robert graduated from London University and was ordained as a missionary with the London Mission Society. He married Caroline and the young couple set out for China, arriving in Shanghai at Christmas after a five month sea voyage. However, within a short time he was devastated when his wife suddenly died.

He was an excellent linguist, having already learnt fluent Russian at school, and it only took him four months to master Mandarin. Later that year he went to Beijing and became a school lecturer in English and Chinese.

At that time Korea was known as the Hermit Kingdom and had no contact with outsiders. However, there were some Catholic priests in Korea. They had first arrived in Korea in the 1785 and had made many converts. But the Korean authorities objected to this and in 1863 had massacred approximately 8000 of the converts.

Against this background Robert met two Korean traders in 1865. They told him of the situation in Korea and Robert went secretly there for four months on behalf of the National Bible Society of Scotland. He took Bibles with him and sold many Scriptures in Chinese. He was also able to preach the gospel but he went heavily disguised and those to whom he gave Bibles risked death if discovered.

In 1866 Robert went back to Korea with more Scriptures. This time as a translator on an American trading ship, the General Sherman. They sailed up the river to Pyongyang - the present-day capital of North Korea - but were warned to leave by the Koreans who did not want foreign traders. However the ship continued on its course and eventually became stuck on a sandbank. Korean fire rafts were sent against the vessel which then caught fire. All tried to escape from the ship but they were killed by soldiers on the river bank. Robert, standing on the deck of the burning ship, opened his cases of Bibles and flung the books to those who lined the banks of the river. With his clothes on fire he leaped overboard. He offered his last Bible to a soldier waiting for him, begging him to accept it. The soldier hesitated to execute him, but at last he had to do his duty and transfixed Robert with his lance. Robert Jermain Thomas was just twenty-seven.

The memory of Robert's martyrdom made a great impression on many who witnessed it. A few managed to rescue some of the Bibles and brought them home to be used as wallpaper in their houses. As time went on, curiosity arose and people began to read this strange text on the walls of their houses. Gradually Koreans began to become Christians and today, the church in South Korea numbers many millions of Believers and reputedly the capital Seoul has seven of the then largest evangelical churches in the world.

One (young) man who on fire with the gospel of Jesus Christ, laid down his life to tell other people about Jesus. The Koreans thought that they had won the battle but 130 years later it is clear that they lost the war!

He is the HERO!