Sunday, June 26, 2011


i am so disappointed. again.
maybe i expect too much. i don't know.
i just want everything to be normal.
not too much. but at least normal.
but i know this is hard for you.
what i can do is to accept all these.

i knocked my head today.
so fucking pain.
real pain. i think the 'painest' head knocking i ever kena.
damn it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Have you ever been DEEPLY hurt before?
I tell you... The feeling makes u realize that you are still alive. You are still breathing and you still know the pain.
I hate the one who hurt me for months.
But then I realize, no point.
I hurt myself more than he hurt me when I choose to hate him.
So yeah, I let go everything. And just let everything remain neutral.
But I definitely miss those time when we were together.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I am back

Huifen says: dear blog, I miss you...

Final exam!! After 19 years of studying... I feel tired... Real tired. I don't love books. I hate lecture slides. And I want to work. I want more and more money....
My brain is not productivity anymore. I am now a very slow learner. I am so tired

I love my coursemates. And I am going to miss them like crazy after we graduate...

I am gonna appreciate each and every seconds we are together. Doesn't matter studying together or playing together...

I met lots of great friends from uni...
A friend that Never fail to cheer me up when I am down. I know u know I am talking about you.
A friend that I really treasure and love... because she is my first female friend in geology. I know u know who u are.
A noob friend and an ex noob leader that are so thick face skin. I will miss u too after we graduate.
A friend that is rich, but never show off, willing to sell movie ticket with me.. its so embarrassing
A friend that I don't even know I have to describe him/her as 'him' or 'her'. Well, I will miss ur petai boy!
A friend that can fight with me 7 days continuous in a week with me. The one who make me drop 15ml of tears.
A friend that cute like a cat... Who like to play cubit cubit. I'm gonna miss ur cubit cubit darling..
And also my very super cool groupmates!! They are just too cool! I am going to miss each and every one of them!!! Especially the girl in the group <3
And not forget... An ex friend that used to be so close to me but now a stranger to me. I am gonna forget everything about you soon. No hate and no love. Put down everything. Just let it go...

Oh ya _!| and also my super long housemate. Gonna kick u kuat kuat

Thanks for the one who made this for me

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