Monday, May 24, 2010


I am sad.
Because u don't know me.
I am sad.
Because u don't understand me.
I am sad.
Because i am no one to u.
I am sad.
Because something is wrong.

I am angry.
Because i hate the way u talk.
I am angry.
Because u don't know what i want.
I am angry.
Because i am you never think about me.
I am angry.
Because i care.

I am happy.
because u know.
I am happy.
Because u care.
I am happy.
Because i am happy.

I am busy.
Because of Masatoshi sone.
I am busy.
Because of Prasanna.
I am busy.
Because of Nagarajan.

I am tired.
Because of rocks.
I am tired.
Because of minerals.
I am tired.
Because of stereonet.
I am tired.
Because of stratigraphy.

I am stress.
Because of practical tests.
I am stress.
Because of final exam.
I am stress.
Because i am insomnia every night.

Take care.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

chocolate = orgasm!

Picture of the day: My Dog!
Nui Nui aka Pappi my daughter.
shes so cute.

Hey guys.
I am sooooo freaking busy lately.
tones of assignments are waiting for me....
and the problem is... i am on lazy mode now.
i'm really lazy and i need motivation.

sister brought back this box of white chocolate.
i tell u...

like ice-cream... like chocolate. OMG!
really.......... ORGASM!

spirit of a geologist.
again. i want to ask...
why do i choose geology?

What so nice and special about this rock?
Sigh. i thought this is just a normal rock.
but i spent N hours for this rock.
and all the interpretation...
plus... if you're asking ur lecturer for help,
and he ignore u......
u will feel really.... SHIT. other than shit, still shit.

and as a geo student. we spent another N hours doing this.
the cross section. sigh sigh sigh to the max.

and these things.... costs us... more than 2 or 3 weels....
sigh sigh sigh sigh......

i am not complaining. haha. although i feel miserable in geo...
but... sometimes i love geo.
hahahaha. reason.....
no matter where we go...
we will... i mean not purposely... to look at the rocks.
maybe... its just a normal rock for u ppl...
but for us... heheh.
eh.... its calcite. with 3 clevages. so nice
and the next day, u bring along ur geological hammer, and try to collect the sample.
yea. i feel soooo.... erm... geologist. hahaha
Yeah. geology geologist is cool. Geology rocks!

Yea. i am in love with this device. hahahaha.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ice water

HuiFenn says: I really pissed off when u use the way to talk to me! I hate it.. ! FUCK!

when you're very happy and talk to a person... then the person reply u.. ish!
what will u respond! i am so pissed off!

thats all. cont with asg.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Avoid Plagiarism.

HuiFenn says: i got more than 10 drafts in my dashboard. haha

Kawan kawan, i spent more than 3 hours, i think. to complete this rock relation diagram. i spent less than 30minutes to copy that day. but then. i scared of plagiarism. so, i redo. hahaha. and seriously. i spent more than 3 hours to interpret and change it to my own style. hahaha. yeah. i am satisfied now. at least i know. this is really my own work.

and this is the copy that i plagiarist Natalie and Laikee. HaHa.

i admit. i do plagiarist. a lot. HEHEH. but i guess. lecturers are giving me chance. maybe? i dunno either. or maybe i am not plagiarizing and i tot i am. hahah.

I don't wanna come out to be a lousy copy cat geologist. i promise. i will not... or at least. minimize my plagiarism. hahah.

How to avoid plagiarism. First. never ever ask ur friend to send u assignment before you're done. I dunno others. but i cannot control myself to accidentally terfollow their format. or terplagiarist them. hahaha.

second. Change to your own language. lecturers are smart. they know your english. example, if i copy lily's work, i just change to my lousy malaysian english, and the lecturer will not suspect. hahaha.

third. dont plagiarist something that u dun understand. hahaha.

Err... some people. are smart. hahaha. they can plagiarist and get high mark. haha. example from bitchy lily, she spent 2 hours to do a thin section, and maybe the one who copy her just need 10minutes to scan wad she wrote. haha. and result come out. the one that copy her get higher mark than her. hahaha. WTF or not?

wad do u think? haha. hate? or not hate? but there are something that cannot be plagiarist. which is ur knowledge. hahaha. he can copy everything. but cannot copy ur knowledge.

Bah. really. i will minimize my plagiarism. haha. i dont wanna be a copy cat. hahaha. k k. i will do my structural tomorrow. heheh. time to sleep. By the way, i found a new place to study and relax. yeah, Coffee Bean. i prefer coffee bean more than starbucks. hahahaha.

And by the way, these are my friends. showing off with their gadgets. Ipod touch and Nokia N97. hmpphhh.....