Friday, November 27, 2009


Photo of the day: For my Darlings.
L for Lily, K for Kiwi, and LK for LaiKee. wakaka

It's time for me to update my blog.
I'm having a longgg boreddd holiday
I'm lack of cash now.
Holiday = no pocket money (frank, 2005).
I need to find something to do.
Part Time anyone?

I actually miss my tuition weeks.
I miss my friends, lecturers, and campus.
haha. please. i don't want weekly quiz, topic tests, and practical tests.

Me and my friends went to Petroleum Mus
eum again.
this time with the photographer of the below picture, Mr. Yeap,
My dream guy, Mr. Kho,
and Miss shorty, Miss Lily aka Mrs. Chung.
We were trying very hard to push.
'The Grand Old Lady'
My model of the day, Kho Kee Hui,
With the weird mouth.
Trying to take some so-called artistic photo. hahaha.
With lily's ass.

i'm waiting for Lily and Leslie for monopoly tonight.

8,9,10 Dec... Big Days..
8 December 2009 = Darling, Ling's Birthday
9 December 2009 = VERY BIG day for all Curtin students.
10 December 2009 = Lily's Boyfriend's Birthday.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You are my fire, the one desire....

you're my fire, the one desire.........

I love this place. Petroleum Museum.
I went there three times in a week, i think.
I still love there. haha. no matter who i go with.

Man Huan,




or Her

This is really a nice place.
Good for couple to dating,
good for students to release stress,
Good for photographer to take nice photos,
Good for friends to have fun.
OMG. i really love this place.
Who 1 to go with me again??????
I wan sunrise and sunset....

Monday, November 23, 2009

all the times we had together

Today is my black day.
And I really feel like crying now.
everything comes together, my heart is not strong enough for all these.
I really need to calm down.
and i wish i could hide in a cave for a week.
No matter what i did, wad i said, someone will be offended.
I really dunno what to do.
I am lost.
case 1. ok. i still can accept.
case 2. i will control myself.
case 3. i am bad mood.
case 4. i am angry
case 5. i am speechless.

all of the above cases are very minor and small case. but when all attack u at the same time... i really dunno how to face.
so if i show my black face to u today...
i can only say sorry.
thats all.
i have to go.
just leave me alone

Thursday, November 19, 2009

London Bridge is Falling Down

Hello Everyone. I am Back.
Durrr... i wanna show off my 3 months holidays
to all of

this is actually my forth semester in curtin. haha. i cannot believe that i stuck my ass in curtin for 2 years already. hahaha.
I am very happy with my coursemates.
I love them, more than what i can say. hahaha.
They are helpful, especially during exam. hahahaha. or tests? or even quiz.
Seriously, this is wad we called friendship test. hahaha.
Without them, i cannot be able to survive. hahaahaha.
I dont do well in final exam, but i think i can manage to pass all the units.

My internal mark for all the units:

Geology 102: 46.4/60
Geology 108: 43/50
Geology 112: 41/50
Chemistry: 46/50

I am very happy with my internal mark. hahaha.
but what i hate about myself is.... i lost my motivation to study after i knw my internal.

I keep on saying that, i need 9 more mark to pass in 112.
Dr. Prasanna: you aim pass, u will fail.

Prasanna promised us to watch 2012, but he always ffk.
I sms prasanna
Sim: Phobia, Sir
Prasanna: whats that?
Sim: horror movie
Prasanna: Malaysian ghost watching thailand ghost movie hehehe

Damn. Kena shoot again

Ok. last night i am soooo damn hot with this girl.
Fuck lah. i am really speechless.
Okay, i will calm down. relax.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Its a Small World after All

Random Update... i am finally done with my Geology 102 Exam.
I don't know whether i can do well or not.
But i answered all the questions. Erm?
LiLy's Post (i will update a post bout my handwritting after exam)
She said that i am very Lansi. Erm. Maybe?
I chat with Vic last night.
See. He also complain that i am lansi. sighh

Evonne Cheang! If you're reading this.
You're friend. Vic. he said he is not stuck anymore. hahaha

My friends are funny.
Click. and read. I really LMAO!
superman ! hahaha

Went to Prasanna's office after exam.
LoL. Asked him bout 2012.
He said it might be true. He asked his astrology friend.
LoL. I dont want to die =(
2 more days. and i will be free. yeah.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Flying Without Wingggg

FiNaL eXaM!
I Am Tired.........
But for our 2016 dream, i will try work hard.
And i knw....
We are on our journey to Year 2016.
I Miss You, Dy and Hwee.
I will be back after my final.

Loves and Hugs.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All things are possible!

For a Pretty, Gentle and Beautiful friend of Mine.
Ley Ying!!

Take care, and may god bless u.I miss u, girl.
Happy Birthday to You,happy birthday to you,Happy Birthday to Ley Ying,Happy Birthday to you.


loves and hugs,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

you ask me if i love you, and i choke on my reply

For a Bitchy Friend.
HAHA. Not going to call u bitch anymore. hahaha.
But then i just like to call u bitch. hahahaha.
you know... no matter how bz am i... hw headache am i... i will still do this for u.
Cz you're my special one. hahaha.
i am not How Min
A simple birthday with in my blog. Not to expose how old are u in my blog. hahaa.
haha. let them guess. haha.
Erm. I wish u...
All the best in everything.
Stop bitching around.
Love me more.
instead of saying youself cute... try to change it to pretty. hahaha.
And i hope that you'll like ur birthday present.
And have the chance to use it. (before the expiry date)
haha. you know its not easy for us to go in the shop.
Appreciate ok. hahahaha.

All the best in EVERYTHING!