Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am angry. i am not happy.i am sad. i am not feeling well. i am jealous. wadever. i hate u.

btw, i got a new friend from USJ. Nicholas. as sot as Izzat. Smaller? or Younger than Kee Shen.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bored in Management 100

Oh well.... i started my Sem2 Today. but only management 100 class. BORED.... i miss hwee... and wong chik yoong very much. really. i feel so lonely without them. hahaha. my 2 bestest friends. hahaha.
Ok... management class... nothing special. first lecture. we learn about planning, organizing, leading and controlling. lol. i am so new to this kinda things. haha.
i never learn in International Business (ICPU). hahaha. lol
but then i guess the class will be fun. hahaha. okay.
i promise. i will work hard for this semester. haha.
no more changing course.
must work hard. hahaha.
My timetable sucks. i tk only 3units. but then. erm.; how to say.
hahaha. i dun have class on monday.
but... erm.. a lot of GAPS. haha. dunno wad to do with these gaps.
play? online? study? hahaha.
click here to find the goal of your life.
wong's goal is to be a successful lawyer? haha.
my goal? to be a famous geologist? hahaha.
dun ask me... only wong knw the goal of my life. hahaha.
btw. click here and here to view the kickass blogs that wong intro. hahaha.
really kick. haha. view it. hahaha.
Hwee. i miss u lar. i am sad. cz i dunno when i can see u again.
but thank you for sharing the information with me.
so that i wont feel like i am from the outer space.
wong wong... be more happy. haha. look at my 'i hate you' picture. haha.
gogogo. dun waste our remaining 66.66666% (hopefully will be more than that) of our life.
Good luck and take care always in Tasmania. haha.
'Balik la'. 'Jangan Balik lah' (cikgu Lily? ) haha

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wong... Wong...

Wong... wong... chik yoong... chik yoong...
=wong chik yoong. haha.
wei.. thanks for being my friends. haha.
we knw each other for more than 8 years already. haha.
cannot believe... haha... that time you're still an innocent boy. haha.
now... lol... sooo damn mature and looks like a lawyer already.
haha. remember? we hate each other? from form2-form5?
wondering what will happen if i didnt go for that reunion?
or wad happen if u didnt go for the reunion?
or maybe i did not go early?
or u go late?
u wont tell me the myvi story? hahaha.
and u wont set me as your friends and family in ur digi account?
so do I? hahaha...
i wont forget about the myvi story. cz it is very true. haha.
remember? we chat with each other everyday?
from day to night? haha. so desperate huh?
how many smses per day? haha. average 100 smses a day? haha. i dun remember. 3 years of friendship (after the reunion)....
hahaha. but uncountable stories?
haha. remember? from Joe to Peter... Peter to (i forgot)... hahaha... till now. teh boh. haha.
and ur story... from small but branded stuff? to the malay chicken? haha? and now to 'ke ai nv ren'
haha. not only that. we look at people's friendster and laugh like crazy?
And we do experiments? haha.
From maktab to Taylor's... Taylor's to Curtin...
from maktab to IS... IS to Tasmania...
you're still my best friend ever. hahaha.
(shhhh... dun tell lenny ng... even lenny ng also cannot lawan. hahaha.)
anyway.... be more happy. and dun keep on thinking about those....
be determined... dun listen to jay's songs liao lar. haha.
be happy k... be a successful lawyer.
and help me to sue John. hahaha. (i forgot y i want to sue him)
come back malaysia. u owed me lime juice lar.... haha.
faster come back... haha....


haha. i will be this guy coursemate again!

Hello Zhe.... we are going to be GEOLOGIST! HaHa.
Sim's Rocks. hahaha

You Are My World

My father I adore You more
Than anything my heart could wish for
I just want You
And Jesus my beloved savior
Everything I am I owe to You
I owe it all to You
And angels come and adore You
And we Your children worship You
You are my world
You are my God
And I lay down my life for You
You are my Lord
The one I love
No one could ever take Your place
And everything I have I give to You
My Lord, the One I live forI live for You
And all my days are
You are gifts from You
I pray Id use them as You want me to
Use them for You
And angels come and adore You
And we your children worship You
You are my world
You are my God
And I lay down my life for You
You are my Lord
The One I love
No one could ever take Your place


I went back to Kota Kinabalu, for almost a month. here are some photos that i took. haha..
This is my 15 years old Rainbow. haha.
Me, and my Baby Rainbow.

My Love, Big Apple Donut. Iceberg = yummy yummy....

Pain till die.

the meaning of CHINCHERN = Qin(green) fish. hahaha
What is this?

Wad i did once i arrived miri? hahaha. play with my pappi.... hahaha.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pappi the Basset Hound

My Pappi is no longer a Puppy.... hahaha.... But.. still. she is very cute... she is my honey.. my darling... my baby... my dear... my daughter. haha. i love her so much. and so do my sister. we sayang her. BUT... Pappi is very notty... shes a HYPERACTIVE dog. haha... but still..... Very cute. hahaha. She's very oily... hahaha. fat... haha. 2month = 3kg, 3months=8kg, 4months=13kg... now... more than 15kg i guess.. sooo cuteee....
My neighbour said she is doing spa. enjoying. hahaha... CUTE right!?
She looks for food at the beach. haha. crab? maybe. hahaha...

She looks very sad. but actually she just like to 'act' innocent... so that we will give her food. haha... licik right? haha...

Look!!! she's sooo cute. hahaha. she looks like a BOY... not a baby girl. haha

See.... act innocent again.

My princess... Pappi Shirly Voon (my mom's name.. hahaha)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Story

Hwee, Fen, Wen, Dy
Horse, Donut, Crocodile, Ocean
Hwee... Wendy... PeiWen...
I really miss u people lar... (and also 'them')
haha. i cannot believe that we can 'talk' about them for more than a year already.
Who are them actually?
Show? Lee Hom? Jay? Fong De Lun?
or 'Baima? Da Hai? Yuan Yuan? Er Yu?
or 'Xue ye meng jin', 'kuai gao zhang da', 'xin xiang shi chen', 'cai yuan meng jin'?
i dunno.... i really dunno. the thing that i am very sure is.... i am so in love with them in my imaginary world. and so do wendy, hwee and peiwen. hahaha.
"Imagination has no limit, it helps to explore opportunities"
true right?
Wendy and Hwee...
U girls remember what we did for them before our second semester exam? (before my bio paper)
POEM night... haha. i cannot believe. we are so desperate.... haha.
dun read my biology text book. to do the poem.
we have english and chinese version. remember?
and remember? what we did? we created something very secretive in somewhere?
no one else in the Earth knw about it. only we 3 and Qihan. (sorry, i broke the rules)
and we even do so much of research about them...
remember? wendy and me heart broken?
hwee sad because of snow angel? remember all these?
And also our BOOK about them?
Although i did not update for a long time already... but i guess i will be done in someday in the future.
this is our promise...
Remember the volkswagen and lc gal story? and the girl that bully our PeiWen story?
and also the hospital event? someone bites someone's hand? and all the funny funny scene?
Eye shit incident? and 'Nicholas' story?
i wont forget for life. because.. i never do this kinda 'sweet' and crazy things before.
I will never forget 3 of u in my life.
and also our date to travel together.
buy car together. yamcha at 'sui bian' restorant together.
friends... no.... sisters... no.... i sud say... laopos forever...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

LoL.... HOW?

Can Anyone tell me.... what should i choose? i am sooooo confuseeeeeeeeeeee... OKAY.... i got a very BAD result for my ENGINEERING FIRST SEM. so i am going to change course. but the problem is... i dunno wad i like. haha. (HS.... i dunno wad to call u.. JIE...? weird. like calling my sister... i knw... u want me to go TBS or INTI.... but... haha... okay. i miss u too. haha) Okay.....

1. Marketing/Management/Finance/Accounting???

2. Psychology....?
Yea... i like psychology...

3. Biotechnology

4. Geology
The counsellor suggested me to choose this course. haha. INTERESTING too...
Not bad if i am a GEOLOGIST
not only gorek minyak la. haha.

Maybe.... the 2 geologists in the picture.. will be..
Sim Zhe and me in the future.(nice, Sim Zhe... my kawan baik..) hahaha.
(HS...JIE.... not so dirty la... how??? )

'Actually.... i dun really want to leave Curtin and my friends here. hahaha. '

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lee Chin Vui

haha. i promised Lee Chin Vui to make a blog post to him. haha. Till now... only my 'inspiration' came. hahaha.

Yes! Hey! YES! It’s lee chin VUI! Not lee chin CHERN. HaHaHa. I don’t dare to blog about Lee Chin Chern. He is ‘scary’. lol… joking la. Chin Chern is always the funny Fish. hahaha. That’s all about Lee Chin Chern.

Bah, LEE CHIN VUI also known as LiCiN (Smooth) = another Sabah Collegians (Maktab Sabahan). But he joined our Makmurianz ‘FAMILY’ in year 2004 (Form4) because he got A (very smart a…) in both Mathematics and Science in PMR…. not bad not bad…. haha…. Congrats LiCiN. don’t play play oh… pure science student. HaHa.

We are all the Makmurianz.... haha. i love u all
Okay lar… you’ll feel that he is very (I mean…. super duper) weird before you get to know him well. HaHa. not only physical… but… erm… yea… well… Haha. He is a Chinese (obviously). but he is BAD in CHINESE. haha…. (lousier than mine, hahaha). He sat in front of me (Form 4 right? with his gay partner, Lim Shuk (He kononnya want people to call him Eric. Taik la…))

if you're smart... you'll understand y i put this picture here. haha. Lee Chin Vui with Bayau. haha. get wad i mean?
HaHa…… lol… hard to communicate with this Licin at first. But now. hahaha. no need to mention… how 38 he is. hahah
Lee Chin Vui made a conclusion about me and ‘my les partner’, Lenny Ng. Our Favourite Quote:
Lenny : Saya lapar lar…. I’m hungry lar… wo du zi hen er…
Sim : Saya rindy Gary Wong lar… I Miss Gary Wong lar…
Hahahahahaha…… ok…. wad about Lee….

Lee : Hey... kau dua bising lar. Jangan Bising lar... lapar lapar gary lapar.
Me and lee... Hush Puppies
Hahaha. Licin Licin... you're funny la. can lawan with my Curtin's friend, Sim Zhe. hahaha.....


He is very nerd.... haha. as(S) u can see from his photo. hahaha. very nerd right? looks like the Cartoon Nerdy. hahaha... (no wonder la.. he is so desperate for the class t-shirt. hahaha. cz he is nerd. hahaha)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Have a GOOD Laugh

  1. Losing all your friends
    Man comes home and finds his wife with his friend in bed. He shoots his friend and kills him.Wife says 'If you behave like this, you will lose ALL your friends.'
  2. Brother wanted
    A small boy wrote to Santa Claus, 'send me a brother'....Santa wrote back, 'SEND ME YOUR MOTHER'....
  3. Meaning of WIFE
    Husband asks, 'Do you know the meaning of WIFE? It means Without Information Fighting Every Time!'Wife replies, 'No, it means With Idiot For Ever!!'
  4. Importance of a period
    Teacher: 'Do you know the importance of a period?'Kid: 'Yeah, once my sister said she has missed one, my mom fainted, dad got a heart attack & our driver ran away.'
  5. Confident vs. Confidential
    A young boy asks his Dad, 'What is the difference between confident and confidential?'Dad says, 'You are my son, I'm confident about that. Your friend over there is also my son, that's confidential!'
  6. Anger management?
    Husband: 'When I get mad at you, you never fight back. How do you control your anger?'Wife: 'I clean the toilet..' Husband: 'How does that help?' Wife: 'I use your toothbrush.'

I miss You

me and wong chat about something very stupid. to release our STRESS.... bout teh Boh and stuff. hahaha. sot. lol..... just imagine. dun worry wong.... i've new target already. hahaha.

i went to curtin today. hahaha. hahaha. meet sim zhe and thiha. haha. sim zhe is still the same. the sottest guy,. haha... and thiha...

lol... thiha. dun say i like chuma anymore la. i am not. hahaha... i knw you're so in love with your SiMinTha. hahaha. lol......

i took a photo of Sim Zhe. i dun dare to upload. haha. i scared that he will angry, haha, can i upload, Zheeeeee? hahahaha

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Azlan aka Lanz

he said he looks like a nerdie in this pic.. but i think.... more like... 'lala' hahaha

Azlan.. he is the GeniusEST genius that i ever seen. hahaha. (terlebih lebih dah ini.. hahaha...)... haha.. lol.. he is kinda.... PERFECT GUY? hahaha.. (luckily not my dream boy. if not.. mati la dia kena saya kacau everyday.hahaha)... i knw him since 2002... (that time he was in 2Kerjasama.... legend of Kerjasama i guess... haha. cz hoh.... everyone knw about him. haha. haha. kerjasama boy that got better result than the makmurianz. hahaha..) then 2003, Azlan and his -----gay------ partner, Camillus... hahah... jk... join our Makmurianz Family and became the First of the Makmurianz. haha. i mean... he always gt number ONE in class. with the highest average and AAAAAAAA.... (count... 8As-PMR). hahaha. you cannot say he is PERFECT by only looking at his RESULT... hahaha.. yea... PERFECT means everything. hahaha... lol... he can draw and colour very well... haha.... he got (dunno wad prize) in a competition in Karamunsing (when i was in form 3). haha. Charlotte and me went to Karamunsing to support him somemore. hahaha. semangat makmurianz ba this. but that time i dun think he knw who is Charlotte... or who is SIm. hahahaha... (right, Azlan)....

not only that... he is good looking. yea... good looking. yes... good looking.. ya... good looking... correct... i mean good looking. hahaha. don't believe? i show u his picture. haha. i mean.. like.... u look at him.. u wont feel like... yeee.... haha... above average ba kan. hahaha. yes... above average. hahaha. (he very vain... hahaha. jk.. lol.. kembang dah hidung si Azlan sekarang). hahaha....

Nah... above average right.

and somemore hoh he is...... good in taekwando. haha. yea... tali hitam dah ini... hahaha.. lol. not easy to find a guy like this right. hahaha. bergaya lo... when he wear the taekwando uniform. (call uniform ka that? wadever la

Very Bergaya right... haha...

ya... he is not arrogant and he is FRIENDLY.... hahaha..yea. ask my makmurianz friends... Azlan Othman.... friendly anot. haha. i think they will answer u for sure. hahaha. to be honest... i am not that close with him. but i can feel that... yea.. he is friendly. haha. (his family loves 6767. haha. dunno why. haha... --keluar tajuk dah--) hahaha. then ar.. i Friend with him.... in form5 i guess.. haha. after the incident Alvin chin kena tendang.... i dunno la. not sure. hahaha. bt i am sure not form 3. haha.

this azlan ar... u dun think that he is very nerd (although his result is good).... he is very 'lala' one... haha. show u some of his lala's picture. haha. he loves himself too much i guess. haha... (tau la azlan.. kamu tu good looking)... hahaha.

I Forgot... wad so funny?

*updates* hahaha... u see... i am proud too... i promote him... he helps me to promote my blog too, hahahaha.. thank you azlan. hahaha


ok... i am really back this time. hahah... hectic. haha. i got a very bad result for my Engineering First Year First Semester final exam. yea. i dunno how... bt i am sad.... as i predicted... but still.. very sad. sigh. sad cz i dun think i can be an engineer in my future... sad because i just adapted with life in curtin, then now i have to go. i am sad because i have to say goodbye to all my curtin's friends, especially Shu Ling, Sim Zhe, and Li Wen they all. i am going to miss them a lot. sad.... like how i miss yee hong, wendy, hwee they all. haha. i am always alone. hahaha. kerlian right. hahaha.

i just came back to miri this morning. haha. came to krista kindergarten directly. haha. i had a tired day. to yelled and shouted at the kids. haha. they are just too naughty. but undeniable, they are cute. haha.... tired tired. seriously.. i am very tired. haha. i need to sleep more. haha.

hahaha.... i cannot believe. hahahahahaha. my pappi grew sooo big already. hahahahaha.. she is so cute. i cant wait to hug her. so sayang her. haha. too cute... tai ke ai... hahaha. terlampau comel. hahaha.... my ball ball and wang wang also very cute.... hahaha. (but pappi more cute. hhahaha.)

okay. i am going to post about.............. Azlan Othman in my next post. haha. cya

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary Darling

Special Post to my Darling.... hahahaha....

Happy Anniversary... i miss you sooo damn much.... hahahaa....

form 3 dreamz...

haha.... today is a happy day.... for me at least. haha. oh well... i went to warisan and cp with my 5Makmur gangz... (Lenny, Lanz, Farhan and Azhar).

haha.... i miss them already..... (now.. yea.. true...) hahaha.... I will upload the pictures soon. after azhar send to me... haha. i dun have them with me now, haha. sobs. only Azlan's pictures... haha.. ( you know la.. Azlan is handsome ma... haha... ) hahah... well.......... agree lar.... hahaha...

lol.... meet the three guys in Macdonald... haha.... Azhar tk his lunch. haha. then Azlan and Dr.Farhan camwhoring... (not to mention how SS they are... haha. act cute la.. act cool la... act handsome la... u name anypose..... they will pose it.... ) hahaha....

Then i play with Macdonald's cup... they feel like... errrr.... (but hwee and evonne chunfong they all biasa already ba. haha) haha. lol. sorry Farhan, Azhar, Azlan and Lenny... haha. make u people 'toh'. took quite a lot of pictures.. with Azlan's phone and Azhar's greenish camera. haha.. lol... (Azhar... faster send me the pictures so that i can upload... haha)

then four of us.... went to groeball together. hahaha. Azlan and this Farhan SS again. hahaha,.,,, terlampau SS lar.. haiz... Lelaki Zaman sekarang kan,.. haiz,, dunno how to say, hahaha. Dun kill me azlan if i post ur photos. haha... u and farhan 'handsome' photos. hahaha...

Went to Popular... look for Mr.Panjang, Mark Mathew 'v' george (the most handsome guy that i ever seen... seriously... ) he makin memanjang. hahaha. 190cm. panjang right. haha. another... Dr.Mark. hahaha. scary oh... doctor yang panjang. haha. lol. panjang and handsome. hahaha. not bad not bad. hahaha.

stupid movie. hellboy. not that nice, but not bad too. haha. (lenny sleep in cinema..)... hahaha... lol. went to secret recipe after that. (i miss frank very much)... hahah...... the guys reading comic... me and yeewen 38 la. wad else. haha. i miss alvin chin too.