Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am back

"i miss them"
my blog is almost dead. haha. and luckily i am still alive to cure it. busy even after exam haha. my second, first sem finish already. 3more years to go.... lol. Ling, my darling. we have another 3 years to go. i love u. haha. .... actually i am busy with the kindergarten kids, and also my dogs. hahaha. know what, i have 3dogs at home.... hahahaha....
My uncle gave me another basset hound last night, haha... lol.... MICKEY...
"bu yong mafan le, bu yong mafan le..." (niu zai hen mang)
a male basset hound... Pappi finally have a friend boyfriend, husband? .
and she is happy like spongebob!!
hahaha. and there are happy. Mickey, not as cute as Pappi, cz he is skinny, but still, he is a basset hound... basset has funny face... so... hahaha. u knw wad i mean. hahahaha. and somemore... bassets are damn noisy... the 2bassets woke me up this morning because they are having a mini concert. and ball ball, my country dog looks like =.=''' <- this exactly. hahaha. okay. i am going to share the 2 bassets story here. not for children under 18... 18sx. hahahaha... i am 21 already. hahaha.
yesterday, once Mickey reached my home.... pappi saw him... Pappi do not wan to layan him. Cz she is shy. hahaha. and know wad. after 10 minutes. hahahahahaha. they play like... erm... then hoh. me and my sis bath them. we put both of them on the table. want to take picture... BUT, mickey ar... damn gete, means miang. hahaha. he keep on licking Pappi's ehem ehem.... okay. then he looks like wan to rogol my cute innocent pappi. pity pappi. she is still underage.
DSC01311 a
pappi looks like this when she 'tot' she almost kena rogol...
then, i look for my lawyer, ball ball... to sue mickey for raping pappi. and once again, ball ball looks like this --> >.<'''
his BAY SONG face
okay. i am crazy bout the dogs at my home..... i love bassets..... haha. i love ball ball... i miss Wang Wang, and Arnold......
okay... the ONLY reason, why u need dog at home is because...
yoong 2
GOLDEN YOONG YOONG retriver hahahahha. agree? cute? haha

Sunday, November 9, 2008


too busy to update. lol. exam period. lol. i promise to update afteer my exam okay.

  1. Annoying pendrive. (idea from siaw hui and me)
  2. reasons why u need DOG at home

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


lol... i read my previous blog. then now only i remember. i ever posted a blogentry about THE FIRST TESTI that my friends sent to me thru Friendster. hahaha. share with u ppl. hahaha.

Testi that i like the most. from BRYAN ONG YU-QIAN
To understand newton's 2nd law,F = ma, this girl go beyond the boundaries to experience it herself. Very interesting eh ? haha...this girl at 1st thought that she's very quiet, but to my surprise she's quite talkative and very hyper active. But more interestingly, i wonder when she going to try newton's 1st law ? and maybe 3rd law ? good luck ...hahahahhahahhahahahahha

hahaha... sweat ? actually right. he saw i fell down from taylor's staircase. then he sent me this testi. BRYAN ONG, I HATE YOU. hahaha. lol. okay la. i admit la. i am talkative and hyper. hahaha.

testi from darling, hwee.

hei hei always write testi 4 me ya ...very hapi la ...n feel touch n want 2 cry liao....hmmmm....erm...tis ppl? a stupid guy...hehe just kidding la me n u is d same person in the world la....erm....wat 2 tell u ar?very hapi can meet u la ....coz u just same wif me ..hehe u know wat same mah?just like siao po lo

hahaha. lol. this proves that i love her more than she loves me. hahaha. cz i always sent testi for her. hahahahaha. lol. dun ask me theory apa. hahahaha... lol. same person. i agree dear. hahaha...

my first testi from my adik kura kura, lebah, ah bee.

walau so cool le u put ur statues u edy marriage....sujinsuhahha

hahaha. lol. cool leh me... my status - married. hahahaha. lol.... actually is jujitsu... not sujinsu la bee. haha. if got chance to see u again, we fight. haha

FIRST TESTI FROM BABY DY heart oso bcom weak weak...until wanna go to see doctorzz..damn cham noh....haha!!!nvm lal..tis oso good ma...can see tat guyzz..n know him ...better dono rite??wahaha..okie lal..take care ya,gul....muackzz...-dy-

lol... knw y her heart become weak? actually... sigh... i dunno how to say... its about a GUY that we admire. stop asking me who is the guy. hahahaha.... malu. lol

aiyo so kelian le!!!!y tat day u dun call me go o?who is the person so..... de?tell me i help u to kill him. k!!now wher r u?i send some roti to u eat!!later went i free just go genting to fetch u two eat and bring u back. k!!!!!

actually JUDY stands for JU(PIG) DI(BROTHER). haha. actually is... hwee and me went to genting. then we said we poor sampai dun even have roti to eat. we called ivan. hahahahaha..... mangadu to him. lol. he is caring wad. haha.

hey hey,,surprise?!!her m i to drop u some sincere words from d bottom of my heart...know u for bout 4 months d ya..never sent u anythin..feel a bit tak senang hati..haha..tat's d reason i m here..To:my first fren in college.God brings us together..we met on the 1st day n become close fren in such a short period..shen hui fen-kind-trustworthy-helpful-crazy-humorous-someti mes gila-gila a bit-caring-loving---like to wear black shirt--ban skirts n girlish stuffs--(quite similar with me)--so generous..give me all her sister's cooking stuffs..for me to cook delicious n nice dishes..(but haven started )haha. etc.not going to include all the good moral values.waste time only.hehe.jus wan to say thanks for everythin..thank god for tis frenship..i shall treasure it with care n love..(but definitely not tat kind of 'love')..keke..lastly..enjoy ur holiday..happy deepavali n hari raya...holidays full of joy n happiness..God bless soon//with care,sjing

haha. my first friend in taylors. hahaha. yea. God brings us together. i miss u, gal. lol. we ban skirts and girlish stuff. i dun like pink. but i dunno y my jacket and bag are pink. =.='''


Yo....tis fren caring, funny, n kind !!!she a....everytime scold me since she knows tat i dropped my chemistry. i noe u scold me for the good..thx ya !!she is a good good luck for ur exam hard !!! hehe-----alex-----

hahaha. lol. the reason for him to sent this testi actually is to mention that i like to scold him. lol.

from SIS
This little girl is a careless girl...making everyone in the family so worried about her, especially mom! Grow up out for everything surrounding you!!!! and most importantly... STUDY HARD. take care of yourself always and we love you :-)

speechless. i am spechless. i am always the careless girl i dunno y i make everyone worried. =.=''' maybe this is one of the reason y i am now in curtin, not monash, not taylors, not inti =.='''

haha..u want thanks to me?cos i help u in the presentation in the ib?haha....i really wants thanks to u la...u help me done the prower point wo...n help me a lot in the study....

hahaha... lol. undeniable. i help him a lot.... hahaha...... sampai ppl says that i like him =.=''' hahaha. thank me? lol. i guess now ppl ask u who is HUIFEN? u'll say... siapa tu?? hahahaha...

so happy can meet her la ^^she like 2 eat donat la acuttaly is sell .. she tak sempat hati 2 eat it ~just like 2 show it 2 ppl how proud she hv tat donat ~acuatlly i also dono wat i say ~she a clever gal ~hehe but a bit qi xin ..n siao siao let me cant discribe her,,, haha...

hahaha. i am blessed, cz she is my friend. hahaha. lol. she knows that i have special feeling to donut. hahahaha... lol... qixin, siao siao... one meaning... crazy? hhaha... am i really that sot?? hahahaha....

hi... really bad la if yeye didn't even send u a testimonial hehehe.. 1st of all hui fern is a nice girl. always smile. yes always smile. i like her cs she smile always. eventhough how hard or bad situation she faces she still show her smile hehehe... she always has the brightest smile in TAYLOR COLLEGE. yes. only she the 1. hope u smile always. hehehe... dun worry i will smile always with u hehehe... take care..

LoL.... i am like..... keesiao. keep on smiling? reminds me of SMILING FISH SARDINE.... =.='''
hahaha. i am not that optimistic as he tot actually. i miss u yeye... i dun have any yeye now. take care in AUS okay. see ya soon.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Final Exam Alert

I am quite emo in my previous post. but i am okay already now.

Finals coming very soon.... in few days.. i am not ready for the exam. especially Statistical Data Analysis. haha. Siaw Hui (mgt group member) and I created some interesting stories to memorize the terms in our management. haha. lol... wanna share with u ppl. haha. if you're taking management... i hope this helps. hahaha. lol....

10managerial roles.

Fair (figure head)
Lady ( Leader)
Like (Liason)

Me (monitor)
Do (Disseminator)
Steady (Spoke person)

Enter (Entrepreneur)
D (disturbance handler)
Rescue (resource allocator)
Najib (negotiator)

so, the story is talking bout, FairLady Like Me do Steady Enter D room to Rescue Najib. hahahahahahha.. nice?

to be continue....

okay. got to off now. to study

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I miss THEM!!!

know what. i cried this morning. i miss them. i'll definitely give up my EVERYTHING to see them ONCE again. sobs