Wednesday, June 30, 2010




HuiFenn says: aku akan bertekad mengikat perut untuk HP SLATE!
i just knew that HP actually...........

NOOOOO!!! this is so freaking cool!
I swear! i really think that this is cooler than ipad although i love ipad too.
I WANT THIS! and i will IKAT PERUT next semester for HP SLATE!
A little bit pricey than ipad. but hey. it is actually cheaper. 32gb. with 3g?

click THIS
This will definitely be the IPAD KILLER!

Toy Story 3 = awesome

My very first 3D movie!
Toy Story 3
I really LMAO when Barbie meet Ken.
cz it reminds me of Vincey and Edwin XD

Oh ya. my very first couple sit as well. but the guy sitting beside me is just a very good friend of mine.
too bad. hahah

Today is just a normal day.
where i miss my daughter to the max.

my first day in kk. NICE. and tiring.
watching steven chow's movies the whole morning.

housemate picked me up at 6pm.
we went to dinner at emperor delight. something like that.
for wcy and my favourite LAN CHOW MIAN~!
err. not that nice anymore. kinda... disappointing.
My lan chow mian.
His RM9 kan lao mian

went to the the shop that i worked last year.
LoL. talked with my 'ex-colleague''.

times book shop.
i read a book. about cat and dog.
why do we choose dogs instead of cats.
fact 1: dogs are designed for us. As u can see. we have the breed from chiwawa to saint bernard. Its impossible that u can't even get a dog that suit u the most. cat? ever cats looks similar.

Fact 2: we can train the dog. no matter how old it is. But cat. never.

Fact 3: dogs want our love. Cats want fish.
Photo from google.

Well. i am a typical dog lover and cat hater. haha.

After BOOK times. we went for the movie. quite nice. err. really nice. 3d wor. haha. i don't need to worry if i cannot see the 3d. haha. cz i knew that i spent n hours in microscope lab. 3D movie = peanut. LoL. I felt a little bit dizzy. because of the glasses i think. i don't suit me. i need to hold it. dang.

Went to airport to fetch baby nata after the movie. HaHa.
Aww. we eat eat eat and eat.
Station 1: Fook Yuen. makan roti and minum neslo
Station 2: kar heong kan san yuk mian
Station 3: luk luk at lido (but tutup)
Station 4: kho kee hui's shop. But x makan. too full
Station 5: my house toilet. Release everything. too full.

Thanks baby nata for the supper. shes the tau keh nio tonight.

Another movie with Mr. Yeap tomorrow.

Sleep. Nitez.
Baby nata, have a good trip in taiwan. Help me and LiLy to see leng chai. LOVE U!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

so what if i love Jay Chou?

Update: oh ya. i miss two of my kl friends suddenly.
I sms them. but sik kena layan.

I am very happy.
as i can FINALLY online at kk!
LOL! i don't need to pay rm2 per hour in cc.

and also my housemate's modem!
love both of them to the MAX!

OK! i am going to blog about Jay Chou....
Err. ok. i admit. i am 'jay chou's freak'.
I love him.
<---------------------------------------------> this much.

honestly, i think i love him just because of his music.
although housemate and nephew always say that his music ''balik balik sama sahaja''
but i dunno why.
i still like.
lol. tell me.
how can u say that ''chao ren bu hui fei'' is not nice?
how can u say that ''shuo le zai jian'' is not nice?
NO! HELL! they are nice to the max.

how can u say this is not nice? F*ck u!

ok. well. talk about this semester.
surprisingly, I've been staying in the same house with my housemate for a year. already.
hell. i respect myself. respect him as well.
mum says that me and him = the most untidy human in the world.

LoL. hello. we're students. what do u expect?
our house clean like 5 stars hotel meh?

i love hills.
i love beach.
and i really love sunrise and sunset.
but i hate rocks and lecture slides
Picture taken by Yeap Lai Kee, N97

how do i live without them???????
hey. someone. please accompany me to watch sunset, and sunrise.


ice blended mocha. coffee bean. yeah.

i am now free with lecture slides, rocks and books. YEAH~! HIGH FIVE.

going to update soon.