Sunday, October 11, 2009

you're not alone, i am here with u

Hey... YOU!
i am glad that you're okay not.
''you're not alone, i am here with u... though you're far away, i am here to stay''
bah... just wait and see.
god bless k.

DAMN! GEOLOGY 106 sucks!~
i cried for 106, stressed for 106....
but the result still suck!

I am very HAPPY with my GEOLOGY 112 Practical exam result!
lalala. i got 47/50.
haha. lansi and show off.
wanna thanks this guy.
my housemate, lychee, and Edwin. for giving me tips. hahaha.

to YOU again!
you're part of my life. hahahaha.
you're so important to me.
hahaha..... wait till i get rich. haha. i will keep my promise.
KAWAN K! hahahah

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leYing said...

All the best in your studies!