Friday, July 24, 2009


Can a 2 years of friendship be ended in less than 10 minutes of conversation?
If it does, is this a real friendship?
we had so much memories
we faced the same problem, we knew each other the most.
I am the only one that understand you the most,
the only one that know how to comfort you,
i know you know what i want to say.
we both have the same experiences. No matter in family problems, or education problems.
But, i still cannot understand...
What is friend? Define friend?
If you ask me what is true friend, i really dunno how to define. but i will give u example.
he is always available whenever i need him. His jokes never fails to make me laugh.
this is 9 years of friendship. He tease me, i tease him. no problem.
Maybe because i RESPECT him.
for the 2 years of friendship, i know what is the problem.
Well, actually very simple.
Just that i do not know how to respect.
thats why i dont deserve a friend like him.
If this is my fault, i apologize. and i am sincere
and all the memories flashed back.
A question pop out on my head.
"How true are those laughters, those tears we used to share together, those memories we had together?"
I dunno. i really dunno.
I am emo now. and i know, i emo because i care.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Dragon
i pick some important points that i think quite true. hahha

Dragon people are balls of fire! Dragons are egotistical, eccentric, demanding, and giving.
They are proud, direct, and loaded with high ideals which they always try to live up to. Having a zeal for life, they want to live it on a grand scale. They have the potential for accomplishing many great things as long as they don't get too far ahead of themselves. When dragons do something, good or bad, you can be certain their deeds do not go unnoticed! Dragons are always making the news.

It is next to impossible to win an argument with Dragon people.They intimidate anyone who challenges them. Once you arouse their anger, they keep after you for a very long time. Dragons are extremely loyal to friends and family. When really needed they always come to the rescue. They are the first ones to say "I told you so". In spite of being overly emotional, a Dragon is not sentimental or even romantic.(does not apply to wong chik yoong) They will just take it for granted that everyone loves them. Although they are stubborn and irrational, they are not petty or begrudging with their favors. It is hard for them to hide their feelings. They don't even try.

Not being secretive themselves, they can't be expected to keep a confidence for long; but Dragons speak from the heart and are always sincere. Their manners may seem brusque and too direct, but they merely want to get things moving. Being creatures of action, they motivate others, too. They often get into rushes and fail to see the flaws in a situation.Instead of diving in, Dragons need to learn to check things out better. Dragons need purpose in their lives, causes to fight for, and goals to reach. An uninvolved Dragon is a sad sight indeed.

Dragons consider themselves very strong. They will often bite off more than they can chew. When this happens, they are too proud to ask for help and exhaust themselves. Dragons can do many things well. (mana ada) They may be artists (pi lah), politicians, doctors (dream la), or ministers (ah pooo). When Dragons choose the right profession, they will be successful and devoted. They just can't help winning!

In romance, Dragons are seldom the losers and are usually the ones breaking hearts (fang pi lah. tak ada romance). Dragons don't marry too young, (dont morry as well) and many are content and happier living alone. Dragons will always have more than their share of friends and admirers to keep them company. Dragons are really softies and fall apart if they lose their supporters. They dazzle as long as there is someone who believes in them.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i am speechless. I miss....
  1. Pappi
  2. Wong Chik Yoong
  3. Wendy
  4. Hwee
  5. Lily