Thursday, September 18, 2008

Perverts in Curtin Toilet (Part 2)

Male Version

This time, the guys in the FEMALE TOILET. hahaha. lol.
Another 2 perverts in Curtin, sigh
Look at the picture, the 'FEMALE TOILET' written there, is hundred percent original from curtin toilet. haha.
maybe you can say Curtin is poor?
Haha... okay... stupid conversation between me and zhe yesterday afternoon.
after tambah salt and vinegar
Somewhere near the female toilet...

Zhe : eh, HuiFen, this Female toilet very dirty lar...
Fen: (Look at zhe) har? how u know???
Zhe: Oh my god, this is a thing that a guy should not know.
Fen: Why?
Zhe: How can i know that female toilet is dirty?
Fen: Oh? u entered before?? Eee... u pervert.... HaHa
Zhe: Noooooo....
Fen: Oh.... then i know lor...
Zhe: Huh?
Fen: You like to peep at Female Toilet.
Zhe: =.='''

So, guys, never ever tell ur female friend that the female toilet is dirty. hahaha.

Lol. the conversation above is just a stupid (playing) conversation between me and Sim Zhe lar. haahah... no need to be serious. haha. Okay, he is not a pervert. i scared that he will kill me

Haha. okay... maybe, maybe, another guy in the picture, Low Man Huan, is the pervert. hahahahahaha... girls, becareful. hahaha


Zhe ツ said...


simply make up conversation sia. hahahaa....

HuiFen said...

hahahaha.. lol.. yea la.... to
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the story ma. hahahah. u dun mind? haha.