Saturday, September 20, 2008


Generous and kindness is you,
Admirer you, nothing to regret,
Ra!!! Ra!!! Ra!!! that’s what I used to call you,
Yes, its you Gary.

Willing to give up everything for you,
Once in a life time, I met you,
No one can compare with you,
Gary, because you’re Gary.

Killer,Killer!! you killed my heart,
Inability to defend, cause the killer is,
Admirable and loveable.

Seeing and peeping you are my hobbies,
Isn’t stupid? but I am happy, cause you’ve
Angel’s face and devil’s body??? J (konon la)
No matter where on Earth you’re now,
Gary, I just want you to be healthy. (NO SMOKING, K?)

stupid and silly thing that i did... when i was 15... form 3... hahaha. lol.. sweat... i admit... and i knw... very geli... bt... i just found this last month when i back to kk... hahaha. Yeee.... GELI lar.... how i do this thing last time??? oh my gosh... hahaha.... and know what... wendy, hwee and me, we have our own donut, ocean, and horse version. hahahahahhaha. sweat... sweat... =.='''
someone. please save me. hahahaha. okay. going to offline now. hahaha. nitez.

I hope that i can post 10reasons why we need a friend... hahahahaha... cya.

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