Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chern (Part 2)

Jokes: Why do dinosaur extinct?
Cz ultraman killed them. (from teacher rainul)

Story 5: The Clubbing Story
''i dun want to go clubbing anymore'. chern said this to qihan and me. hahaha. then hoh...
i asked y lar... he said... he feel so pity to his mom... he said that his mummy very kerlian, everyday stay at home alone.. he dun wan to go clubbing anymore, he wants to accompany his mummy... erm... good boy.... guilty already.... hahaha.
he is such a nice son. few days later hor.... i found a picture in friendster. hahahaha.
chinchern's clubbing friendster... sweat...

Story 6: MSN Funny Pictures
HaHa.... seriously, chinchern is quite handsome de... for me at least hahaha. but he never put his own picture in msn. hahaha. maybe too handsome already, he dun dare to show it
His MSN display pictures damn funny lar. hahaha. picture of a tower written 'i am not a towel'.
or a funny cat picture... or a editted chern's face pic. or a pic that looks like mr.bean. hahahahaaha.. very sweat...

Story 7:Handshaking
Group discussion. Qihan, me and chern. we went to Asia Cafe for breakfast. haha. Chern ordered a coffee. then... i 'discovered' something. something very weird. he use the teaspoon to drink his coffee. okay. this one still okay. normal. but his hand shake like........ shaker.. hahahaha... i knw i shouldn't laugh. but chern is really funny. cz a when a full teaspoon of coffee reached his mouth, it become a spoon without coffee. hahaha. very cute right. hahaha. he said dunno wad hormone too high lar. cannot be cureeee... hahaha....

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