Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lantern Day

5 sakais went to Curtin University of Technology Malaysia, Sarawak Malaysia Campus
Also known as SARANG MOSQUITO campus....
to celebrate the mooncake festival or to feed the mosquitoes?
buffet night for the undergraduate mosquitoes (i'll share with u guys bout this joke later)

Funny... non stop laughing...
because of shu ling, she is now a big girl already. hahaha
Low man Huan, remember y we laugh like mad in this picture?
hahaha. because of...??? hahahahahaha

And this sakai boy, (he said he is not a man yet) very kerlian. hahaha.
he is the cameraman? Nope, Miss Beene will say you're sexist... u have to say... photographer... hahahahaha.

4 sakais berposing

they are very tak syok... waiting for curtin bus, hahahaha.
look at sim zhe's head. haha. patah already
look at Man Huan's face lansi

Oh yeah... curtin bus datang already. hahaha....

Family Portrait

And.... Friendship forever kawan. hahaha
i finally have another friendship star... hahaha.
okay... i love u ppl.
and also sing ping, yixiu.hahaha

Wang Qing : 慧芬,你们这里的蚊子很好笑。我们那里的蚊子, 如果你要打它, 它会飞。 可是。 这里的蚊子,你打它,它就傻傻在那里给你打。哈哈哈。

(i knw my chinese sucks... but at least i tried okay... hahahha)
My english sucks too. but i will try to translate.

Wang Qing, he is my friend from china. HaHa. then that time, we work together to build a bridge... in canteen. haha. then oh.. a lot of mosquitoes. and when u hit urself the mosquito, the mosquito just stay there. and dun move. mati katak right. then my this wang qing said the mosquitoes in curtin very funny. cz normally the mosquitoes will fly away ba.

then i tell this story to Sim Zhe, Ling and Man Huan. Haha.. i said, Curtin Sarawak should change their name to Curtin University of Technology, Sarang Sarawak Mosquito Malaysia Campus. hahaha.

then oh..try u guess what we he said.... hahaha... he said... the mosquitoes outside curtin are graduated. thats y when u hit, it will fly away. to protect itself. HaHa. Okay, and Mosquitoes in curtin hoh, they are still 'studying' nt pro or educated yet... so when you hit the mosquito (in curtin) it will stay they... wont fly. hahahahahaha.... SWEAT =.='''

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