Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random Facts About Mr.L!

HuiFen Says: I found him! And he remember me! He is no longer in my heart, I am awake, but heartache and pain. I need to heal myself… give me time

Okay, Mr. L that I mention here is not the L in deathnote. Oh yeah. I really love the L in death note. I even joined L’s fans group in friendster long long time ago.


1. He is just TOO serious.
Seriously, I mean seriously, sometimes he is very serious. I don’t like…. For example, when he take photo with us, he looks sooo damn serious wei… yish… Trying to act cool, but not cool at all (Vincent,09). Haha.

2. He is too sensitive.
I think he think too much. For example, if me and the bitch whispering, he might think that we’re saying something about him. Heyo, budak, no lah. You don’t think too much.

3. He is ‘’Heavy colour, light friend’’.
Which mean, he might forget friends when he is in love? Haha. For example, before he met his ‘Miss Right’, the he will chat with me almost everyday, but now… okay… I know this is normal. So I forgive you. We’re still close friend right. HaHa

4. He forced me to think too much.
Sometimes, he will force me to think shits that I don’t even dare to think. Example, he will ask me to think, stuff like, how if one day he is dead. I don’t like to think that. Or when I was living peacefully, he asked me to think again if I like the guy or not. And I think and think… I am not sure anymore. I Hate You! HaHa.

5. He is Hardworking.
He always Study Study Study, Reading Reading and Reading. Which make me so freaking stress. Example, I read ONLY lecture slides. But he will read LECTURE SLIDES, FACTSHEETS and also textbook. So, you think the lecture slides that I read enough? Ohhh…. T______T

6. No short form in his message.
U’ll nvr c thing lyk dis in his sms. He never used short form in message. You’ll receive a long message without any short form in the message if you chat with him. So, reading his message is equivalent to reading a motivation book.

7. He likes to mention bout RM70!

Done with the reasons why I hate Mr.L. Now,

  1. He is a good driver.
    Housemate and I pool his car for more than a semester already. And yeah, it’s free. I love SLK. Haha. Thank you very much. He is not only our driver, but also our alarm clock. Hahahahahahahaha.
  2. He is a good counselor.
    I’ll look for him when I am not happy. And he will advise me with his long philosophy points. Hahaha. yea. I got free counselor as well. Haha.
  3. He is kind.
    He helps housemate and I to print our lecture notes, practical manual, or even assignment. HaHa. Nice printing though. Colour laser printer with double A paper. Thank you again. HaHa. know what, during our trip to karambunai, he treated me the bicycle ride. It costs him around RM15. Thanks again. Haha. but sometimes he is stingy too. Hahaha…
  4. He is willing to help.
    Example, last semester, our house phone and internet problem, we need to call the technician, me and housemate LACK of PHONE CREDIT that time, Mr. L use his phone to call the technician, and he even transferred his credit to me when I got no credit to call the technician. He also helped us to call TM from his house. Thank you very much again.
  5. He give me face.
    hahaha, he bought like… 4 dvd at the shop that I worked. Hooray. (actually miri dvds are cheaper than kk. But he is willing to PONG CHAM me). Thanks again.
  6. He is willing to take CC as his sister.
    This is freaking noble wei. I am not willing to say that cc is my sister. Hahahahahha. Okay, maybe he is an animal lover. Hahahaha. Respect okay.

So, Mr. L. I hate you, but love u at the same time. You’re my good brother. Close friend okay. I love Mr. Kangaroo more… hahahah. Due to privacy reason, Mr. L name has been censored. Hahah. I don’t want sooner or later I need to find Mr. W to bail me from jail. Hahaha.

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