Sunday, March 14, 2010

BaBy i CaN FeeL your HaLo!

I KNOW! i am supposed to do my assignment now.
But I am lazy. haha.
i need a break? 20 minutes break maybe? haha.
BTW! Life's GOOD!
i am enjoying my life now with bunch of friends.
and i love them very much.

Lychee and Me are playing this game for more than 3 months already... Cafe World.
Yeap, he is the one who design my cafe for me.... and i like it too.

And we have really SHARP mouth.
every evening... when we discuss about where to eat...
Lychee: Lake cafe...
HuiFen: Don't want oh... DPS?
Lychee: yeee. dont want oh... Vegetarian?
HuiFeN: dont want. SUSHI KING?
Lychee: JOM! or siamese secret?

DAMN! i think in two weeks time, we went to sushi king 3 times, siamese secret 2 times, pizza hut, macdonald, kfc. HELL! i am lack of money now. i need money for my future IPAD! DAMN!
Cook this for me again. please?

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