Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy? or Sad?

HuiFeNn Says: Watch the video if u can. i spent 30 minutes to upload it. T____T

Don't jealous!
I've got the COOLEST LECTURER in the world!
Dr. Masatoshi.
Yea, he is a japanese. So, don't be shock if u heard anata (anata), quizu (quiz), ehem ehem.
He is freaking Fucking COOL!

I smsed him, (i am not sure whether we need to do the reference for the articles that he uploaded in the assignment or not).

HuiFeNn's sms: Sir, do we need to do the reference for Bogg and Friedman?

And guess, how he reply?

Dr. Masatoshi's sms: Hw is ur Masatoshi? Belum lari dari huihung ke?
*for ur information, Masatoshi that he meant is actually Chou Chou's son.
So, my reaction was...... @#$%^&*^%$# ???
i showed the sms to Lychee. He asked me to reply Dr. Masa something not relevant.

HuiFeNn's Sms: Lily is going to Thai Bar tonight. Are u going?
and this is wad he replied.

Dr. Masatoshi's sms: U can go. i have to prepare your next assignment tonight. This masatoshi is busy tonight.

HuiFeNn's Sms: wow. the other Masatoshi is now raping a bitch.

Dr. Masatoshi's sms: I hope you won't fuck him. you must include any citation u make.

Had dinner with lychee, edwin and Dr. Masa last week. I laughed more than i MAKAN!

we talked about sissy. and i asked him... "sir, do you know vincent?"

Laikee: yea, edwin was his room mate last time. they eat together, sleep together.
Dr. Masa: Ohhh....?? Really?
Edwin: eh...
Dr. Masa: everyone have their own secret.

and we hahahah to the max.

Edwin: Sir, both of them also eat tgr, stay tgr,walk tgr... (pointing at me and lychee)
Dr. masa: They are normal. male and female. They can do wadever they wan.
Lychee and HuiFeNn: HAHAHAHAHAH to the max. hahaha.

izzit true that japanese are more horny

so, today, lychee, me and the gang went to his office.
and Bitchy LiLy found a magazine or something with pretty gal as cover page. wakaka.

Giving him the pendrive and say"hey sir, do you want porn? we have it inside. u want japanese or english? hahahah.

Oh ya...

Do you know Wong Hei? the HK celebrity? yeah, my lecturer looks like him. SERIOUSLY! hahaha
Compare. 80% alike?

WADEVER! He is really cool!!
what do u think?


jfook said...

There're always funny and awesome lecturers around one.

v!vi@n said...

seriously..he got look like wong hei leh..LOL..juz his face rounder..HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Hikki aka Amanda said...

haha, u have a COOLNESS lecturer! enjoy! :D