Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I need ReDBuLL~!

HuiFen Says: Holy Shit when u received a bill from LAKU (Water) with an amount of RM70 a month for water. H2O~ FML! and yeah, Geology Fucked my Life too!

Hello everyone! This is Masatoshi.
He is really cute. anyone interested to adopt him?

Geology! Geology! WHY GEOLOGY!
counselor told me that GEOLOGY is not hard!
But its freaking Hard now!

I hate dealing with thin sections under microscope when I can't even sketch out the minerals.
If im not mistaken, this is biotite under microscope.
Pretty and beautiful,
But i Hate DRAWING!
Although Geology makes my life miserable... i still love....

My beautiful campus, kononnya

with lake, and mr. crocodile aka siaw hui's friend.
My Hottie friend, Natalie Ha.
and my innocent look beautiful gal, angel.

The annoying but nice cute ducky edwin
The Jim Carey
The mango pudding Boy, Sim Zhe
The Horny Guy, Vincent Chin, (Datin)
This emo boy,
Lessily Chong
My Fav Boy, Kho Kee Hui
The Lansi Dog, Chung How Min
And his Girlfriend, aka the bitch,
Lily Lum

Oh ya... and also My Fav Lecturer...
Dr. Prasanna.
You need to highlight to read this part...
Dr. Prasanna: Hey, u did something to ur eyes?
HuiFen: I am wearing contact lens now.
Dr. Prasanna: Can U see me?
HuiFeN: No. too dark. i cant see u.
Laikee and Prasanna: HAHAHAHAHA

The ehem ehem paleontologist, Dr. Masatoshi.

Dr. Masa: When i was doing my PHD, i visited malaysia. cari Batu, cari pompuan!
And Yeah! Also My Housemate, LyChee!
The Ipad desperado.

HELL! I am not going to love u!
Alien, Thin Section!
You Sucks!

Bah, off. either going to sleep or read my factsheets FuckShit

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