Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random facts about Mr. Y

HuiFen says: seven years! just like a dream! i cannot believe that I really found him! slap me. i know i am stupid. wadever. '' at least you remember me''. touched

Mr. Y also known as Miss HF's Housemta. Miss HF is grateful to have a super nice housemate like him. But sometimes, he is really BAD!

  1. He is smart
    I* think all of us hate him because he is smart. ish.... tell me.. how to be smart like him??

  2. He is hot-tempered.
    He gets angry easily. And i want to pee everytime he is angry. damn. And i don't even bother dare to talk with him when he is angry. Fark. Know what, i called him through phone that day, he cannot listen what i am saying, so, i yelled at him. and he angry. Fark! Then after that, i sms him and complaint. He said ''but i only angry at u wor and you thought urs very good ah?''. Holy Shit. Damn.

  3. He likes to tease me.
    Damn !@#$%^&*(*&^$#@ I really don't know the reason why he teases me ALL THE TIME! Example, he said that i am dustpan, i look like his toilet bowl, i am not functioning, this and that. HaTe You!

  4. He is forgetful.
    Mum always asked me, ''why that lychee ah... so forgetful de?''. i am speechless. i know my mum cannot comment on this, because her daughter dua kali lima with lychee. Me and Mr. Y went to One Borneo for movie. know what. we lost our parking ticket, our movie tickets. Not even that, he left his phone in my car TWICE! @#$^&* need to ask Mr. Lee Chin Vui to send me to his house the next day to return his phone back! And Hell, he is not at home! Fark!

  5. He is lazy.
    i admit, he is damn hardworking to read his lecture slides this and that. But he is Freaking lazy to play his cafe world. he always ask me to harvest and cook his dish at cafe world (facebook). We're using the same internet connection, but why he ask me to cook!? lazy pig. shit.

  6. He likes to torture puppies
    Chou Chou aka Mr. Y's wife delivered 6 cute puppies. Mum took away 5. and left 1 here. we named him Masatoshi, cause he is really cute like our japanese lecturer. Erm hem.. Mr. Y really loves to torture this cute little Masatoshi. Everyday, he will play with him like, put him in a small box, or squeeze Masatoshi beside my ears let Masatoshi produce ehh ehh sound. Damn. haha.

  7. He has a poisonous mouth.
    Fark! i dont think i need to expand this point. Holy shit. The super save incident.his bad words. reallyWTF. @#$^&*()(*&%$#@! you name it, he got it. Know what he sent to me when he came back from china? He sent ''Cibaila" instead of something like "hey, i am back". when I asked him to sms me when he reached home (kk), he sent me something like ''vagina" instead of ''Home". u say lah. Fark or not?

    Okay, enough bout that. i am going to to share the reasons why i love him. HaHa. He is great actually.

  • I love him because he is Smart
    He is my answer supplier and also my best tutor. tak faham? cari Lychee. Cannot get the answer? cari lychee. Exam? sit beside Lychee. Yea. he is really smart. ''di mana ada laikee, di situ ada harapan". i tell my mum, my 70% right, 20 is from prasanna, 30% from lychee, and 20% my effort. okay. enuf.

  • I love him because he is hot-tempered
    Because he is hot-tempered, so i can be hot-tempered too! Fair right?

  • I love him because he likes to tease me
    well, the way he tease me sometimes very funny. hahaha. which can make me laugh after reading the message. Hell. haha. And i like to tease him too. hahahaha. so, okay. fair. hahaha.

  • I love him because he is forgetful
    Yeah, because he is so forgetful, so i realize that i have to be more careful. wakaka. neways, his 'forgetful' brought lots of GOOD memories. haha. example... we corrupted the security in one borneo to let us go without parking ticket. HaHa.

  • I love him because he is lazy
    Yeah, because of his laziness, i got the chance to stalk his facebook profile. haha. wakakaka...... i can use his facebook profile to chat with his Miss. A. hahaahahahahahahahahaha. LMAO! and because of his laziness, sometimes i can ask him to help me to harvest and cook my dish in cafe world too. haha.

  • I love him because he likes to torture puppies.
    those puppies are really cute. hahaha. and i think the puppies need someone to play with. haha. and he is kind enough to play with the puppies. and know what, he is the father right. hahaha.

  • I love him because he has a poisonous mouth
    hahaha. i love this the most. hahahaha. His poisonous mouth bring so much happiness to lily and me. wakaka. keep it on! hahahaha.

    thats all about Mr. Y. i think its time for me to bath and do my assignment. oh ya. Mr. Y said we need to read a lot of lecture slides! Hell. he make me stress again! shit.

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