Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aww. Tuition Free Week....

Pappi says: Mummy is really emo, because she's old now.
HuiFen says: Yea, i am finally over-legal. i am 22 years old. it feel sucks when people around you are younger. damn.
I am in hostel now.
I entered the house.
open the door of this room.
haha. i kind of miss him....
although he like to throw things like... toilet rolls, my pencil case, and my water bottle to me when i am sleeping...
i seriously doesn't know when this picture was taken.
damn. kacau liao still wan to left some evidence.

And yeah. i had a great bday celebration.
aww. celebrating that i am older than u people. SIGH!
Structural Geology lab assessment before my bday celebration.
Its okay. we have laikee.
so i think. erm. can do kua.. haha.
went to siamese secret after bath.

Don't ask me why.
I Love siamese secret. haha.
the place where LiLy, Man Huan and I celebrating our bday.
the food...
Aww. Nice....
This is Bitchy LiLy!
Erm, don't hate me. because i am not the one who draw this.
Kill LK!
Sphene of the night.
Miss Mr. Vincent Chin Hua Lung
My Fav Boy,
Kho Kee Hui
The serious boy,
Leslie chong
The cute couple...
Miss Bitchy LiLy, and Mr. Lansi How Min
My smart housemate,
Mr. Yeap Lai Kee.
Went to Bintang to watch HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON after dinner.
rate: 5/5 haha

Pool before the movie start.
Bitchy lily act pro.
Lessily act pro.
how min observe..
And now. he think that he can play liao.
Mana tau, kena marah leslie pulak.
My bday present. Yeah.
I love...
and kiwi, leslie, wendy, man huan, shu ling, liwen, sing ping, lily...
and a 19seconds porn from LaiKee.
Not porn lah. haha. its actually a bday song. he played it using his guitar. touched.
thanks all.

AND! friends called me!
to wish me happy bday. touched.
WendyKee. Thanks. i miss u.
Chan Sze Hwee. she called me from uk. and we talk crap. i really miss u.
Chun Fong. i didnt manage to answer ur call because i am on call.
ENG GUAN! really touched!
AH BEE! from uk too. :'(

and lots of sms and facebook message from friends.

I hate but love u guys so much.
i miss u ppl sooooooo freaking much.


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