Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stress Lah

HuiFeNn says: I'm turning 22 soon. and i am now 21.978 years old. Noo. i feel old. NOOO!

Stress lah....
Structural Geology.
can u read it?
''stress is important for geologist''.
I HOPE I can be a geologist in future.
BUT... stressssss.
Bah, i just finished dating with my new baby, structural geology lecture slides.
i tell u. the price of this microscope is about the price of a peroduo myvi.
or...25 ipads,
Or 12 500 large cheezy wedges (Sim Zhe, 2010).

Honestly, i dont really like mineralogy. But...
Don't you think that we really need to respect the one who invent the microscope?
from a tiny little thin section, i can see....


plagioclase, quartz, biotite.
chloride (the green one)

I asked Lychee.
"how much do i need to pay to buy u?"
he said.
"you cannot afford"
And i said...
"can i use RM7.95 to buy you?"


You're cheap.

and yeah. i love my girls.
sing ping and my darLING@!

Bah, off. masatoshi lab @ 9am tmr.

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Najmi said...

lol, old prank, use to did that during school day =/