Saturday, February 27, 2010

i like to move it move it

I am happy... But sad...
Happy cause Friends finally came back. I mean kiwi and laikee.
and i am not that S.I.E.N anymore.

By the way...
i received these souvenirs from a friend (his holiday in china)

Yes. very china feel...
I thought he gv me sponge or something like that when he bring the souvenirs to my room.
I even tell him. wad? i don't want. hahaha.
Honestly, i really like the souvenirs. haha. seriously.
He gave me a pen.
A nice pen
And i am not going to use it.

Im lovin' it.

With MY NAME on it.
he said that... its like... the use a L-shaped pen to draw dragon (and my name) in a glass ball.
Really nice.
I'll let the dragon huifen stay with kitty.
Hey! Thank You Very Much!

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