Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I say bitch get off me

Picture of the day: Pluto loves Pappi
LoL. My curtin friends are great. and i really love them. haha.
Happy Belated Birthday Miss Vincent.
HaHa. i wished him that day through sms, in that sms, i wish her him Big Boobs. Haha.
And this is wad he replied me. LMAO
HaHa. what will u reply if u got this message? hahahaha.
He said he want to enlarge. LoL. Means he had a small one now. wakaka. hahahah.
I know i shouldn't publish this online. hahaha.

another one. Mr. Yeap Lai Kee aka Vincent's Gay Partner.
Before universal soldier.

He wants me to trade in Pappi.
Wong Chik Yoong said this guy memang tak pernah die ask me to trade in my dog. haha.
Then i replied, ''trade in housemate, trade in you with kiwi''...
And he said......
Eat fried rice everyday not good meh? kiwi's fried rice nice mah... no chow chow, i dont know why he hates chow chow so much.
And i reply, ''eat fried rice better than eat egg everyday''.

And he replied.....
I reply, yalah yalah. you're the best housemate lah.
Movie and SingK we can decide on the spot. hahaha.
like... Say And GO. hahaha.

But, i need to.......
You thought he is good? NOPE! he is not at all.
I got this message from him. and i feel like punching him. like seriously.
SMS from LK: Doing what?\
I reply: wad u expect me to do?
LK: Digging your nostril
I reply: Nope. something meaningful.
LK: Wiping ur butt.

i was like... WTF! then i reply lah... cursing you.
and he i got this sms from him/

Bah. grandmother selling cookies at miri hua jie.
RM40 per bowl. will u buy? my answer. definitely No
I am proud to be mirians. hahaha. cz miri much prettier than kk. hahaha

p/s: Bitchy LiLy. i really dont miss you. dont come and kacau me. hahahahahahahaha.
Shuuu... go away. hahaha. come to my house during cny lah. haha. visit pappi. LoL. pappi ah. not me. hahahha.

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