Saturday, February 13, 2010

kam yuk mun tonggg

Picture of the day: Pappi very tired ~~

This is how my room look like before cny.

The bed and the table. OMFG
i spent like.. one hour to clean it. haha.
By the way, Family dinner was great.
da tuan yuan da tuan yuan....

This is a must in every year.
The name of this vege in chinese = suan = count. which mean you'll have uncountable money to use. hahaha. im not sure.i guess so.
And kids who eat this will get better result in math? hahaha. then i sud eat more.
This is 'FA Chai'. direct translation = hair vege.
HaHa. Fa Cai = gong xi FA CHAI.
U eat this, you'll get rich? hahaha.
but this is what i told my sister in law.
"ini sayur rambut, lepas makan rambut cantik"
My sister in law really love her hair bah. hahaha.
Then she tell her son
"Bi, makan ini, tumbuh rambut"
And i said "bapa kena makan banyak sikit. dia tak ada rambut".
i don't know what is this. but i really love the sweet bean.
HaHa. i bought 6 packets from boulevard last night.
And 5 packs of chinchern gu. hahahahahaha.

i don't know the meaning.
Bao Yu. Bao yu? no idea.
Braised Pork Leg.
I also dunno. this is my conversation during the dinner just now.
HuiFeN: oi, eat this, pork leg, can run faster.
SiSter: u want to run so fast for wad?
Brandon: Chase LaiKee
HuiFeN: Cari Gaduh ka?
Brandon: No mah. he forget to bring his thing and u chase him to give it to him.
HuiFeN: =.='''
This a weird but delicious sarawak dish.
Kacama? or kacangma.
Steamed chicken.
Bai zhan ji?

Spring roll. this one i also dunno,.
Egg rolls.
Dan juan? haha.
And i forgot to take the picture of the soup,...

and oh yeah. i love fire crackers.

House. Home SWEET home.
I am proud that my mom is a 50% florist. haha.

Flowers flowers and flowers.

I am going to post the picture of the fireworks.
Really nice lahhhhhh...

I am chatting with Tai now.
LoL. and pappi sleeping beside me.
shes soooo clean now. haha. i wan to hug her hug her hug her. hahaha.

Anyone want to visit my house during cny?
Sms me before u come k.
100 plus are waiting for u.

Bah off.
have to wake up early tmr to church.
Happy Cny to all my chinese friends.
And Happy Holiday for non-chinese friend.

Bah. off. 2.33am.

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