Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Happy CNY, Happy Happy you and i

Picture of the day: Pappi. I cannot believe that i actually owned such a cute dog. wakaka

Oh My GoD!
I'm kinda..... kinda..... kinda.... addicted to blog.
i like to read blog....
I think one day if i read back my post,
I will faint. LoL.
And Oh Hell, i've been blogging for more than 3 years.

And know what, i knw that someone missme so much me when i am not around. haha.
Prove. He nudge me for more than 200 times. 247times actually... hahaha.

Another one. Ducky Edwin. HaHa.
he wants to talk with me when he cannot sleep. ? haha
I want to eat roasted duck rice....

Chinese New Year.......
I'm stuck in this place for few days.
And i am really tired.
Tiger Year.
Gary Wong already 24 this year. HaHa.
the time when i knw him he is only 17. LoL.
Flowers are ready for Chinese New Year too...
Nice right. i cant take my eyes out of them once i reach my miri home. really beautiful eh....

TangLungs. I (L)

Mummy's homemade cookies. Damn. im lovin' it.
Really Nice.
Visit to my house anyone?
And i get myself ready for Chinese New Year too.
I finally bought my new Adi.
Colourful, i know. haha. nice or not? i think last year shoes better.

Adidas shirt. I (L) Adidas. Haha.
I used to love Nike. But after my Taylor's Psychology Lecturer said that People who wear Nike have HIGH SEX DESIRE..... i say farewell to NIKE. hahaha.
And my friend, wong chik yoong lovessssss Nike. hahah.
And my sister bought a LV handbag.
Oh DAMN! I would rather buy iphone 3gs or a new laptop than a handbag. F*ck.
I think she's going to eat tapau for few months for her LV pain.
Bah, off.

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