Thursday, February 11, 2010


Someone lansi me that day when i asked him to drive safely.
He said, skill wont bang.

But, few days later, i received another message from this fella saying that he don't have the mood to go for movie because he involves in a car accident.
Kononnya mentally injured and BaNg BaNg BaNg... someone don't have car to use anymore.
Wakaka, thats why. dont be too lansi lahhh. hahah.

Neways, i am now at grandmother's stall. haha.
Now then only i know how much i love broadband. haha.
Di mana ada celcom, di situ ada internet

Bah, by the way, i really love sabahan. HaHa. they're just too cute.

HaHa. I really LMAO when i read this. haha
''Boleh bah kan?"
I felt like want to comment,
worked in Wisma Merdeka for more than a month. HaHa.
My Hobby during my days there was.......
Reading in the toilet. HaHa.
Really funny know, what they wrote. hahaha.
The feedback/comments even funnier. HaHa.
Poor English.

And the correction! hahahaha. LMAO!

And Sabahan are Cute. Really Cute.
Like this guy.
They are Kind. although they feel sleepy, they're still willing to spent their precious time to yamcha with u.
KK Food, really speechless.

Bah bah bah. i miss kk now. and i miss kk friends. YiShhh!

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