Saturday, January 30, 2010

I want you to show me

I am Back!
@#$%^&* I cannot believe! I spent more than 1 month in KK!

Okay, This is what Lychee gave me for X'mas present.
Newspaper. Good.

And this is what i give him in return.
Newspaper wrapping too. hahah.
Blekzzz. I MISS KK!
I MISS..........

Lee Chin Vui and Fook Yuen fried chicken wing/neslo

Wong Chik Yoong and his blackberry/iphone.
Sim: HEY! i want to play your iphone game larrrr.

Wong Chik Yoong: You want to play ah? Go BUY yourself lah. LoL

Lee Chin Vui : Hahaha. padan muka u Sim. Kena shoot already. BEtter play with the blackberry

Wong Chik Yoong: wuhoo. i am the winner.

Wong Chik Yoong: Sorry lor... Paiseh lor. tidak sengaja menang liao lor.
Oh... we went to this restaurant, i cannot remember the name, golden something?
to eat ramen. haha.
we order Lan Chow Ramen.
hahahahahahahhahahaha. weird name., but nice food.

HaHa... went to airport to pick up his mother. i don't know why he is soooooo excited.
Someone feel sien yamcha with us. hahaha.
yogurt something and frozen eye of the dragon.
Long and Short. haha
Nampak saja sedap.
Minum macam muntah baby,
Went back to maktab sabah.
Now then only i know, my teachers are actually very pat.

Manhattan Fish Market with Lychee.

I am addicted to this song now.
I want to know what love is, Mariah Carey.

Hey, WCY!!! ONE MORE YEAR! HOW TO WAIT!?????????
Depressing. sighs.


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