Sunday, September 13, 2009

you're my sunshine... my only sunshine...

Pappi, my beloved Doggy.
I love her very very very very very very muchhhh
She is justttt toooo cute....
You're my Sunshine, my only sunshine....

One year old Pappi looks like 70year old ah pek. lol

I went back to my home last friday. and i and very happy. Playing with my Dog.
Pappi's BODY!!! FULL WITH!!!!!!!!!!! KUTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went to the nearest vet. and i bought medic for her...
Farewell RM50... :(

Her new shampoo.
Say no to ticks, live and fleas.
Went to Bintang. Found something... errr. dunno how to say.
I dunno whether i am racist or not.
Cz i have bunches of malay friends.
They are cool too....
But i dont really agree with this. READ!
In my opinion lah... this is a temptation bah...
u have to overcome it.
So, those non muslim.... we x, not fair to charge us RM1000 or Penjara 6 months FOR EAT IN PUBLIC right?
We have our rights to eat.
we eat doesnt mean that we dont respect them mah...
Ok lah. enough bout that.
Hari Raya coming soon.
Holiday!!!!!! YEAH!
and i ate MarryBrown Kiddy meal. LoL

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