Tuesday, September 1, 2009

geology ohhh Geology

Picture of the day: Ying Yang egg from housemate

I got 2 lousy questions today.

1. Why you choose Geology?
something like this. I really dunno how to answer this question. Hahaha. i feel like want to write something like this '' i also dunno why i choose this course, because i failed two units in engineering, and i cannot survive there, so the counsellor suggested me to take geology. She said that geology will have high pay salary in future and it is NOT HARD to study. Because Curtin dont have biotechnology or biomedical science. zzz

2. Why you choose to take Geology in Curtin?
Durr. lagi teruk lah this question. i also dunno how to answer. hahaha. I wan to write something like... hahaha. because i accidentally TER-choose chemical engineering in Curtin, thats why i ACCIDENTALLY TERcontinue in Curtin. =.='''

Sigh.... Geology is NOT EASY at all! We study not only ROCKS. but earth quakes, volcanoes, minerals, chemistry, blah blah blah. But i guess, Lily, Leslie, How Min and Jim = more stress than me. hahaha. Jia You!

Although we're busy with tests and quizuu every week, but im glad that we still can have FUN. hahaha. and my friends really rock. ''rock me if you can''. you guys rockED me. hahahahaha.
respect ok.

Chef of the day : Dato Vincent Chin
With petai and ikan bilis. hahaha.
nyamai nya dek.

My housemate very creative actually.
Coursemate : Zzzzz (sleeping)
Prasanna: Tell me what you want, i dunno how to teach ''liao''.

ROCK US IF YOU CAN! hahaha. me and tiny and dangerous lily.
Beat It!

My japanese Lecturer. haha. damn. he is funny.

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