Friday, September 4, 2009


Kiwi and Leslie

Kiwi and Lily

Kiwi and How Min


Hahaha.... Badminton last friday with my curtin gang. haha.

(to celebrate that our test postponed.
postponed till sien liao. 3 weeks liao lah.
keep on memorizing the same things. sien...
enuf enuf. dont complain so much. sigh...)
bah bah bah. i admit. haha. i dunno how to play.
wad i do there is just....
''keep laughing... keep keep laughing''
Hahaha. but really fun. hahaha.
Sitting at the top of the court.
observing how leslie fell down...
lily and how min teasing each other (kononnya)
laikee's slumber action,
and kiwi jump here and there like monkey.

Neways, they are great. hahaha.
went to halo cafe with tay, kiwi, laikee and lily.
please remind me that i owed Kiwi RM12.
haha. teh's hair not sooo bad lah. aiyuh.
tak jadi yesung tak apa mah.
lesung pun boleh. haha.

Btw, teh taught me how to sing Sorry Sorry (super junior)
Shou li shou li shou li (in hand in hand in hand)
neigen neigen neigen (that that that)
bajiao bajiao bajiao (banana banana banana)
bao liao (exploded) baby....


A test or Game for those who are interested. haha.
email me your answer. hahaha.
this is from my friend also. haha.
something like...
to predict ur future. hahaha.

question: use these four words to make a sentence.

Me, Rabbit, Keys, and Bridge

example : i walked with my rabbit on a bridge and i realized that i forgot to bring my keys.

dont say something complicated like...

the rabbit which is me, has a key of a bridge.

hahaha... i will try to give the explanation thru mail. hahaha.

i am home. i am home.

WONG CHIK YOONG! sigh. i cant! sigh....

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