Thursday, September 10, 2009

LonDoN BriDge iS FaLLiNg DoWn

I make a decision today!
I decided to QUIT geology!
LoL. Joking Lah. hahahah

I am sooooo stressss.... when it comes to Metamorphism......
I rather memorize 3 pages of factsheet fakeshit than draw 5 pictures of metamorphism rock.

why do geologist need to know how to draw?
why cant we just take the photo of the rocks by using our camera?
Its torturing know......

I am disappointed when the lecturer said we need to draw the rock...
and my friends can draw quite well...
and my paper is still blank.

I ammm soooo stressss and...
HuiFeNn: Miss... do we really need to draw all these things in our practical exam??
Miss Saiedah: Yes. why not..?
HuiFeNn: How if I REALLY don't know how to draw??
Miss Saidah: Actually every geologist has their artwork..
Heart broken. tears dropped.
No potential to be geologist anymore.

Bitchy Lily said this to me...

Lily : Hui Fen! NVM... Even Prasanna can draw a perfect cubic structure now.. Have some faith!!
HuiFeNn: LoL. Balik sudah confident.

But when i checked my phone... i saw this. HANG KANG again my confident.

Edwin and How Min's GOOD ART WORK!
they bully i cannot draw.
I tried my best to draw this metamorphic rock,
HowMin: Ya Allah. this is not a rock.
(he erased the rock that i drew, and draw another one for me)
Edwin: Ah pooo... this is not a rock! This is an ass!
(and How Min and Edwin pollute my paper happily)

How Min: If You dunno how to draw, see you in next year (retake)
HuiFeNn: =.=''' Fuck You!

Conclusion: Di Mana Ada Lai Kee, Di Situ ada Harapan
(di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan. ini tak betul)

i am not hopeless. hahahaah.
No, don't quit Geology. hahaha.

Laikee lost his K850i yesterday.
7pm, he realized that he lost his phone in computer lab (3pm)
Stress liao... then how?
Went to campus. cari security.
security: Wa. Banyak orang tu tadi....
Hopeless also. hahaha. we went to the computer lab. nothing inside.
Laikee: Eh, possible kah Jim took my phone?
and i called Jim.
HuiFeN: Jim, laikee's phone with u?
Jim: Har? UI!! ADA BAH!!!@
Laikee and Edwin: :)

Stress again!
106 assignment.... 114 assignment = 30% of final mark for 108, environmental geology! HOW???????????

p/s : bitchy Lily! dun use the word bitchy in class.
New Term: Coucou (leslie's sister) . hahahaha.

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