Monday, September 14, 2009

Incy Wincy Spider Climbing Up The Spout

In Geology 112 Lecture.
we attend this lecture for the quiz ONLY

I think i am very quiet in class today.
I didnt talk, i just sit there and listen.
Dr. Prasanna: What happened to you, Sim? Are u ok?
HuiFeNn: =.=''' T___T Ok. i am listening.

then bitchy lily sms me.
''He see u so quiet, he ask u ok or not? hahaha"

This is my friend, Leslie Chong, aka LESILLY CHONG
The meaning of Lesilly = Lesbian + Silly, or Leslie + Silly.
Haha. and leslie's reaction when i tell him his new name..

Leslie: what the... tamade... hahahaha. jia ba bor shi jor. concentrate in class lah. heyo.

Then he pretend to be VERY concentrate.

But after a while.....




Listening to his SONY WALKMAN!!!!
Is this concentrate in class??????
Dr. Prasanna sud ask him ok or not.

and Our Beloved Mr. Edwin's reaction: Wadever, non of my business. better concentrate in class. durr.....

My Nephew is here.
Me, My nephew and My housemate decided to try something different....

(this is actually a free gift folder from marybrown kiddy meal)

My housemate after being my housemate, cooking skills improved a lot.
Hey, u have to thank me if u read this.
cz i dunno how to cook.
and he have to cook! LOL.

Well, breakfast from housemate. Bread, Sausage, Baked Beans, Egg, Chicken ham and Pork Ham!
Nice Nice....LoL.
the food done even before i woke up. LOL.
Thank you, housemate.

Then we decided to cook THIS, for our supper!

Step 1: potong potong. very pro. Step 2: masak masak Step 3: decorateStep 4: add cheese. Step 5: take pictures. Step 6: EAT!!! STEP 6! DAMN! WASH!!!!!

LoL. gtg. and to be continue.... lol.
today's menu: makanan perancis. hahahahaha

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