Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mary had a little lamb llittle lamb little lamb

Great DAY! Haha. Playing with Brandon and Laikee at Belle's Bookstore. haha.
LEGO! I don't like because i am not creative.

Datin Vincent Chin also there. but he dont like Lego. He loves Barbie more. hahahaha. this is our beloved Datin Chin.

Brandon's Robot. konon

Laikee's Carpark and my sport cars.

The house. LoL.
dun play play. got gate one. haha.
Swimming pool i make one.
the rest laikee's design.

Carpark back or front better??

And i found this book!
Not only because of the dog.
but.... 'hamlyn''.... LoL LoL LoL.

Ducky Edwin kwong!


Housemate's breakfast/ Brunch. everything square. champion!

Dinner! the so called 'perancis' food. hahaha.
Brandon's dinner.
Housemate and mine. hahaha.
better right.
actually everything same as Brandon one. Haha. Only the plate problem. haha.

Went to Bintang with nephew and Laikee. LoL.
Main Main at toyRus.
mlm incident. damn


Oh ya, and my car broke down...
because.... overheated! LoL.
LoL. luckily we met our angel!

hahaha. My housemate DERA my DOG!
And this is the reason why we are late for every lectures. hahaha.
Because we need to 'settle' down the dog first.

Second part.

I dunno why this leslie's sister aka Lasily cau, soooo lack of love these few days.
Laikee's prediction: i think she go and bark at the ghost (since, ghost month now)
then the ghost not happy with her...
and make some scary face to scare her. and thats why she scared. haha. and become like this.
hahaha. maybe true? who knows??? hahaha.

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